Closed - Round 2: Free Delegations for 4 Weeks

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RC's have handcuffed new steemit members and I am trying to remove those limitations for a select few people each week for a period of 4 weeks.

This is a simple little giveaway/contest for those who need some help being able to engage on steemit. The idea is to help people that are running into RC issues which limits the amount of commenting and posting they can do each day. Without the ability to engage it is very hard to build an audience and without that audience you aren't going to have people seeing your content.


Contest/Give Away Rules

  1. You must have less then 100sp
  2. Leave a comment below with your entry, start entry with "THIS IS MY ENTRY" and then tell me how much SP you currently have, how often you post, and why you would like the Delegation.
  3. You must power up your earnings and not be withdrawing them. Want to reward people who are showing they plan to be part of steemit long term.


I want to get people up to 100sp or give them 50sp towards this. So the prizes will be "up to" 50sp and all prizes will be for 4 weeks.

  1. Max prize is 50sp for 4 weeks
  2. Max I will increase your SP to is 100sp (if you have 40sp max prize if 50sp, if you have 75sp max prize is 25sp)
  3. Max for this weeks prizes is 200sp, but only if enough quality original content producing people enter

Who receives the delegations is purely up to me as it's my money. But understand that I'm looking for active accounts that are producing quality Original Content.

Bonus Prize

@minnowbuilder3 will be set to autovote your content for at least the 4 weeks you are getting the delegation. This means a daily free upvote on your posts. The goal of the Minnow Builder Program is to support hand picked steemians who have less then 500sp with daily upvotes.

It would be nice...

I never require upvotes, follows, or resteems to enter a contest but those things are all nice.

Resteems are a HUGE help with a project like this. Getting the offer of free delegation in front of the people that need to see it most is critical. Looking at my list of followers most will not qualify for this offer so I need some help promoting this. Help me help the community as a whole.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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¡Hola @thedarkhorse! Gracias por esta gran oportunidad para aumentar mi SP, tengo una delegación de simplymike de 76.00 SP, pero este es mi verdadero SP 49.514, hace poco mi cuenta fue hackeada, y se robaron todo mi STEEM, gracias a Dios pude recuperar mi cuenta pero el STEEM no, y mis amigos me donaron STEEM y SBD, otros los gane con mi trabajo, ya que trato de publicar todos los días, semanalmente público en pay it forward, demás está decir que los servicios, en Venezuela están muy malos. Gracias por su ayuda a la comunidad, cariños y besos.


Thank you for your entry. You are perfect for this and as a regular entrant in the Pay It Forward Curation Contest you are automatically a yes from me. Glad to be able to help and you will get your delegation at the time of this post payout.


¡Gracias @thedarkhorse! Te lo agradezco, Dios te bendiga, cariños y besos.


Hello @thedarkhorse I currently have 85 of SP, but 45 are mine and the other 40 are from a delegation that made me.

I post about four times a week sometimes more when I can.

I would like to increase my SP to have a greater freedom to publish, and also to be able to comment to other users, as well as to be able to respond without problems to the comments they leave on my blog. If I had more SP I would have more activity on the platform, which would also allow me to increase the current SP I have.

I will be very grateful.

I voted and reetimeed to reach more people.

Thank you very much for this post. I read it thanks to the reesteem of @simplymike

Greetings. :-)


The power of a resteem, just never know who you will reach. Thank you @simplymike for that!

I will review your entry/account, but based on what you wrote here you will likely get some support.


Thank you very much :D


I support the @inspiracion request. She works so hard and does very good job in Steemit

THIS IS MY ENTRY!!! Howdy @thedarkhorse - and thanks to @jamerussell for bringing this opportunity to my attention!

I am a little over a month old on Steemit, and I currently have 24.399 Steem Power (plus a little bit of Steem and SBD, which I will be powering up as soon as it's enough to not be embarrassing.) I have never "cashed out" and have, in fact loaded $11.00 from my Redbubble t-shirt sales (I only sell about one shirt a month, Ha!) to Steem Power so I could post more than once every few days. (It was an adventure learning how to go from PayPal to Steem Power, let me tell you...)

I currently try to post at least once or twice a day, whenever I have new artwork or stories or book reviews to share. If I had more resource credits I would use them to engage with more folks on the platform, commenting, up-votes, and such, and maybe still have credits for posting my own materials.

I know my art and nonsense only appeal to a niche audience, but I think I've done a fair job of contributing and engaging (and learning the RULES,) considering my low r.c. levels.

Thanks for considering my request! Seems like a solid service you're offering here!


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Thank you for your entry. Wanted to point out your SBD balance is nothing to be embarrassed about and is currently worth around 17 Steem. Once powered up it will help you with your RC issues and when powered up you are earning interest (inflation) on all your SP. See it's converted to vests which stay fixed, but each day it takes slightly less vests to equal 1 steem. This inflation allows your account to grow even without doing anything.

To convert the SBD to Steem you need to go to the market and do this. If you are unsure how please ask and I'll help you with that.

Your entry is solid and I would expect you to one of those who will get a delegation in a week. I need to take a quick look at your content, but don't expect any issues.


Cool. I wasn't sure if there was a minimum to power up. I'll see if I can find a "how-to" post and get to converting. Thanks!

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Wow! I went from 24 to 42 Steem Power! Thanks for the suggestion!!!!

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No problem. Heck when your account is starting up you might as well power up any time you have some spare RC's. This will help allow your RC's to recharge faster. With these prices the vote value isn't worth worrying about, but gaining RC's quicker helps.

Good evening @thedarkhorse

I am very happy to see that more people support and encourage new users to be a permanent part of this platform as well as users who can't be as active as they want due to the lack of RC, I hope more people are encouraged not to let steemit die just like you.

All the best, Piotr

Thanks for do that. Actually, many people in Steemit can´t post, comment or upvote because of hi/her low Rcs.
That is my case too. Mr. Piotr, (@crypto.piotr) helpped to me and many other people with a delegation of 40SP. It was a very good helping, because I can comment more post and can publish more too.
Thanks for your action that increase the quality of life of steemit

Hello @thedarkhorse.

My entry:

I currently have one year in steemit, and my SP is 47.7.

My publications are daily, usually in fact in a year I made about 300 post, with a level of 52, I know that there is still a long way to go.

I would like to increase my sp, so that my account has more value and can also support others who enter this community.


You already received a delegation from last weeks giveaway. Read this post:

And please avoid using such large font in comments...looks like spam.

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Hello, nice to hear from you. My name is Zonder, @amigoponc in Steemit. In the following image is my current state (12/13/2018).

As you can see, in 333 days of life in steemit, I have made 124 publications, I have a real voting power of 72.589 of which 10SP I have delegated to @autovoters.

My current reputation is 53.84 and rising slowly. My publications are varied, I participate in many contests. It is important to point out, that I dedicate a lot of time to a publication because I use technology that helps me to be in this social network; my keyboard is in Braille and I use a virtual narrator and a huge screen that helps me to edit my contents.

I usually comment extensively on the publications I visit and of course support them with a 100% vote.

Steemit is a wonderful platform that we must maintain and many of us are doing our best to make it so; with your initiative, you are encouraging those users who day by day make steemit a better social network, to encourage them to continue doing so, thank you for your generosity.


Dear @thedarkhorse!, I hope you help to @amigoponc with a delation of SP, he does a very good work in Steemit, interesting and quality post.
Thanks for your suppor to Steemit.