10 SBD Giveway Contest : Celebrating 1000 Follower

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Dear Steemians......Sunday always been a Funday for most of the people, today it is very special for me as it bring 2 surprises for me, On one hand,while one of my post featured of daily whistle list of @thesteemengine, on the other hand, While reading one of the post, I peep into my follower and surprised to note that I too crossed the 1000 follower in my account.... Yes that's true 1000 follower , even I did not believe it once and it made my sunday happy


So, first of all I like to convey my Thanks to all the beautiful Steemians followers who keep supported and encouraged me to survive and sustain on Steemit, some of them I know very well personally or through regular interaction on Discord.

It has been a fascinating journey so far, started 6 month ago, when @face2face introduced me to the platform, and later I came across so many beautiful people @firepower, @geetharao , @sanmi , @inuke, @bobinson, @zen-art, @ethandsmith @c0ff33a are few of the names who always encourages and showed the correct path to succeed. Special thanks to @good-karma and @esteemapp team for creating esteem mobile app that keep me active 24*7 on Steemit.

On achieving 1000 follower , I wanted to celebrate, through a giveaway contest worth 10 SBD.

1000 follower.jpg

As we have on Steemit, all the beautiful Steemians, who inspires us to do well, similarly, we all do have many good learning learnt from our Parents . Lets give some respect to our parents, my contest is on the learning learned from the parents.

"Write a post on the best Learning or the Life Lesson you have learned from your Parents, and how and when you have implemented it on your life."

And yes, do not forget to make the post beautiful by adding a picture of your parents " ....
well a selfie will do wonder...... :)... though not necessary

Isn't it is very simple contest??? Well yes, It is one of the simplest, showing love and respect to your parents.

Contest rules

Well every contest have certain rules, so does mine contest as well.

  • One user one post
  • choose any hashtag of your choice, no restriction on it
  • You must be my Follower to take part in the contest.
  • Resteem the post to reach maximum audience (it is must), an upvote will show me your love, but it is not mandatory.
  • Be Original, that's what Steemit encourages most. Make the original post, no copy paste content.
  • Do give some place of this contest post into your own post (mention the post link)
  • Share the link of your post in the comment section of this contest post.
  • In case of similar content, the best write up will be chosen
  • Winners will thoroughly be decided upon my choice. the better you draft the better are the chances of win.
  • In case there are many contribution, I would choose a judge to decide on the content. The name would be revealed later.

Rewards and Results.

Finally the most important part, the rewards...that what make the contest more meaningful :)

  • First Prize 4 SBD
  • Second Prize 3 SBD
  • Third & Fourth Prize 1.5 SBD Each
  • Each of the entry to the contest will receive my additional net upvote @ 25 %
  • Winners to the contest will be declared on 23-Apr-2018, after the contest post payout.
  • Donation and support are most welcome, in case there is certain contribution received the Contest prize money will increased further, and shared pro-rata to all the winners.

A great opportunity to Show some respect to your PARENTS, and share the Knowledge and Learning with the steemian family.

So what are you waiting for...just draft the post and share the link.....I am waiting to learn more life lessons and to implement into my life.

Thank you once again to all my follower....Love you all....and its time to show love to your parents. Keep showing me love and care....

Have you shown some love to Witness?? Make sure to vote @firepower for all efforts putting in for Indian Community. Also, worth voting for are @enginewitty , @sircork @surpassinggoogle who keep helping minnows and do many things for community development.

##Keep Steeming...Steem on




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Congratulations! You deserve it.

Congratulation bro

Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers!!
And... Yes I've learned a lot from my parents. But I've already written posts about my Dad too. So I'm naturally barred from participating in this contest, I think... ;)
Wishing all the best for all participants.....

Thanks @geetharao aunty ji....no one is barred and we have many things learned from our parents..that we have adopted in our life as well.....so all lessons are most welcome....hope my contest is not tough...😒

Congratulations on your milestone!

आपको सहस्त्र अनुयायियों की उपलब्धि पर मेरी बहुत-बहुत बधाई; एवं बेहतर और उज्जवल भविष्य हेतु मेरी हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!

Teh dil se shukriya...aaj dil garden garden ho gya.... Ashutosh bhai ki badhai sar aankho par

Congratulations and it is a great opportunity

congratulate & thanks

I'll pass on your contest, but if 1,000 followers is a big achievement in your eyes, then congratulations are in order, so congratulations @steemflow.

@sultnpapper it is not a big achievment...but yes it is a milestone which everyone on steemit want to see.....I have still many miles to go on Steemit.....with all support and blessings includiglng yours..👍....

It might be just a difference in adjectives, achievement and milestone are similar to me, as they would be based on some type of goal, like the 1,000 followers. Personally I really don't care as to the number of followers, it boils down to interaction with people, and the reality is that number is a lot less than the aggregate number of followers, unless by some fluke that has yet to be seen that I know of.
Regardless though, congratulations.

Agree @sultnpapper at the end the interaction is the main thing that counts.....i try my best keep myself involve with everyone ....hopefully i too pass in the endeavour

Congratulations on reaching 1000 followers. That's quite a big milestone hey!!! This is a great contest too, will try to think of something to participate, @steemflow :)

Looking forward to see your post @happycrazycon do make a entry...👍

Congrats on 1k followers, this is a great contest and initiative. I will totally support you in this ... looking forward to helping. Happy Sunday!

Thanks @eaglespirit hope the contest is quite simple as it helps to learn many lofe lesson from our respected parents....

yes, it's a good one! :)

congratulation for you @steemflow, always succes

You know what regardless of what other people think it does not matter, well done to YOU on getting 1000 followers, its a fantasic achievement to me that says that a lot of people love your content and rightly so thank you for sharing your success with us.

Congratulation & thanks for sharing your happy mode. I hope we will motivate by you!

Congratulations darling!!! What a great way to celebrate, I will definitely take part in this 💚

And here is my post:

Congratulations once again and thank you for inspiring me to write this 💚

this is just a kick start dear @steemflow लोग जुड़ते गए कारवां बनता गया
keep rocking in @steemit always

Congratulations on 1000 followers, this is a really great incentive to give something back to the Steemit community - well done.


congrats Steemflow.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to your 1000 followers! That is truly an awesome achievement!

At the same time, I think I might have some things to write about from my parents' wisdom, too much maybe, but I'll just need to keep a quiet mind and tab into my memories. haha.

I'll upvote and resteem your post first so that I can come back and take a look at it later.

Thanks @littlenewthings i am looking forward to read your entry post to the contest....👍


Congratulations! Good luck for your journey in steemit!
The contest has a beautiful concept. Would definitely write something to participate.

Do participate @shilpavarma there are many things...for sure you get something

Yes! Three steps to participate in the contest done i.e. resteemed, upvoted and am already your follower! 😊


Hey @steemflow, I have just remembered about your contest and I thought maybe I can make an entry:


Congratulations again!

Congo sir😌

Thanks @steemflow to take such initiative which reminds us to love more our parents.
I don't know if I am really late.

But I still give a try.Here is my entry...


Hope you like it.

Dear @sherbanu the entry too nice, and I have upvoted it with 100% my upvote. The contest has been closed last night,after 7 days.
Would appreciate, if you take part in my NEW CONTEST.

Thank you for your valuable feedback! I will try my level best for the next contest. Thanks again.

Thank a lot @steemflow!
To organize such a good competition. I love my parents very much .. Miss too much..Here’s the link to my entry to the beautiful contest!.

We hope you will like...

Dear @sampaakter the entry too nice, and I have upvoted it with 100%. The contest has been closed last night,after 7 days.
Would appreciate, if you take part in my NEW CONTEST.