Get Paid To Confess #1! Crypto Confessions From 2017 5SBD Prize

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Get Paid To Confess #1!

Every confession get's an upvote, the winning confession will receive 5SBD

You must upvote & resteem this post!

What a fucking year! Even the best of us make mistakes. Some of us will look back and say, 2017 was the year that changed my life! However some of us will look back and say, I'm rekt! I shorted BTC after The Wolf said exit all crypto markets!

Tell us your confessions of trading crypto in 2017 and every confession will receive an upvote of at least 50%, with the winning submission taking home the 5SBD prize!

You must upvote & resteem this post!

We confess we borrowed this idea from Catoshi Catamoto AT Cryptonoobie on Twitter, a good guy to follow.

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I didnt have any money so I came up with the crazy idea of investing into crypto using study loans.

It nvr happened and I got a 3 hour lecture from my dad

A penny for yor thoughts

Hmmm.... your dad is into crypto though. Say 1 Satoshi, take out a credit card loan, buy crypto and you are forgiven. /s

I love this story!

I don't have any to invest but I have a cat to feed I can't risk its life

bless the cat for having such a lovely owner

My biggest regret is selling my 13000 nxt shares on Christmas Eve. I missed out on free 6500 shares of ignis coins that would have been worth so much more. It hurts so 😭😭much to even think about it.

💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Ultra Vanquish! I will say 3 Satoshis for you.

lol, sorry though

My confession is that I spent my New Year's Eve studying charts and listening to tutorials on discord. I was waiting for word of the release of Wraith protocol for Verge. I was following the developers on Twitter as everyone else was drinking champagne and toasting the New Year. Whether we want to admit it or not crypto can be all consuming, exciting, and even fun!

Sometimes we need to misbehave to get ahead in life. Satoshi knows this. Say 1 Satoshi and all is forgiven.

I am a newbie in crypto trading and my biggest mistake was to buy in fomo, got left on the top and sell at the dip. Then after selling, i would see the coins bouncing even higher. 😭 Learn it the hard way though.

Actually you probably learned the right way and are wiser now for it. FOMO and FUD are strong, weak hands get rekt. Say 1 Satoshi and you are forgiven.

I regret not buying some btc early last year as it hit over $10,000 and I was left there wishing I had known it'll turn out this way

What will you say when BTC is over $50k? Say 2 Satoshis, buy some BTC and all is forgiven.

I almost cried when electroneum closed earlier than expected, the mail they sent me about closing their token sales gave me a bad day then. I was planning on getting the token a few days before the deadline.

Don't sleep on an ICO again. Say 3 Satoshis and you are forgiven.

I've said 3 satoshis. I feel forgiven now😁

You have no idea how much stress you saved yourself! I invested in the ICO and was mad everyday when it took them 6 weeks after schedule to release the coins and launch the app.... over some phony baloney excuse... They made like 40 million.... ugh

I was buying the pumps & dips of XRP & STR on Poloniex back in April/May, then the flash crashes started.... I was a bag holder until just over a week ago.

I fell for the DGB hype earlier this summer....

I got burned in the Nicehash Hack, but it appears I'll get my BTC back.... someday.

But each of those bags/trades/hack were invaluable lessons on the road to Lamboville! 2018 baby!

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me thrice join team Bcash. You've suffered immensley this year, say 3 Satoshis, build a bigger mining farm, start a BTC full node and buy the fucking dip!

When I got my first big payout in SBD I withdrew them immediately to buy two tokens and 7 days later SBD reached 10$. Tokens dropped 10% xD

REKT!!!! Luckily SBD is still hovering around $8. Time to make that $$ back. Say 3 Satoshis and you are forgiven.

My Crypto Confession is I installed BOINC (Berkley Open Infrasturcture for Networked Computing) on all the computers at work and currently I am running it on all of them to mine Gridcoin. I am justifying this because at least I am helping advance scientific endeavors but really its just for the money.

