Get Paid To Confess #9! Satoshi's Back!

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Get Paid To Confess #8! Satoshi's Back!

Every confession get's an upvote! The best confession wins 5 SBD!

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Congratulations to @sonofsatoshi and @louielowa for winning Paid to Confess #8! The will split the 5SBD.

New year, new Rektoning! How 💯💯💯Rekt are you? 2018 has begun and you already lost half your portfolio, your parents kicked you and your mining rig out of their basement, your girlfriend/boyfreind left you for an $TRX shill, you still think XRP is a crypto and your normie friends could care less. Luckily for you Satoshi wants to hear your confessions and even pay you for them!

Welcome to "Get Paid To Confess"


Let's have some fun! Tell us your crypto confessions and every confession will receive a forgiving upvote for the next 6 days. The better your confession, the better the vote. The winning submission taking home the 5SBD prize!

You must upvote & resteem this post!

We confess we borrowed this idea from Catoshi Catamoto AT Cryptonoobie on Twitter, a good guy to follow.

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My confession: I haven't been laid(had sex) before, but I act like I am a bad ass Niggar and porn star. ( don't tell anyone I said this oooo!!!!...hahaha)


I thought the confessions were supposed to be crypto based, though that is pretty cryptic. :)

I've been in cryptocurrency for more than a year but some of the altcoins now are down due to bitcoin's prize... hoping that bitcoins prize will increase.... so everybody will be happy.... God bless


Ye have little faith. Alts are down, bitcoin is up, what does that tell you? Say 1 Satoshi and all is forgiven.

I don't know anything about crypto, so I am free mining Electroneum on my boss's recommendation and collecting what Steem I can from here. I was trying to buy Bitcoin for cash so I could buy more Steem, but can't figure out how to do it. Lucky, because it was almost $5 when I was going to buy it.

I'll get it figured out, hopefully when it just starts going up again.

I sold almost all of my clothes and shoes, and only remains the old ones to have a greater capital in bitcoin. But when I bought at 634,000 it goes down to 300,00. Then my life was a mess. HAHA. Now I have nothing in my room. Only a pair of sneakers and old clothes.


But, you have bitcoin! Say 1 Satoshi, sell your body, buy bitcoin and all is forgiven.

I bought dogecoin and NEO, and they're cheap.


And they're cheaper today! Say 2 Satoshis and all is forgiven.

Still on my rookie journey and this is a bit embarrassing, especially from an accountant.

A while ago I wanted to buy some ETH . The price was around 0.104xxx, which really meant little to me. As a prudent investor, I figured I should bid at 98xxxx so I punched in my bid price. Normally after I hit complete, a small screen flashes up and says my order is being processed. This time a second screen flashed up immediately and said my order is completed. I panicked and quickly checked my order. I had punched in 0.98xxxx instead of 0.098xxx!!!


Soon we will call you the ETH whale! Say 1 satoshi and all is forgiven.

I sold all my BTC on December last year due to its irregular fluctuations, but I regret doing it.


BTC was at ATH in December. Say 2 Satoshis, buy back in and all is forgiven.

Alright here goes. I spent the last six months of last year reviewing coins and trying to decide when I would buy. Throughout that time my friends were asking me what to buy. I told them to wait but they insisted. They all bought on my recommendations and were up a total of more than 1200% by December. They all sold because of the end of the year taxes. I was finally ready in the beginning of January and got in. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I am still down now but hodling and staying strong, but if I had only been taking the advice I was giving out, I could stop working now for the next two years. Grrrr. My friends decided to take me out to dinner because they all feel bad for me. They were laughing the whole night and thanking me. Grrr. The fight continues. Thanks.


Thanks for the upvote @steemitbc. Glad that someone is taking pity on me. :)


Ny confession

One year i ago when i relapses doing drugs i ordets drug for about 10-20.00$ worth of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin was only 1000$ back then. Should have hold it. And i would be free from 6months in drug hell. Have told my fiancee å bit about it. But not Actually how much money i spent.

I opened a margin position with my earnings from Steem which I put into BTS. Yep, I borrowed bitUSD and bought BTS at $0.34.

It's not a crazy amount of money, but it's most of my earnings so far. I have all the rest of my BTS backing as collateral, and damn if it didn't almost just call my margin. It still might.

Shoot. I could have closed it at a loss and bought bitUSD to make up the difference and then some by now. As Homer would say....DOPE!

I have never been a fan of cryptocurrency. In fact, I dislike it, I feel it's bad business. When I first started steemit, I kept wondering where the money comes from. Then I read about it and the explanation I got was that computers get paid for solving math problems, that even infuriated me the more. The confession is after all these, here I am still commenting despite my initial reaction. Did I mention I discouraged my friend from investing in bitcoin? Oh yeah I did.

Well I have to confess that when bitcoin dropped on Saturday I used all the money in our saving account to buy bitcoin.
My hubby is going to have a flippen heart attack. He just doesn't get alt coins at all

I think I still have feelings for my ex, yesterday, i talked for over 2 hours with him on phone, I dont know what to do, because I am in a new relationship and my new boyfriend doesnt know I am still in contact with my ex

I confess, I still use bitpay. I've been too lazy to find alternative ways to cash out my crypto. Now that they have been caught lying about BTC network fees and promoting Btrash instead it is time to switch!

This is a really cool contest I like it :D
Hmm my confession, I'm to much of a tight arse to actually open my wallet and invest in crypto. So I just mine

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