‘Caption This’ Round 23 & Round 22 winners announced!!!

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It was another collection of insanely hilarious and creative entries for this Round of ‘Caption This’! As always, they do in fact entertain me entirely and I am very grateful for all of those who enter round after round and continue to come up with imaginative entries each time!

I did love all the entries, as I always do and here are the 3 winners of Round 22!

Winners of Round 22 are!!!

1st Place ~ @akaem
"When you're at the disco with your best friend at 3:00 am and the DJ puts on your favorite song"
2nd Place ~ @tina0
”When you go to a beyonce concert and she comes in Hanging upside down woahhhh”
3rd Place ~ @yosoyjonny
”When it's hot outside and you arrive home to the A/C."

The Rules are simple:
1.In the comments below write a caption about what you believe the animal or animals are thinking/saying.
2.Only 2 comments/entries per photo MAXIMUM
3.HAVE fun and be creative otherwise what is the point :)
Side note: upvoting & resteeming isn’t a rule because I am not that type of person to force you to do it order to join in - BUT it is greatly appreciated. If this contest gets bigger and bigger than the winnings will in turn become bigger and bigger

1st place - 5SBD
2nd place - 3SBD
3rd place - 2SBD



Thanks for reading and all the support, Steemit!!

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-Let's take a dip in those cold waters, let's enjoy that bath together.
-You put your little foot in first, see if we can get in safely.
-Follow the brave

Let's take a dip in
Those cold waters, let's enjoy
That bath together.

                 - aiskelzurita

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oops, watch out, they fall to the shore. The doctor's worth a lot of money.

Oops, watch out, they fall
To the shore. The doctor's worth
A lot of money.

                 - pekkareibert

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I think they say let's get our feet wet to cool off.

When you see a pretty girl penguin at the same time as your friends. Me I saw her first. No no no I did get out of the way


Penguin from the right: "I believe I can Fly"
Any from the left: "Damn, guys, today's weed is too strong"

"how your friends encourage you to do something crazy"

  • '' When you're about to start drunken argument with some guy and your friends are trying to stop you. ''

  • '' And now, rookies - do what i say, not what i do! ''

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Follow me guys, the fishes are waiting for us.

My entrance:
Oh This water is very cold I do not want to get wet.

Who throws first?

How we March to the dinning table whenever mum prepares our favorite dish.

Thoughts of the penguins:'

First one on the left: "What are those guys waiting for. I am starving for some nice fish!"

Second one from the left (front): "Uh, those waves look scary..."

Second one from the left(background): "This is the moment I was waiting for. Finally I will enter the water!"

Third one from the left: "Woah, it is slippery here. I hope I won't fall on my beak."

Second one from the right: "I can't wait to see this underwater world. I want to swimm... now!"

First one from the right: "Who is that guy with the camera? Don't you know about the right on privacy?"


This are my best guesses accoding to their face expressions. Thank you for creating this nice contest. It was a fun task. I follow you now :)

Congratulations to the winners! My first entry:
"When you are in charge of your little cousins and they follow you anywhere you go"

2nd entry: "On your marks... ready... Out!"

HELLO @thomasjmitchell, thank you for this contest, although I have not won yet megusta participate and I hope at some point to be successful. Congratulations to the winners.


hahahaha i cant stop laughing! im sorry but it is the first thing that came to my head. oh happy feet you made my day!

1. Is your turn to dive first and check out for any orcas.

How you walk to the bar with your guys when you have enough money in your pocket to spend.

The current is very strong, if we get in we can drown.

  1. Simon says “Put your fins in the air!”

  2. 🎶Follow the Leader! Do as I do! When I've had my turn, it's over to you..! 🎶

PS. I have young kids... can you tell?

Come on, folks, we'll jump into the river, cross it and we'll be safe.

When you go for a few beers with your friends.

When the group of bullies arrives the playground.

"Flippers out, fuckers! Last one in is a flippin' fool!"

"Ok, class. Now, let's transition into Warrior Two."

Yoga pose - Warrior II

OMG thank you so much! Here's my first entry for this week:

#01: When you and your friends listen the ice-cream truck nearby and you start running looking for it.

#02: When it's Christmas eve and you and your cousins start running to the tree to get your gifts.

Congrats to the winners !

Second entry :

Entry 1
That moment you and your drunk friends are group singing and going home after having so much fun at the club last night.

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