You've been very bad. Say 3 Satoshis, install Coinhive and all is forgiven.

The biggest mistake I made last year was selling 3BT for $3000. I could have sold it for $45,000 if I had waited till November. I still mourn to this very moment.

Ultra-Rekt! Say 3 Satoshis, buy BTC for the rest of 2018 and you are forgiven.

Lol. I will friend.

I was giving a presentation on blockchain urged everyone to buy Ripple and Litecoin based on my analysis. This was way back in November. Didn't buy it myself though when it was dirt cheap

Coincidentally I did the same with Ripple (and NEO).. had a talk and suggested people to buy some Ripple in October. Didnt myself until it hit $1.80 last week... Deep sigh

You found Steemit though. Say 3 Satoshi-lites and all is forgiven.

More like do what I say, and not what I do. I believe we all learn everyday. Failure is not the opposite of success, but part of success.

Got my first 0.26 BTC after spending in a ponzi scheme, January 18, 2017. Everyone said sell but I bought more. I am still far from my target to purchase a laser machine yet very blissful that I hodled.

Soon a laser machine will cost 0.1 btc. Say 2 Satoshis and HODL!

2 Satoshis.. but that laser machine is 250000 USD + installation. For that I got to wait for, like eternity.

Any help highly appreciated..



Bought OkCash coin at peak $100 then after some time loss 60%+ :(

Hard lessons bring wisdom. Say 1 Satoshi, hire a twitter army to pump OkCash. I'm putting my buy order in now.


you'd never guess what I did???

I did a post where i agreed to share the rewards with someone 50/50. When I sent the sbd I sent it to the wrong account. I then had to resend it to the correct accounts so i fully lost out on that post

Ouch. That hurts. I haven’t done that yet, but I’ve split rewards with a lot of people and when the SBD value suddenly flew off the charts I felt myself feeling a mixture of I can’t believe I’m letting this go to I’m happy to actually be helping someone out by giving them something equivalent to $80 rather than $8.

Satoshi gave the world bitcoin & blockchain, you gave 2 people a payday. I will say 1 Satoshi for you.

I've always regretted why I withdrew my SBD and sold them off at $0.7 like 5 months ago

But you just joined in December? Say 3 Satoshis and never sell your SBD! Only trade it for STEEM!

Old account missed the password

I knew I should get into the crypto world and I actually did that in May 2017 by signing up for steemit. But my biggest confession and something I really missed on is bitcoin. I still don't own a single satoshi as everything I've earned on steemit is currently powered up and it was a difficult year for me so I didn't think it was prudent to make any real investments. Of course, buying BTC back then would have allowed me to increase my funds a few times over.

Still, I'm very happy to be riding the steem train, hopefully it's going to climb to heady heights in 2018.

While it is a sin to not have ever owned bitcoin, Satoshi forgives all who ask. Say 3 Satoshis, buy some BTC before it's too late and all is forgiven.

It already is.

Yep, I should have said "even headier heights" :)

If I have to be honest, this is already higher than my expectations and it would be enough for me if steem manages to sustain those levels.

I couldn’t agree more. I definitely didn’t see this bump coming.

I honestly regret not buying into btc in 2009 when I first heard of the cryptocurrency. I wish I had known then what I know now! I am sure there are tons of other people who feel the same.

When I fist heard of it, I thought "oh not again, onother scam" as I was a precise observer and it never run out well.

I didn't think of it as a scam, just really wasn't serious about the idea and didn't buy in when I could have at the best time. I have learned since then, however!

Hind sight is 20/20, foresight is segwit, lightning network, rootstock, and 2nd layer protocol. Say 1 Satoshi believe in BTC.

You're right, hindsight is 20/20. Thanks for the heads up!

It was less than 1 cent per bitcoin when I first heard about it. I was kind of poor at the time. Two things came up... "Sounds cool, but the government will likely shut it down" and "Should I spend $20 on some or buy this week's pizza for my family?" Pizza won. I'd be a many times over millionaire today for the price of that Pizza.


