Get Paid to Rant #16! All Rants Win! Plus 5 SBD Grand Prize!

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Get Paid to Rant #16

5SBD reward to the best rant! It's still $10.00 ya cheap bastards!

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We understand what it's like when someone just pisses you off. When a pleb who is not a millionaire questions your Kred. We care that someone's raining on your special day or you just got dumped on by that shit coin.Have moss in your grass, or a bad hair day? Did your boss demand too much? Or did your kids wind you up? We all have those days. We all need to rant. So here is a place you can come and you can rant. A place where you will be rewarded by just getting it off your chest. Yes we will pay you to rant. And it’s really easy to join in. All you have to do is get it off your chest and rant in the comments below. We care. We give a fuck STEEM Dollars!


  • You must really get it off your chest. Have a rant. Tell us what caused it and how you are feeling. Let it out…..GRRRRRRR
  • It can be about anything you feel the need to rant about
  • You can only rant once in each weekly rant post
  • You must up vote and resteem this post!
  • NO rants about post performance on Steemit will be rewarded
  • Oh ya, and don't rant about hurting people!

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I'm a Nigerian, and I am really pissed by the government. Majority of the masses live below the poverty line and the politicians pack a whole lot of money at the end of the month. Little wonder many support Trump calling the country 'shithole'. Yeah he's right.

Imagine a country where the minimum wage is a paltry 18,000 naira, that is about $51. I mean how will someone survive on that every month? It can barely even buy a good shoe (14,000 naira). Meanwhile, a house of representative member and senator will make about a hundred times of that amount monthly as a basic salary excluding allowances. This is ludicrous! This is insane! This is pitiable!

An average Nigerian graduate is unsure of employment. Those that are favoured are those whose relatives are well placed in the society. Nepotism is the order of the day. Competence is trumped.
I now ask, how then will Nigeria grow? What has happened to meritocracy? Why won't the poverty gap become wider?

I'm fed up! I have not seen a geographical region so packed with corrupt people than Nigeria.

The people of Nigeria are naturally good and talented but as a result of the parsimonious, corrupt and pococurante attitude of those people in power who spoil the image of the country, they will rather focus on their pockets than National development by encouraging our great minds. Later, they will complain of brain drain. Why not?
How long has Prof. Amagh Nduka, a PhD student of James Chadwick and an Internationally acclaimed physicist, been saying that he has a solution to the electricity problem of the country without any one listening to him? How long has Prof Alex Animalu tried to develop Science and technology in the country but has been discouraged severally? They never learn. That was how we lost the likes of Philip Emegwali, Chike Obi, Joshua ( the now British boxer), Chimamanda Adiche etc to other countries. Oh! We never learn.

Now, recently the President said he would assist Ghana fight corruption in their country, while corruption is thriving in his country. This is laughable!

I can go on and on, but I have to end it here. I'm sick and tired of this country. I'm fed up


Sounds like the usa


Really? It's usually painted as the ideal country


I thought everyone knew this. Half our country lives totally different than the other.


It's quite sad. But then, why do many people clamour to immigrate to the USA?

for me its fuckin annoying when people comment on my fuckin post and write they dont fuckin believe me were im come from helloo! im from GREENLAND! and also most of time i fuckin hate when they comments "were are you come from" fuck it! cant you see my name ?! i always think like that cant you see my name!

and sorry for too many "F" words
@fromgreenland d:-D ps im a fuckin nice guy!


hahahahahahaha.... not everyone knows greenland. they might be thinking "oh.. he is from some grassy area"
had a good laugh


hay, are you from Greenland by any chance ?


Yes im from Greenland🗻🏔

I may be flagged as a xenophobic but...Is it that fucking hard to learn the language of the country you’re moving to? Why do you even move there if you can’t speak their language or hate their culture? I’m sick and tired of people of all races and nationalities who’re immigrating to find a better life but don’t even fucking care to learn the language and adapt. I’m looking at you, people who’re forming small communities of your nationals just so you don’t have to learn new language and change your way of life and rather call everyone racist or xenophobic just because they can’t understand you or because your behaviour is unacceptable in their culture.

