43rd Daily Steemit Upvote Lottery

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Win a guaranteed minimum of 2SBD by upvoting this post and leaving a comment. It's free, fun and easy! I'll even pay 4 SBD to upvote bots to make the prize more interesting. The winner is automatically selected after 24 hours. You can view all our past lotteries, winners and payments on our website. Myself and all bots are of course excluded from participation!

The rules are easy:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. If you're new, introduce yourself
  3. Complete today's assignment by @rasamuel: What was your best moment on Steemit?

Previous winners and payouts:

2/17/2018@joeytechtalks2.89 SBDView
2/18/2018@aykaco2.84 SBDView
2/19/2018@mydraor2.85 SBDView
2/20/2018@sinlg2.95 SBDView
2/21/2018@dividendgrinder2.09 SBDView
2/22/2018@rasamuel~2.58 SBDpending
2/23/2018@eddy0204~3.32 SBDpending
2/24/2018@nosmas~2.67 SBDpending
2/25/2018@desmonddesk~2.73 SBDpending
2/26/2018@ammyammy~2.64 SBDpending

Don't forget to follow me so you'll never miss another lottery.

Good luck everybody!


That's easy... It was the moment I discovered @GINAbot ...
see more here: (https://steemit.com/notifications/@braaiboy/in-love-with-a-hottie-on-steemit-and-my-girlfriend-is-totally-cool-with-it)

p.s. It's an expired post (I can't get UpVotes on it anymore) so I hope it's not considered link spamming.

p.s. Any newbies (<7 days old on Steemit)... drop me a comment there and I'll give you the 0.001 needed to register with GINAbot.

The best moment of mine in steemit is when i introduce my girlfriend during our first valentine celebration.. 😊💕

@svosse the best momment for me was when 8 was able to post my first blog here in steemit :)

It was in summer last year when i noticed that eobot added steem coin in cloud mining. I immediately wrote a post about it with detailed description and instruction how to earn steem on eobot cloud mining. My pos has got more then 400 dollars and it was awesome biggest result i ever had. It was very nice to show my wife the balance of my account as she did not believe one can earn with steemit.com :)

when i found out about dmania

Its when someone gave me 5sbd, transferred to my account..to think that he didnt know me,and telling that it was just his way of giving back..
Glad there still people here who had a softheart .

The best moment was when I got upvoted 25% by randowhale. I saw myself in trending page.

My best moment was when I sold my first SBD

Hi i'm katy, What was my best moment on Steemit? The best was wen i started to see the profits that i can get by having fun writing about the stuffs i want.

It was just when I won your lottery and I was able to redeem the prize, it was a lot of help, thanks for that @svosse

Hi I'm new and looking forward to this will keep an eye out daily

The best moment on steemit for me is the time .
When i get 1+ upvote . at that moment i was so much happy because they are my first max upvote.

Do i have a best moment? Dont think so... Maybe when i eventually win a contest, I'll decide...

greetings from venezuela, I introduce myself I am loganjose it is a pleasure to meet you, my best moment in the community is when I see more visits come up in my post

When I got my first bigger reward for my introduction post. :) And I guess, when I won here one time. :D

Thank you for the information, I get very knowledge for myself and maybe for other sahem steemit, may you become a successful person

Getting more upvotes on this comment will surely be the best moment here on Steemit.

The best thing was when i was curied unexpectedly. I didnt even know whats curie at that time. It was magical and it made me feel that there are lots of people who appreciate my work

My best moment was when I joined the contest of @bikergirl and won. hihi
Cause not everybody is that lucky to catch the host's eyes :D

Hi! This is my first time here. I'm a musician from Argentina. I think my best moment on Steemit was my first entry for the @openmic contest. Just for the thrilled of beeing part of something new and exciting.

My best time at Steemit was at the beginning, when I did my introduyourself.

When i got upvote of 7 for 1sbd

The feeling u get when uknow that ubarent alone inthe struggle...it kinda keeps a lotta negative thoughts back

The best moment for me on steemit is when i make introduceyourself post.I have 2.10 vote.
It's quite big for a first post.

First payout!!!

haha, m answering my own question. I guess when i got my first ocd!

When somebody sent me rewards for something i wrote

I don't know... O! - maybe this:)

My first upvote from somebody else.

The best moment in Steemit so far (since I am new here) is that I didnt expect many people liked and loved my very first post or my introductory post. I just didnt have fun in making the post but at the same time I gain. And thanks alot for a very warm welcome Steemians!