I promised to jump on the next thing I saw that seemed like a good idea. My wife said she would back me and then a few days later I discovered steemit in July 2016. :)

Started crypto without reasonable research and sold my steem on dec31st, 2days later steem value skyrockets.. Patience is a virtue indeed 😞

I must confess because if do not it will keep on eating me silently.that time chinese wanted to bann crypto which most people were selling their bitcoin to the extent that 1 BTC was #980,000.i had 1 btc then and sold it at that rate.As at the month of december when 1 btc reach up to #7,000000.i was not crying out for people to here me but within me i am dead.what a misfortune is this! .However,i believe that this year fortune will going to fall on me considering the fact that i have met some crypto proffessionals like cryptopassion,cryptopus,exyle and so on who bring us current info on crypto every day by day steemit platform

I am a "foodie" first and foremost but, after much soul searching, I left my invested Steem in place some which I was going to use for grocery money. I rationalized by thinking that fasting now and then is so healthy and I need to loose weight anyway. Thank goodness bounty came my way and no actual fasting was necessary plus I still have my investment.

I made a big mistake. I never wrote down my recovery phrases back in 2014. I had .5 BTC, maybe 50 LTC and a truly ungodly quantity of DOGE. My laptop got stolen and that was the last time I thought about crypto til I got on Steemit a few months ago. It's taken a lot of restraint not to smash my head into the wall many, many times these past few months but I'm slowly rebuilding my crypto holdings.

I regret selling my half of my reddcoin when it started to grow as I couldn't believe it will keep going up. I also given up Digibyte, Lbry credits, Vertcoin and navcoin at an early stage when I did not see much grown. The truth of hodling is so real but it is still risky. Regrets can never turn back time!

Anytime you sell a shitcoin for BTC it's a good decision. Say 1 Satoshi and all is forgiven.

I sneak off to the bathroom to check Steemit, return comments, and look at charts whenever I can. Everyone probably think Ms I have IBS or something.

bad lunch :D

IBS garners sympathy and is a plausible excuse to use for checking charts, but it may hurt your chances in the bedroom. You will need to say 3 Satoshis, get your family on Steemit and all is forgiven.

Pigs will fly when my wife confirms her account;)

Show her the price of STEEM and SBD today! 😂 I think we can convert her!

Hello @steemitbc. This is a totally hilarious contest and I've had some really good laughs. When I read some of the posts, I thought to myself, if I was them, I woulda killed myself. Now I'm not sure I should put my confession because it seems quite lacking. Well what the heck. Here it is.

Back when btc was around 3000$, I bought over 1btc. But unfortunately for me, that was also the time when ponzi schemes were reigning in my country. I put it all into Ponzi schemes down to my last 50$ and ..... You guessed right, I lost it all one after the other😒😒😒 I decided to buy some more which I did....about 0.4 btc that is about 4500$ Now. Guess what I did next.

I sold it out😠 then because I didn't know shit about crypto and always associated it with Ponzi schemes. So sad. Now I'm broken and empty wishing I had some common sense back then. Of course my bitcoin wallets are empty staring at me everyday with Googly eyes😒😒😒

Lemme not get started on all the coins I could have bought especially ethereum when it was a babe in nappies. Now it's a giant and all the cash I had then, guess what it did....... It ran away😒😒😒

Having #GooglyEyes staring at you is a sign of good luck!

Lol. Very True. Please stare at me some more. 😊😊😊

My biggest regret is that I sold my BTC at $700 :(

Never forget it, tatoo it on your arm, never sell your BTC. Say 1 Satoshi and all is forgiven.

My confession is that I am still woefully ignorant of virtually all things crypto, even though I fully grasp how big an important cryptocurrencies are and have been. I am just now beginning to research them for investment purposes.