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I just pay attention to my blog every time I throw a fucking article that always get little upvote, it's like to kiss my ass so I can steem a lot here,fuck of with this, son of the bitch, l want you give me some fucking steem ea.....

i love Beijing because people are really respectful to elders. But old people here can get really stubborn. i was on the bus commuting to work. it was peak hour and an old granny came on board the bus. It was really crowded and people are giving their seats to the granny to sit so she won't fall.


She was saying "oh, it's ok young ppl, i can stand, I'm getting off 3 stops later...." The bus had to wait till she sits put so we can move on. it took around 10 minutes and i was almost late for work!

Oh Dear Granny...please... just sit.

Wtf is wrong with these banks in my country who can't seem to getting their fucking eyes off my balance and always looking for a damn reason to debit my account... So annoying

Thank you for letting me submit my rant on your site instead of linking to my post. It is about work and needs to stay as far from me as possible.
I work in an Emergency Department as a nurse and take pride in the care I give my patients. Earlier this week, I was put in a compromising position, where I had to look after severely ill patients but was also allocated to look after nearby psychiatric patients, or 'Code Grey' patients. I believe patients' lives and their safety was put at risk; along with my professional reputation.
I am so upset about this, I have indicated I am handing in my resignation and have looked at other jobs. I refuse to keep working in a position where I can put lives at stake!!

I'm a photographer. Or, at least I'm trying to be. Trying to get clients can be one of the most frustrating things in the world. Especially in this day-in-age where everyone with a camera thinks they are professional. Lately, I've had potential clients pulling the same shit maneuver over and over. It jerks me around and leaves me hanging with a nasty taste in my mouth.

It begins when they ask me how much I cost. A normal thing, right? Services cost money. So after I find out exactly what they're looking for, I send a quote. This is followed by negative reply. Now, they don't just say that I'm out of their budget, but they let me know how much their budget is. The difference usually isn't that great. Something that I could, if I really wanted to and had the time and needed the cash, do. Since I'm a freelancer, that's, like, well, always.

Now, this puts me in a really shitty situation. They're already on to the next person without even giving me a chance to counter. A reply at this point is pretty pointless. So, I'm left there basically holding my bag going....'' to empty space.

Why, why, why, if they have such a small budget don't they let the creative know up front and ask them if they're able to work within it. Or, ask what can be done for that amount. And, if the photographer is too expensive, why not give them a chance to negotiate? I mean, very few will not get up and do something if at least $100 is offered. It's like an insult to the injury. Letting the photographer know by exactly how much they were, and not giving them a chance to lower it a bit for any stupid reason they could think up that people will just nod and smile at. It's like a total dick move. Tantalize the freelancer with some money, then, when they're just a bit too expensive, let them know that and take the opportunity for work away from them.

We're not talking major budget shit, just dinky $100-300 jobs. Quote $150 and they only have $100, might they still check if they'd do it anyways? I mean, if I quote $600 and your budget's $100 that's a different story. But, $50 and you don't give them a chance.

I've had like 5 of those face-palm moments in the last week. That's like $500 of money lost because of stupid crap like that. I mean, you can't quote lower and lower and lower hoping not to miss anything. You go out of business that way.

Ugh, business blue-balls this week from things like that.


I usually don't rant but there is one thing that really got to me earlier this year. It cost me a lot of money but that is life when it comes to crypto but I question why? I do believe in the smartcash project so I bought some smartcash for around 5 cents with the hopes that it would go up. I didn't not keep my coins on the exchange which some would say is a wise decision. Well it happened, smart cash mooned all the way up to over $3.00. I wanted to sell. I decided to login in to an exchange to sell and wouldn't you know it. The message I got "Smartcash wallet under maintenance" so I logged into another exchange and got the same message. So the only way I could have sold is if I would have kept my coins on the exchange in the first place. Only a miss out of $10000 for this pile of bull. Why were the wallets disable during this pump which lasted about a week and they conveniently were enabled when the coin slowly dropped to around 35 cents?

