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Yet again still no profit for the month of September.

Betting Bank Yesterday £1,593.90

Racing Bets - £9.00
Greyhound Bets - £3.00
Lottery Bets - £2.50
Acca - No bets

Total Spent £14.50

Returns £6.86
Given away today £3.43
Given away to date* £504.71

*Since June 5th

New Bank £1,586,26

Racing update

Fontwell win only lucky 15, return £1.58 half is 1.316 Steem

Dark Invader Price (4/1) Sun - 3:05 Fontwell - Win
Maquisard Price (6/4) Sun - 3:35 Fontwell - Win
Weightfordave Price (7/4) Sun - 4:10 Fontwell - Win
Turban Price (5/2) Sun - 4:40 Fontwell - Win

York win only lucky 15, return £2.10 half is 1.75 Steem

Rise Hall Price (7/1) Sun - 2:20 York - Win
Woven Price (3/1) Sun - 3:25 York - Win
Up Ten Down Two Price (14/1) Sun - 4:00 York - Win
Roundhay Park Price (5/1) Sun - 5:00 York - Win

Greyhounds update

Poole win only lucky 15, return £3.18 half is 2.65 Steem

Glenbowen Flash @SP Sun - 6:04 Poole - Win
Skeard Andy @SP Sun - 6:19 Poole - Win
Springwell Jenny @SP Sun - 6:37 Poole - Win
Tiermore Pearl @SP Sun - 6:55 Poole - Win

Accumulators update

No bets


Trueflip 9th September, no returns

Our numbers 08 12 32 38 48 Bonus 11

Result 22 31 16 33 20 Bonus 05


If you would like to try the Trueflip Lotto please use my referral link below



Back tomorrow for some more bets

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It is amazing how long a bad streak can continue!
Hope that lady fortune brings you a visit pretty fast!

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