Oh crypto regrets...where to begin?

-Not getting in on the bitcoin IRA back when I thought it couldn't get any higher than $2K. Had I taken the risk...I'd be retired today.

-Not moving NXT coins to a wallet back in 2014 - because the exchange I had them on poof and disappeared. Now would be a few $1000.

-Trying to recover an Omni wallet that had some part of an Omni in it I got many years ago. Sent Maidsafe there I got when it was...very cheap. Imported keys wrong. Can't access account. I refuse to do the math to see how much I'd have.

-Got 2 BTC 'back' when they were $2K on GDAX. It was the peak of BTC. I KNEW it would go down, how could it possibly go up?! It went to like $1800 for a day or something - I panicked and sold and locked in my loss because I couldn't afford to 'lose' $4K. Well, this was obviously before bitcoin cash launched, so Coinbase would have given me equal amounts of bitcoin cash for each BTC - so that $4K/2BTC would be at a very minimum...$28K.

-Biggest though was selling half my ripple over the summer to change into Steem & pay for some of a summer vaycay... I was POSITIVE it couldn't go higher than $.25. That said, I still do have half of them - and got most back in 2013 (2014?) back when Ripple was giving away 500 for free with every $20 worth. Still...I cry looking at the could I have held on so long...just to sell. sigh. I coulda bought a house today.

I'm hoping not selling my lone BTC at $20K - that I picked up for $400 a few years ago- won't be next years regret. It's going back up right? HODL still? To the moon LOL.

Live and learn - we all live and learn...if I could go back in time I would have put way more money into crypto...but then how would I have known what today's charts would look like :-P

Sell any shitcoin you want, never sell your BTC. Say 1 Satoshi and all is forgiven.

I hope it ain't too late to post my own awful experience with crypto. So, here goes: Early on in 2017, I caught the bitcoin rage. Wanted to get more bitcoins at all costs. I signed up on various faucet sites where you can claim satoshis after a specified period of time. I also got tricked into registering my bitcoin id with a 'bitcoin mining' company. I didn't know the implications until I wanted to send $50 to a legit company requiring btc for investment purposes. The fake bitcoin miners HACKED my wallet and replaced the legit address with their own, so I sent the $50 to them instead. When I eventually realized this, I wanted to die. I didn't even want to hear of bitcoin or cryptocurrency again. Christ, it pained me o.

Sold all my SBD at $1.4 and was sure that was a perfect price. In a week SBD broke $13 mark :(

Thank Satoshi you can earn it all back! Say 1 Satoshi, Steemon like a motherfucker and all is forgiven.

I confess that in 2017, I took a huge loan from my colleague, telling him it is for a business idea, but I used it for a ponzi scheme. I lost everything but he still thinks recession affected the business.

I had 20SBD and sold all for $4 each and only for me to check the next two days and it was over $8 and the annoying part is that I didn't really want to even sell it

I am a very late bloomer in crypto. I just found the time and patience to understand it September of this year. That time, the exchange was around $6300 for 1BTC but I was so poor and cannot afford to buy even some fraction of it. Then after 3 months it went up to more than $19,000. and after further reading I learned that it even started at zero value. As a result, when I talked to my friends sometimes about crypto, I think I am having some insane moments going overboard in explaining how crypto will soon change my life.

I joined a platform under my mom back in January when BTC was quite low.. I was travelling NZ with not much internet and didn't really know what was going on with the investment. Up until about September when I got back knowing it was worth 12x but realizing my mom had been compounding for me the whole time.

Thinking id get all my seed money back and then some. Thinking I would be up 40-60k to realize I ended up loosing over 1 BTC.. and missing out on buying Steem cheap etc.. didn't know how to bring it up with my mom.. She eventually paid me back over time, but I still missed out on a lot of investments that I could have made a lot of money.

They say listen to your parents, and maybe that wasnt the mistake but I should have put some time into looking into my investment while traveling around NZ.