I will have a rant. I need to have a rant. I am well pissed off. I paid a deposit early jan for a log cabin and landscaping work in my garden. The cabin is my new office/recording studio. The weather has been shit. Shit. we need a dry week before they will put the foundations down. It snowed last week and I am still waiting for it to melt. Its now march. 2 months later. I have so much work on hold till I get this office as I have no recording studio. Its starting to cost me money now. Plus the company I paid they deposit too, well they have not worked since Dec so are they going to run off with my money when ever it does decide to dry up? Not a dry week since mid Nov. Like WTF. I should have been in the office by the end of Jan. I even have a steemit course on hold cos I have no where to record. Everything is on hold. And on top of all that, because the weather is so bad, the kids haven't been out to play and are wrecking my head

You are mad to bring this contest up, yes. Cus i am tired of my second guy, who keeps looking like a monkey and dumb idiot! Oh sorry you thought i was referring to you, nope i am having a conversation with the other me, the one that thinks he ia an angel, for nothing, always painting it in my face, how can he be in control of our body, he doesn’t eat well, munching food, he can just swallow and stop disturbing us all, even choke on it, how can his best color be black or white, explain, who pics two colors or sorry, thats me, i mix us up a little, but literally he is a good guy!! Ha!! I got you, just like i got him now.. Good guy my foot, please why bath, is the flesh not made from dust, what common sense is that. Look, i am tired of him and me! I guess we are here to be.


I am very pissed right now at my country's government, do they think the people arr dumb??? How can they say that a monkey and a snake swallowed billions of naira👹👹👹👹😠😠😠😡😡
Am getting tired of this fucking country!!! Its like they take me for a fool😡😡😡😡😡

They say you must find happiness on your own but don't know how boring it is to be alone. I'm Lolade from Nigeria, I've been searching for love for a very short while after a horrible breakup with my ex gf. If you're from Nigeria, you'd understand what I'm saying. The girls we have now are so materialistic and demanding. Although I've no job presently because i just graduated, the girls don't seem to care what level you're in life, they just want you to be their manager all the time. Buy them expensive shoes, bags, hair attachments..... That's why I've chosen not to marry a Nigerian girl. I love black americans so much. I believe they're sensible and so beautiful. Even the church girls we have here, demand something big from you once in a while and if you don't do it, they tell you, you don't love me. Few girls are not like this but they're scarce like water in a desert. Still searching despite......


Seriously though, that bullshit about protecting investors on exchanges, what a load of horse manure. They just want a piece of the pie without having to work for it. Forcing exchanges to report investors earning to them so they can tax everyone out of their asses. FUCKING ASSHOLES.

Okay...there's so much to rant about, i don't even know which one to pick and even that is annoying, why do i have so much on my chest, which is ironic cause I've got a flat chest, i mean i go to the gym, twice in a year, it just doesn't work for me, now I've forgotten what i was going to rant about, wow, this contest is digging up a lot, and that's annoying, right now I'm hungry, and that doesn't help matters, i mean, why do i gotta get hungry, hunger is like the strongest emotion ever, it brings up anger, pain, regret(that you ate your food for a month in two days), okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but thats what happens when I'm hungry.

One other thing that annoys me is the sun, i know its important and all, but why you gotta be so bright, some of us would like a little more darkness, i mean, everything is just perfect at night, but no, the sun has to rise, the only thing i like about the sun is the sunset.

Okay, i feel really confused rn, cause i don't even know the exact thing im ranting about, see this is what happens when you let a guy talk about feelings, confusion!, they get confused, i know i do, im just gonna go ahead and stop now.

Last summer, I went through a process that I thought would help me look for a job. Like help me pick the right job for me. I had to see a councilor first but didn't know. I have autism, so I thought this process would help you pick the right job for someone with autism, depending on where you fall in the spectrum. I had papers about my condition that I gave to the councilor, that women. HAD THE FREAKING AUDAICTY to tell me to my damn face that I wasn't autistic because of how I talk. WHAT KINDA SH*T IS THAT?! That was a slap in my face that all my struggles with autism was nothing. When I tried to tell the women the setting I require on a job or a job that I feel would not be wise. She refused to listen. If a FREAKING DISABILITY COUNCILOR doesn't know zip about autism that is just said. Autism has NOTHING to do with how you talk. I now can't stand this women and I wanted nothing to do with her the rest of the meeting. I couldn't request another councilor, I don't know why, but my mom said that they won't give me another councilor, so I was stuck with that bain of my existence. It pissed me off to tell someone they don't have something because they may have it differently than someone else. With any illness, disability what ever, not everyone is going to have it the same. Its disappointing that a person like that didn't realize that. Well my rant is over. But people who tell you you don't have something because you have it differently loses my respect.

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still no winner so far ?