My first payout :D #kappa

good, greetings I am cross from Venezuela, and my best moment is when I see that people visit my publications :)

When i converte my sbd into dollar.

Since I arrived at Steemit, all the moments have been profitable within this community, the learning I have had has been great. But without a doubt the best moment was when, through the votes in my publications, I was able to reach my SBD, from that moment I felt much more excited

Winning a contest 😊😊😊

My best moment was being selected for curie. I literally jumped up and down in excitement.

This is it!

When one of our little #classical-music community got upvoted by curie!

here on steemit my best moment on steem community is when a had 1 sbd

The best part was when a whale re-steemed my post, that was the first time I got resteemed by a whale.

Being part of this platform is already my best moment. With warm welcome of fellow steemians, I got inspired to write and write and share all about life 😊

My best moment here on steemit is being a part of it! Forever grateful that I'm one of the steemians today! And to my #steemitgaw family for unending support! I really thank them and steemit for welcoming me here :D

My best moment so far was when I had a post worth .50 SBD which was quite high in comparison to couple cents I was getting all the time.

My best moment in steem it when my friends helps me resteaming my #introduceyourself and I gain upvotes their. I really appreciate their kindness.

My best steemit moment was when I was the winner of a sentence unscramble type puzzle!

When I had my introductory post and people were giving me their warm welcome.

My best moment on Steemit is that when I withdrew first-time 1 sbd to buy a watch for my dad. Though it's only 1 SBD but, it feels great.

Thanks for the contest. May the bet will be win.

My best moment on steemit is not about being upvoted. I got to meet new friends. We had a meet-up for the steemians in our location. We've been educated and informed about how steemit works. Everything you need to know about steeming. That's the best part. Helping each other.

best moment in steemit: 65 upvotes overnight 😁

The best moment on steemit for me is the time.
When I got a upvoted of 2SBD from one of my friend.

Actually, every day is the best moment on Steemit for me. Cause I see new post, new contest and also I wrote new content. One day will be the most memorable day for me when I will get 1k follower.

Am Oluwabusayo,my best moment on steemit was when I joined steemit in January,my Sister @estheromoyiwola told me to look for contest and participate,and that can boost my SBD but I was confused and when I bumped into one,@svosse contest,was very happy that atleast I will keep on participating even when I win or not.

Best moment is when I was chosen to be the winner of your 16th randomcotd 😊😊😊

i have post multiple posts but my best moment on steemit is when i made a post about my career and while i was typing it i was feeling so proud of myself and my progress, steemit is an awesome currecy/platform its amazing how i would rather make blogs and read other people blogs then just watching TV and waste my time on BS stuff.
but there are more better moments to come on steemit specially when i win one of these contests lol.
thank you for your work keep doing it and make people happy.

At the beginning stage, my account had $0.67 for two months I had more confusion suddenly one day I received $5 from one contest of @reconnectnature that moment was very great pleasure and unforgettable.

When I first won a photography contest hosted by @juliank : )

Hello!! my best moment since I started in steemit was when they voted for me for the first time there I knew I was on the right track hehe, thank you

My first amazing and beautiful moment was the day while my own voting start growing from 0 to 0.01
I feel really blessed on that day
Thank you steemit community

best day will be when you pick my name to win this contest!

When I won 28th lottery contest

Hi jazz here. Cool contest! My best moment on steemit was entering the controversial art contest.
https://steemit.com/controversy-art/@jazzresin/found-out-about-morgellons-this-day For me it was a win-win to share a bit of the struggle and strangeness of it all. Knowing that it could possibly enlighten and empower another person going through the excrucuating confusion of lyme/morgellons. Its real vicious friends and family turn on you. Everyone thinks your nuts. There is a lot of inexplicable phenomena that occurs and it is often unique unto the individual. The bacteria changes everything and it seems symbiotic. It is as if the bacteria have a hive mind and can sense your intentions. Sad because everyone calls you crazy. And yes you are becoming mentally ill but you know in your heart that this is first and foremost a physiological condition that is causing psychological issues, i had a doctor actually use the which came first the egg or the chicken......the egg came first as birds evolved from egg laying dinosaurs. PHD? Come on quack doctor anadkat. Unknown Dermopathy is not Trichtolomania. Morgellons is not delusional parasitosis.


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