Well.. i sold my Steem for 90 cents before...

My biggest regret was when i sold sbd for $6 in early november last year, few day after i had already sold it for that amount, sbd was mooned to $15. I cried and i was so so angry with myself. Even since then till now, i haven't sold any sbd again. @steemitbc

My biggest mistake and regret is selling off my $200 when 1 btc was still about $1500

Since then i coundn't meet up with the same value of btc.

My biggest regret. I was new to steemit, don't know most of the features. I was told I have to build my SP to become influential on the platform, I set all my early posts to 100%power up. Unfortunately form me, that was when the SBD boom started, I was broke, couldn't change the reward pool again. I had to watch the SBD price on coinmarketcap as it rise rise. I cried, only if I had known

I confess. I quit my job. to blog all day. I'm hopelessly addicted to steemit. I wasn't sure what a blog was a few months ago.

My worst regret in crypto biz in 2017 as a newbie was loosing because of my greed. I had an opportunity to sell my 2000 units ZCG for above $1000 but because of greed I refuse to even take some profits, the coin later duped so badly that I dumped 2000 units for less than $100 a month later the coin pumped again above the initial price to $2/unit. My first and worst regret in 2017.

My confession is that I used to beleive crypto is a ponzi scheme, and I lost most of my savings there.
Thank God for steemit.

My biggest regret is saying; No to my friend when he asked to so invest my money on Bitcoins . :'( now I can't even afford that amount .

Hahahahahaha @steemitbc
I've just been going around reading your replies to these people's confessions. Lol. Really really funny! Bro, you're so hilarious!

I don't think I've got a confession worth sharing, but I've got a suggestion for you, though, next time every confession should begin with:

Bless me, Satoshi, for I have sinned.

Hahahaha, what dyou think?

We have run the suggestion up the blockchain to Szabo Nick, Satoshi Nakamoto, to ask him his opinion. Will let you know.

  • edit response came in,"buy btc and mayonnaise!" very cryptic....


Thank you so much @steemitbc. Can't believe i won.

Everything?...ok I’ll talk. In third grade I cheated on my history exam. In fourth grade I stole my Uncle Max’s toupee and I glued it to my face when I played Moses in the Hebrew school play. In fifth grade I pushed my sister Edith down the stairs and I blamed it on the dog. And then my mom sent me to…to a summer camp for fat kids, and by the third lunch I went nuts and pigged out, and they kicked me out. But the worst thing I ever done, I mixed up all this fake puke at home. And then I went to the movie theater, hid the puke in my jacket, climbed up to the balcony, and then made a sound like this ---- And then I dumped it over the side. Oh and then all the people in the audience…this was horrible. All the people started getting sick, and they were throwing up all over each other. I never felt so bad in my entire life.

Goonies! Are you in Tokyo?

Ok, so how about your Crypto confession from 2017?

Yes, I am in Tokyo!
You want my confession? You want it? Fine!

I was so disgusted by the scams that Bittrex was obviously pulling, that I, in a completely rash move: TRADED ALL MY MONEY BACK TO BTC - THEN I - I - WELL.... I INVESTED IN BITPETITE!

I figured that if I was going to get scammed, I might as well get some try and get some big returns in the process.
I lost everything.

That indeed hurts. Say 3 Satoshis and avoid all ICOs and Bitconneeeeeeeeccccctttttt! and all is forgiven.

Let's meet up. I'm driving back to Tokyo tomorrow from Akita!

Heck Yes! Is it snowing in Akita? Be careful driving!
Just add me on line app if you want to hang! Just message me on discord ADSactly group, steemspeak, steem nation or minnowbooster and ill give you my line ID ... see you!

I love the discussion of it you can see more information,I like to collect crypto , I want to know about its ups and downs.

Nice contest..

I bought 4 bitcoins back in 2013 for less than 100$, I have no idea where the fuck are they!!

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