‘Caption This’ Round 18 & Round 17 winners announced!!!

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Here I am. Living in South America and still somehow finding time to read through all of these entries and doing my best to pick 3 of them. This round isn’t my best photo by far but it does have the potential for a lot of entertaining entries. I believe in you all, Steemians!!

However, even though by far there are more than 3 that definitely deserve to win. Alas, only 3 entries can win the round… and here they are!

Winners of Round 17 are!!!

1st Place ~ @franklinfive
"That moment you and your friend are drunk and you start looking for your car keys on the floor mean while the keys are right there in your pocket"
2nd Place ~ @okipeter
”When the girl you both want says, "I'll kiss the one that brings a shinny rock"”
3rd Place ~ @mandy-facts
”Enough with the shortcuts!"

The Rules are simple:
1.In the comments below write a caption about what you believe the animal or animals are thinking/saying.
2.Only 2 comments/entries per photo MAXIMUM
3.HAVE fun and be creative otherwise what is the point :)
Side note: upvoting & resteeming isn’t a rule because I am not that type of person to force you to do it order to join in - BUT it is greatly appreciated. If this contest gets bigger and bigger than the winnings will in turn become bigger and bigger

1st place - 5SBD
2nd place - 3SBD
3rd place - 2SBD



Thanks for reading and all the support, Steemit!!

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  1. When your girlfriend has her period. Run for your life.

  2. That moment when your wife is yelling you and you put yourself in "mental illness" mode.

I appreciate you

I see what you did there.

Wow I won thank you so much @thomasjmitchell

1st entry

“Stop yelling Andy,our neighbors might hear you”

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"Told you we have to go in Singapure this june 12th....or I will be FIRED"

"This hangover reaaaaaaaaaally sucks! Where are we, anyway?"

1.When you're on vacation and your wife scolds you.
2.When you scold your husband because he does not want to work

“Stop posing for those people. In my day, there were no people and no cameras. We were free to look the way nature intended. Just look at ME!”

When your girlfriend scolds you for looking at women in bikinis.
when you can not relax in your free time.

When the chubby from the front throws the 4th fart in the morning.

When the shy of the classroom insults the teacher.

When you are asking for a kiss and she is doing pout like a pig.

Have you ever planned to fast the growth of your SBD? you want to know how ?

Yaay, I came second. Thanks @thomasjmitchell

How guys yawn, when they having an hangover


Trying to sing aloud to Whitney Houston's song, while your mom watches

'' Navy my ass! ''

1st comment

“That moment your wife watched the movie Titanic for the 1st time. Hahahahah don’t cry love it’s just a movie, (jack) Leonardo DiCaprio is still alive”

"belching the alphabet is not a turn-on"

"Ive been trying this new exfoliation routine. Do you think it's working?!"


'Be honest bro, when a girl says "it's not you its me" it's me, isn't it?'

Entry 1,

Entry 2,

Salty and Andre are names of two animated Disney seals.

1)When your friend farts and you look back while you suffocate knowing it was him.

2)When you say a good joke and turn to see your friend waiting for his approval.

Stop looking at me like that, I've not eaten since morning and it's making me mad!

When your honey told you that your first son has eaten the big piece of chicken and you got angry and screamed "how dare he!" While your honey is looking at you in shock.

  • '' In the NAVY, they say, you've got a fish twice a day! ''

“The face you make when your friend tells you a non-funny joke and he is the only one laughing”
“Why are you laughing it’s not that funny.”

2nd comment

“When you tell your best friend that your girlfriend lost her period”.
“Dude stop laughing I am serious”

1.Look, you're sure to keep looking at those asses, because they're not worth it, they're like watery.

  1. do not look any further because what is in sight does not need glasses, I made it one more time.

1- The face that you give your mom when you see that the movie you were waiting it's finally here.
2- The face you make to your friend when he tells you his excuse when you know it's all lies.

Congratulations to the winners!