1st Weekly Steemit Upvote Lottery - 10SBD prize

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Complete the weekly assignment, upvote this post and you have a chance to win 50% of this post's payout with a minimum of 10 SBD! The winner is automatically selected after 7 days. You can view all our past lotteries, winners and payments on our website. Myself and all bots are of course excluded from participation!

The rules are easy:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. If you're new, introduce yourself
  3. Complete today's assignment by @starscream97: What would be your dream holiday destination?

Good luck everybody!


The moon... no seriously!
If I HAD to choose something on earth: Mexico

I went there ones, never knew a live mariachi band could make so much noise!

Hello!!!Im new to the lottery and also a newbie here in steemit.My answer to the question is that My dream holiday destination is in Korea with my love ones☺☺☺

Welcome to the lottery ;)

Hi I am a newbie! Check out my first Dtube video for my #introduceyourself i posted yesterday!

I would love to go to the Maledives or Bora Bora one day! Althought the moon sounds very exciting too! ;) @braaiboy @svosse @starscream97

Wish you all good luck!

Lol, lovely pets you have :)

Thanks @svosse they are brothers of eachother! We had Tiger first and Kenzo second. Kenzo Will turn 1 en two weeks 🐾

very cool!

P.s. Welcome to Steemit (and DTube)... I'm relatively new here myself, but already totally absorbed by the platform.

Same over here! 💫👌

What would be your dream holiday destination?
Japan , if i had the funds thats where I am going

Yeah, too bad it's expensive to get there...

Good friends, I'm new to the lottery, may the force be with you.

My dream place is in Venezuela and it is the angel jump, the highest waterfall in the world.

Welcome to the lottery sequini!

Hi, I'm new to the lottery and I'm also a newbie here in steem. To answer this question I wanna tell you a story, when I was a kid I would get lost anywhere because I was really small (I still am, my height is 1,60 m and I'm 23 y/o) and I am curious so my mom would freak out at least once every 2 weeks at the grocery store or the mall because I would wander off. When I was 13 we took a trip to Spain in which I got lost in a MOTHERFUCKING CASTLE just 5 minutes after getting out of the car, the first 20 minutes of my adventure were AMAZING until I realized I couldn't get back to the car and I started freaking out, I walked through that castle and checked everything until I saw some people at the garden so I just decided that I was just gonna jump through a window and get to the garden ask for help, It was the quickest way and I was afraid of getting lost finding the garden exit. So I jumped, got a few bruises and scratches ask for help and then I saw my parents freaking out and if there are any latinos reading this you know the feeling in which you are relieved BUT you know the chancla is coming, and OH MY FUCKING GOD it came. I got grounded but also my parents gave me unlimited amounts of delicious Spanish food because they felt guilty. So going back to the question my dream holiday destination would be Spain and I am going to deliberately get lost in a castle again but my mission is going to be finding the wine cellar

Lol, I had to google it. The chancla is a flip flop used by a mexican female to beat their child or husband for doing something that angers her.

Desert of the Sahara. because I have never seen it and I also want to feel a different sensation when walking on the sand. But if you win the lottery: D

You'll need to win a bit more than that :)

My dream holiday destination still in Paris with my love one..☺

Argentina. Almost got there when i was 17. I still haven't made it there

Ah yes, Argentina is a great country to visit

Paris i believe, though i may have to settle for miami because i dont speak French

I honestly believe Paris is overrated. The people are horribly rude, the food sucks unless you know where to go and you get ripped off everywhere. Better to visit Amsterdam :)

Oh really, that's a bummer... I'll look up Amsterdam then... Hope its a romantic location, lol

Holiday destination? Here in the Philippines, I wanna go Siargao! Wanna definitely experience surfing. ♥️

I tried windsurfing once. It was really fun going one way, then spent the rest of the day swimming back :(

Hehehehehehehehe 😊

Nice post, my dream holiday destination is South Africa. This is because of the following
1 It has the highest repeat tourism of any long haul destination in the world due to its natural beauty

2 South Africa also has an astonishing variety of marine life, It's the best place in the world to view whales from shore, and to swim with great white sharks.

3 It has some of the finest national parks in the world, including the Kgalagadi, Isimangaliso, Hluhlue Imfolozi and Tsitsikamma

4 It has the New Seven Wonders of Nature, Table Mountain. When viewed from across Table Bay this world wonder provides one of the greatest views on Earth, and has been named one of the world's greatest mountains.

I'm a lover of nature and South Africa would give me all I need to see.

