UK 16th June York 50% giveaway contest

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Just placed the following lucky win only bet on William Hill, 50% of any winnings/returns will be shared out to all entries in Steem, just enter the contest before the first race is off at 14:25 GMT on the 16th June.

Extra BONUS is the voters draw, if this bet pays out, in addition to winnings a random up vote will collect 1 SBD this is a thank you to all up voters.

To enter either up vote this post or leave a comment with code 4977 ONLY in the comment, comments that contain more than the code listed may not get properly entered. Comments that do not contain the code WILL NOT be entered into the draw.

One entry per account
Every entry will get an equal payout
0.01 Steem minimum payout, Steem not paid goes to bonus
Bonus payout to any valid entry selected at random


Spanish City Price (3.25) Sat - 2:25 York - Win
Marmelo Price (2.50) Sat - 3:00 York - Win
Bengali Boys Price (23.00) Sat - 3:35 York - Win
Dark Intention Price (7.00) Sat - 4:05 York - Win

Stake: £3.75 (£0.25 x 15)
To return:£713.75




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