STEEM MUSIC FREE FLOW CONTEST // Submit Your Music Performance for a Chance to win 5 SBD!

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Hi, I’m @adesojisouljay and I’m the founder of STEEM MUSIC NIGERIA, which is a Steemit project for the support and promotion of musicians.

I created the STEEM MUSIC FREE FLOW contest as a way to help musicians earn some SBD for their creative entries.
The winner of each week’s contest will receive 5 SBD!

• Resteem and upvote this post.

• Anyone is free to join the contest.

• Entry is valid before the expiry of this post.

• Upload your video in your own Steemit post, then submit your link in the comment section of this post.

• Use the tag #steemmusicfreeflow

• Your performance needs to be in video format.

• Your performance can be a solo vocal performance, a vocal performance with an instrument, or an instrumental performance.

• One entry per person please.


Winners will be announced after the seventh day of this post!

For those who have not listened to “STEEM UP (SONG BY STEEM MUSIC TEAM),” you can download through these links””

Thanks to all our supporters:
@drakos, @soundwavesphoton, @fracasgrimm, @destinysaid, @isaria, @adesojisouljay, @minnowsupport.

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Thats my entry for the contest, i entered the opemmic contest and was forced to use it as first tag, but used steemmusicfreeflow as second
Is it okay by you?

Two Original Music Tracks -

More on The Way!


This is really wonderful music tracks... Ever do collaboration with other Steemians? I thought how cool it would be to do a contest where people make songs that are collabs here after listening to this.. with fellow steemians... there is a program called kopoz I think where you can do this..


I have never though of it - might be interesting but im not sure how one would go about doing that.
Ps. I checked out kopoz - Its in another language and I dont see how its related to music - perhaps share a link as to what you were mentioning..?
Thanks! =)


The reason I knew about it, someone from another city asked me to add some tracks and I did it was cool, that was several years ago.

Looks like there are endless tracks and music on there... @tonicherbs !

I recently posted this on piece I covered on cello on my blog, it could use a little more love.

Here's something I played last week :)

woow this is an amazing context to improve on music levels thanks @steemmusicng

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Is this for only Nigerians please


Any steemian is allowed to participate