‘Caption This’ Round 21 & Round 20 winners announced!!!

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As previously noted in numerous winner announcements, I do at times miss the date by a few days.. This time my excuse is a bit better, as I was out of internet and wifi area in a small mountain town in Colombia - Minca.

I did love all the entries, as I always do and here are the 3 winners of Round 20!

Winners of Round 20 are!!!

1st Place ~ @awhsarada
"Your neighbors when they see you arrive at 7 am drunk"
2nd Place ~ @rentmoney
”If that jack-ass takes one more picture of us I am attacking him”
3rd Place ~ @omarbalzar
”When you are in a very important conversation but you see that the snacks start to come out."

The Rules are simple:
1.In the comments below write a caption about what you believe the animal or animals are thinking/saying.
2.Only 2 comments/entries per photo MAXIMUM
3.HAVE fun and be creative otherwise what is the point :)
Side note: upvoting & resteeming isn’t a rule because I am not that type of person to force you to do it order to join in - BUT it is greatly appreciated. If this contest gets bigger and bigger than the winnings will in turn become bigger and bigger

1st place - 5SBD
2nd place - 3SBD
3rd place - 2SBD



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Going to grandma's house one week after your brother and realizing he's become a big chunk of fat

Congratulations to the winners
Entry 1: When you get scared by a strange noise and have not yet looked to the left.
Entry 2: When you think you have the worst job in the world, because you take care of a sleepy giant

In the left corner, weighing in at 30 pounds: Penguin! In the right corner, weighing in at 500 pounds: Walrus! Let’s get ready to rummmmbbbleeee!

Entry 2: Making sure you look big before you approach the massive dude who cut your girlfriend in line.

Penguin :- Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.I will fear no evil.

Seal : -The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.

Thank you sir for an interesting contest.
My Ist entry
penguin.Look at me brother do my this pose is good or not for uploading my latest picture on facebook.

2nd entry.Walrus.Don,t disturb me,let me sleep, you always think about your photos and fashion and do not think about me I need a low calorie food.

Stunning photography! You've got yourself another follower.

"It wasn't me"

My entries:
1: because you do not look at me you think I'm chubby.
2: Because you bit me yesterday I will not tickle you today. So do not insist!

Awesome thanks, lots of great entries last week. Congrats to all the winners.

My entries for this week :

Entry 1 :

Entry 2 :

Thank you for choosing my entry! And congratulations to the other winners :D
My first entry:
"When your bestfriend got dumped again and you are preparing to give her 'I told you' conversation"


Hahaha, thank you :D

Your after 3 hours trying to sleep your son.

When your fitness friend and you go to run.

My 1st entry;
"The feelings when lunch is ready"

My 2nd entry;
"In the sea where no flesh could reach, there I stand tabling my desires b4 my creator"

'' damn, i've told him not to drink that russian moonshine! ''

How you feel in the night in your big bed after toxic feminists have made you believe that you don't need a man.

How you feel when mum told you that you can't play with the other kids until you finish your homework

When it's late and you have to take your drunken friend home.

1st entry.

“I just knew you would be drunk after I heard you saying give me 5bottles last night at the club. Now tell me how I am going to take your big fat drunk ass home”.

2nd entry

“Dude why do you like behaving wired, we are lost in the middle of nowhere and all you could do is cry and worry about pizza? Dude we should be looking for help not worry about your dam pizza”.