Thank you for your detailed answer franny :)

You are welcome, looking forward to having more contest with you..... Nice and beautiful one

Japan is still my answer! :D

Lol yes, this question did sound familiar... I'll have to be careful not to repeat ;)

what kind of bots are you using on your comments?

Yeah boiii same goes to me . I will be learning the language before going there but still it is Japan .

Caribbean 🚣🌴

I can't exactly say I have a dream holiday destination. I enjoy spending the holidays with my family, so it doesn't really matter where. When I think about holidays, I think about christmas, so I'd say because it's my favorite holiday, a winter wonderland is good enough for me.

Have you seen the Nightmare before Christmas? Your reply makes me think of Christmas Land ;)

Hi i'm Katy, What would be my dream holiday destination? It definitly would be New York because the holidays festivities are amazing!!

So you're copying my lottery and then asking my participants to check it out? That's not very nice, is it?

Switzerland. But I can't afford to go there. Hope that lottery will help me somewhat :P

Lol I'm afraid you'll need a bit more. Maybe if the Steem price goes x100...

I love to spent all time with my lover at karachi beach .

My Dream holiday destination is Canada. 😉 😋

twin tower. Malaysia

I would say I'm perfectly fine here in germany. I wouldn't really know where else I would to go on holiday.

Dream holiday destination is an all expense tour in USA or Japan.

i really want to maldives

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Please, no more spammers...

Raja Empat, Indonesia is still my dream holiday destination.

Pula, Croatia!

Anywhere I've never been before.

Northern Sweden or Finland. I want to see the northern lights. That would be fun and very unforgettable experience for me or anyone whose country doesn't snow.

I’m MomzillaNC, poet, artist, writer, and art photographer.

If I were able to travel, I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, particularly Edinburgh and Montrose and the Isle of Skye.

Kerala, India is my dream holiday destination.

Switzerland is my dream destination. Hope i can go there in future.

I just got my ticket to go on my dream vacation to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. 🙂

My answare is: nepal.

Greece is at the top of my list, followed closely by Spain, and then pretty much the rest of Europe haha

Paris anytime anyday

Iceland to see the northern lights still, or Bora Bora :)

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You're such a spammer...

my answer is china

mine is Netherland

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Hi all. My name is Paula. I am new and am excited to join this contest. My dream vacation spot is a laid back tropical paradise called Maui.
Image source

Space it is, I love to go Saturn 😍

Ahmm.. First before I go to my dream destination, of course i will find a suitable job so that i can help my parents and together my family we will go to the City Of Love in the world, the Paris the Ipil tower.

England, really anywhere in the country but specifically, Liverpool ...
Then, France and or Germany, anywhere with good beer and good wine.

My dream destination would be KOREA. I dont know why I want to go there maybe because of their food and places I saw in the internet. I fell inlove directly.

I think Iceland would be cool

hello, I am @steeemlover and my dream holiday destination would be USA (United state of america ).

Las Vegas The Sin City. I wanna do all things there legally because here in Philippines we can't do nothing.

Scotland 😎

Madrid, Spain can see a Real Madrid match. Or to Dubai and enjoy an F1 GP

Always and Forever be Japan. I'm always dreaming on it.

I think ,it will be a trip to America

My goal is to amuse myself and please my heart

Paris i believe, though i may have to settle for miami because i dont speak French

Tokyo y Kioto, sería fascinante.

Have always wanted to go to Brazil!

My dream holiday is travelling all around the world to europe, asia, ocenia, Africa and north and south america

Hawaii would be a great destination.
My introduction post describes me pretty well ;)

Dubai would be the place to be my i love it over there not sure if you guys know but dubai is amazing in the middle of the desert .
this is how it really looks download (1).jpg
man made island.
images (1).jpg

Kuta beach. Bali,Indonesia

my dream holiday destination is in Disneyland with my someone special. Want to enjoy being a kid at heart :D

I want to go to Hawaii on holiday.

Exploring the Milk Way Galaxy

I would like to go on vacation to Barcelona, ​​Spain for a well-deserved rest watching my favorite soccer team play next to a good company, also enjoy their beaches, culture and hospitality.

Japan would be my choice. So much to see on such a small space especially in the large cities.

My Dream destination is Switzerland

Hi i am newbie 🙋. My name is Alfun. My dream holiday destination are in Japan, Korea and Paris 🏂

hi there~
I'm newbie in korea
Holiday destination? hm... I wanna go Museum with my fam! xD

hi there~
I'm newbie in South korea
my dream holiday destination is North korea.
Because North korea is dangerous area for south korean.

I had joined Steemit two months ago, you made me a winner once of more than 3SBD.I wish to go to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines.