Crypto guess round 5: #3

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Hey everybody!

Its time for the result of Guess #2 and the posting of Guess #3 in round 5 of crypto guess. To read the full rules of this contest please read this post. Please dont comment your guess under this post but use discord like is explained in the rules to send in your answer.

The cryptocurrency I was searching for in guess #2 was:

Screenshot is from

I will explain how I was thinking with my 3 hints:

Hint number 1 was a picture of a hand with 2 fingers up. This was referring to the logo of invacio.

Hint number 2 said that you need about 20 of these cryptocurreny to buy something in a dollar store. This was referring to the price of about $0.05. (20 times $0.05 is 1$)

Hint number 3 said "9/14/22 (this is NOT a mathematic calculation)". This hint was maybe a bit strange one but it was meant like a secret code. Each number was standing for a letter in the alphabet. If you converted them you would get INV which is the symbol of this cryptocurrency.

To keep the contest a bit more exciting I wont tell anything about how much people participated and/or guessed correct. You will simply have to hope your name will be on top in the final result!

Its now time to post the next 3 hints to guess cryptocurrency # 3:

Hint 1:


Hint 2:

The max supply of this cryptocurrency is 84 million coins.

Hint 3:

At the moment of posting you will get about 2 STEEM for 3 of these cryptocurrency.

You can try to guess this cryptocurrency untill the final result is posted. Dont forget to guess fast because the faster you are the more points you will get! Good luck!