Steem Artists Contest - "Abstract + Pyramids"

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What's up guys. Today we're going to start our first ever Steem Artists challenge!

Today's theme:

Abstract + Pyramids

  • You can use any medium to participate
  • You do not have to be part of Steem Artists but join us if you wish (click the banner below)
  • Artworks must be abstract and include pyramid-like shapes or references
  • Leave your artwork in the comments
  • Create your own blog post and tag 'SteemArtists'
  • Have fun!!

    You have 5 days to enter. See the countdown clock HERE

    Here's my example:

Pyramid Realms.jpg
by @spaceginger

1st place - 3SBD + resteem
2nd place - 2SBD + resteem
3rd place - 1SBD + resteem

Each entry will receive an upvote from either @steemartists or @spaceginger

We would be grateful if you could resteem this post, the more the merrier 😊

Click the banner below to become a part of the Steem Artists group. Promoting, upvoting and resteeming each other to reach Steemit success!


Questo e' un pezzo un po' vecchio..beh e' un po' vecchio dalle mie parti...


Thanks for your submission @ran.koree! Absolutely love it! Great job! I couldn't find this image in a blog, so I've upvoted a few of your other blog posts :)

Oh thanks :) ...

.what an excellent contest!
.love the structures in the example @spaceginger

.heres my entry: "malachite fractal"

.this is a photo of the top of a coffee table I painted with spray paint and paint marker


.thanks for viewing

I want that coffee table!

.i can definitely make you one of your very own 🐍

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Always happy to see new art contests popping up around here! Supported :)
Hope I find the time to produce an entry too!

Thanks @zeroooc for sure! I thought this would be easy and fun for everyone. I hope you get an entry in too and thanks for the accidental reminder as I didn't have a countdown clock on there :)

moment yang baik

Here's my entry "Secrets of the Zebramid" - acrylic paint on 12 inch triangle canvas :) Here's a link to the post, thanks for hosting this!

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