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Introducing the @steemdiffuser frontrunners!

What Is A Steemdiffuser Frontrunner?

A frontrunner is similar to a voting trail, except you are voting before the person or bot that you are following. When you become a @steemdiffuser frontrunner you will upvote the posts that users send bids in for.

Example: A user sends in a bid to @steemdiffuser for an upvote by the bot. This bid is identified and the steemdiffuser frontrunners will give an upvote to that post generally before the bot does (@steemdiffuser votes every 2.4 hours). This gives the advantage of voting before any potential trailing votes that may come in after the bot votes.

Why Vote BEFORE The Bot?

One aspect of how much curation you earn from upvoting is how far up on the list you are compared to other voters. Bidding before other voters actually gives you a little better curation than the next guy (assuming all other things, like Steem Power, are equal).

Get Automated Best Voting Practices When You Join The Frontrunners

Being a frontrunner, or a trail voter, on a newer voting bot gives you a huge potential for curation as compared to voting with the larger bots or accounts. You can take a look at any of the larger accounts and soon realize that you are competing for small amounts of curation among sometimes hundreds of other voters (including multiple whales 🐋)

Take a look on and see the mass of large accounts fighting for curation on a single post. For example:


The steemdiffuser frontrunners will cast votes under certain specific criteria to maximize your curation returns.

These criteria include:

  • Upvoting posts that have a higher than average bid for @steemdiffuser upvotes.
  • Waiting to upvote between 17-30mins after the post was created to ensure you receive a portion of curation.
  • Upvoting posts from users with as least a reputation of 25. (This ensures you don't upvote spam accounts)
  • You will only upvote if you have greater than 80% voting power. (This ensures a stronger vote/more curation as well as time to replenish you voting power)
  • Upvoting posts that are less than 5 days old. (This ensures that you are voting within the curation window)
  • You will not upvote content labeled with tags "nsfw" or "test". (This will help minimize wasted votes or voting on content that may not be suitable for all users)

Minimum Requirements To Join

Currently the only minimum requirement is that you have greater than 100 Steem Power. I may make exceptions if you are close to this value. This will help to minimize potential for vote flooding.

This minimum Steem Power requirement is subject to change in the future.

If interested in automating your votes, maximizing use of your Steem Power, and showing love to your fellow steemians... Then sign up here:
Join Steemdiffuser Frontrunners

Steem on my friend!


This post has received a 47.62 % upvote from @steemdiffuser thanks to: @steemdiffuser. Steem on my friend!

This post has received a 1.99 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @steemdiffuser.

By no means do you ever eat the mind honey. Remember this.

Very good support, thanks for your work, regards @steemdiffuser

You're welcome.

how many members does steemdiffuser frontrunners currently have?

So far there are currently 7 I believe. Thanks

Only 2 of those are included in the giveaway.

ok cool i just signed up, it was my first time giving out my posting key so was a bit unsure but i think i got it, i will have to let my power build up now im only on like 40% right now, cheers :)

Awesome. Yeah you will be back above 80% in a couple days. I will check the form and add you tonight. Cheers

Very interesting. I will support this post :)

Very kind of you. Thank you

Interesting concept! Curation can be frustrating! If you hop on at the end of a popular post it isnt worth it.

I track my curation at steemnow and I can see that I am not doing a very good job.

Maybe someday I can join you!

Yeah, there are a lot of variables. I noticed your Voting Power is low. I would recommend keeping it above 80% or so. I have noticed with lower SP accounts that when you give partial votes (<100% vote) or have low voting power you may get next to nothing for curation. This is just my humble opinion. I would say apply for the Frontrunners and depending on the amount of interest within the next few days you should have a chance to be added. Remember that votes won't be cast unless you have >80% voting power. Good Luck!

So everything is simple)) In your interests, raise my account to 100 SP)) I'm already your client)) A few dozen votes and 100 joints in your pocket)) Do not miss this advantageous offer, because if I go up on my own, it's not a fact , that I will not look for other options))

I’m sorry, I do not understand what you are asking for. Can you please explain?

@steemdiffuser very unique approach dear ! but just 1 thing I wanna ask,

  1. If anyboday has 100 SP, he will just delegate his SP for a certain gain , why give it to you?
  2. You forget about us, the minnows. I am hard working on steemit for nearly 1 month and gained around 2.2 SP. So, it will take minimum 1 year to make 100 sp for me... then, i guess no small accounts are eligible to take part in your initiative.
  3. Also you did not write anything about if you are giving votes to minnows if they had done cool works that should be appreciated! so, from all the angels i think this post is only profitable for those who are already earned a lot!

Hey Mango, thanks for writing. I’m not sure what you are exactly asking about but I do not discriminate against smaller accounts... or any accounts for that matter. I’m always willing to help if you need anything. Thanks

how can this initiative help minnows that have SP less than 100, as you mentioned above??? that is my question mate!

Use of the bot is one of the easiest ways to help smaller accounts if your content isn’t getting much attention. Bids above 0.05 SBD should get votes from our trail members as well as the bot. You can also submit to be a part of the Frontrunners to automate your voting in support of the bot. Being a Frontrunner tends to give you larger curation rewards. But smaller accounts don’t get much curation in general. If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear about it! Thanks

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