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4 days left to enter to win. There are two different giveaways. I will be giving away a 1oz. Silver coin or bar (The winner gets to choose) at random to the participants.

1oz.- To enter for your chance to win simply upvote and resteem the following post:

Winner will be chosen at random using a simple math formula to cycle through voters.

If enough attention is gained I will give away more than 1oz. to help share the love and appreciation.

1oz.- I will also give another 1oz at random to the people who actually join the @steemdiffuser frontrunners.

Join Steemdiffuser Frontrunners here!

Good luck to everyone! Steem on my friends!


thanks for this opportunity

You are very welcome. Good luck

thank you friend!

Very nice good luck to everyone :) including me ha

Thank you :).

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