SteemRaffle Daily Free Raffle - THE Actual Random Free Steem Contest - 06/11/18 - #1

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SteemRaffle Daily Free Raffle - 06/11/18 - #1


Hello everyone! Your participation is what makes this happen every day. The more people participate, the more can be contributed to you! Thank you all for all you do.

This is the very first completely free raffle post so there were no winners from the most recent payout post.

Rules, Terms and Conditions (this section stays the same):

#1 Rule: A user must upvote to be entered to win. That is all you need to enter.

A comment and resteem is appreciated.

Posts will be made most days, however, if for some reason I do not find time to make a post one day, there should be one the following day. Things are busy in everyone's lives so I am sure there will be a day here and there that I am unable to make a new post.

Reward drawing videos will be made most days as well. If by some chance I did not have time to make a new contest post, more than likely I do not have time to make a winner post. The screen capture is time consuming, so I may not be able to fit it in some days. If for some reason I miss a day or two making video posts, they will be caught up as soon as I have time. I do not see this happening often at all.

Winners will be paid directly in Steem or SBD right after the video is made and winner announced with the memo notating which drawing date and number that was won.

Here is how it works:

Every day I will post a new Steem Raffle post to be upvoted on. Once posted, for promotional purposes to start, I will send Steem to an upvote bot to automatically give the post some value. This upvote will be made more than 30 minutes after the post is made to ensure that the curation value from the bot. This will guarantee rewards for people that upvote and comment on the post. Once the community is built enough, a vote bot may not be used. The post will continue to receive votes, be commented on, and be resteemed throughout the initial seven day post period.

Just before the Steem Raffles post is paid out, I check the post with a nifty tool that shows everyone that has upvoted on the post and their associated SBD post value. See following example:

For every $0.001 SBD that your vote contributes to the post value, your account will be credited with one raffle entry. So, if your upvote is worth $0.05 SBD then you have 50 entries, if your upvote is worth $7.26 SBD, then you will have 7260 entries. The great part about this system, is even if someone has 10,000 entries, it only takes one entry to win. So, minnows and whales alike can benefit from this! Do not be discouraged if you have a low account value, it only takes one win to get paid out and put it into Steem power!

The payout – A lot of contests typically have a set amount. "Win 10 SBD and someone that upvotes or comments will win." This is a bit different. The payout is almost the entire post reward from upvotes!

With the tool that can view the SBD value of each vote, the amount from the Upvote bot that is used can be seen. When that is paid out, I will not include that in the actual payout, I will keep that since it is what I have put in. The remaining amount on payout less 5% will be sent to the winner.

So: 75% of payout goes to the author, 25% to curators. The amount from the upvote bot that I receive in SBD will be removed from the total pot since that was used for promotion purposes. The remains of the value of the post less 5% will be sent directly to the winner. This will more easily be seen after we do a couple drawings.

Remember, as the post value grows, so do the payouts to the upvoters and commenters on the post as well since 25% of the post value goes to curators.

How are winners selected?

After the post pays out after the seven day period, the winner selection process will begin. This is NOT a "I will pick someone at random" sort of thing. This is a proven system that works and is truly random that I have used many times before. This will be screen captured the entire way from start to finish with an actual timestamp posed on SteemIt while screen capturing.

  1. Once I have made the list, I will list it into a popular list randomizer site.

  2. I will post the UTC Timestamp ON STEEMIT so it is on the post as well as on the screen capture

  3. I will use a dice roll site to roll a pair of dice to determine the amount of time the list is randomized.

  4. I will then randomize the list the amount of times shown on the dice, and whoever is on top at the last roll is the winner!

  5. The video will be posted to Steemit for all to see.

  6. The winner will be announced in the SteemIt comments below the video, and payment will be sent to the winner.

That's it!

As we grow, I will probably incorporate a daily theme to each post to allow people to engage more easily.

Thank you everyone for participating in these daily events. With your continued support, this will help bring another layer of chance and fun to the Steemit platform. One of the greatest parts about this, other than the adrenaline rush at the end to see who wins, is that the ENTIRE process is compeltey random and screen captured with a timestamp, so there is no funny business!

To read about the complete transparency of the project to ensure things have not changed since we have started, and to see how this is truly random and actually run, check out my introduceyourself post here!

Please be sure to upvote, comment and resteem these daily post to help grow the community!


Nice initiative.

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let's see how it goes

Like it!! Good idea

This is interesting

I just want to let everyone know the rules have changed to $0.001 SBD per entry and that has been updated in the post and will be in future posts. Good Luck!

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