I am gonna try to catch up to the bonus leader. If I am able to win that Bonus point prize I am gonna contest it out myself. LOL It will be the gift that keeps giving. LOL

Then i will join your contest too 😁

I have a ways to go to catch up

Good luck! Who ever wins totally deserve it and I think what I love about this contest. I'm having fun, I'm always looking forward to it, excited to see others entry then most of all I get to know with others. And really wonderful people on here! I just love this.

While I like the fun and friendly competition here, what I enjoy the most is seeing so many of you interacting in the comment section! A real fun community indeed!

I keep meeting really good people through the comments of your post.
I meet most of the coolest people through commenting on other people's posts. And when someone responds to me through a comment or even on my own posts I try to respond back and have a conversation, because that is how you gain friends.

Yeah. I love how interactive some real users are and what a party a comment section can turn into. This contest is always hopping!

6 seconds late! Ouch!

Edit, @otage beat you, but replied to the wrong post!


Excited mistake...

I guess, but how does one see what the new item is and somehow swap over to the wrong post. LOL

Congrats on the QD.

Congratulations dear xxx

Congrats!! ARe you waiting at the computer? :)

Yep I keep refreshing the page around the time the post should get posted. Tonight I refreshed 60 times in 30 minutes.

You got rewarded!! Good for you!

That's why I try to hurry!

Congratulations you speed demon! What tecnos magic are you using?