35th payout

in #contest3 years ago

Today I received the author rewards for the 35th Daily Steemit Upvote Lottery:

4.535 SBD, and 1.364

So, that means the winner will get (4.535 + 1.364) / 2 = 2.949 SBD.

Congratulations @sinlg, I just transferred your winnings to you. You can view the transaction here

Didn't win? Don't worry, just try your luck again every day for free.



the information is very good and can be useful. thank you may be a successful person

@svosse good job you are doing. can you please tell me how to participate? guide please @thanks

It's very easy:

  1. Click on the link: https://steemit.com/contest/@svosse/42nd-daily-steemit-upvote-lottery
  2. Read the post

Congratulations to the winner. All thanks to the great svosse.

How may i reach you privately to discuss some issues on my on going project?