34th payout

in #contest3 years ago

Today I received the author rewards for the 34th Daily Steemit Upvote Lottery:

4.381 SBD, and 1.322 STEEM POWER

So, that means the winner will get (4.381 + 1.322) / 2 = 2.851 SBD.

Congratulations @mydraor, I just transferred your winnings to you. You can view the transaction here

Didn't win? Don't worry, just try your luck again every day for free.



Interesting!! 😁

Hello @svosse i hope you are fine. I follow you. Plz upvoted my post. I requested you. Thanks

Thank you :)

Hahaha ... if it's been a couple of times unlucky and no results whatsoever may seem to be watching power rangers..

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