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Hi Steemians,
As we all know Christmas is just a few days away. Why not have some holiday fun.🎁
I'd like to welcome everyone to participate in the firsts Christmas tree contest.


  1. Up vote this post

  2. Re-esteem this post

  • Have a picture of you taken with a piece of paper with your username on it in the photo in front of your
    tree. (Example above).

4.Have fun!

5.Submit a picture of you in front of Christmas tree on this post in comment section :)

Deadline for participation is Dec 25.
Post submissions with the most votes will automatically be moved up for the judges to vote on. If you'd like to be part of the judge panel drop me a line below, currently have 3 spots open :) Time to have some fun!!

Let all you do be done in love, ❣️
- @splendorhub


Our grown children are having Christmas in their homes with their children, we are dropping by as grandparents. Our tree this year is not really much for "splendor" but it will be easy to take down! :)


@longsilver Thank you for your participation :) Is all about having some holiday fun :) Best wishes.

Thank You for posting. It is a long dark cold winter where I live a little christmas tree some colored lights and friends and fun on steemit make all more tolerable.

@longsilver Oh boy, I'm in sunny California... I don't envy you :) Best wishes

I will join :) your holiday special contest for fun.. This will be great

Hi @splendorhub , I'd love to be a part of judges panel.

@acrypto You are currently in the seat of judge #2 :) This should be fun!

Yay! Thank you :)

Feel free to spread the word :)

One day before christmas ..! I'm with my daughter .. Kriszia Lou She is now 3 years old and I'm hoping to win this contest to give her a gift ☺️

@jaycee7viral Nice entry. Your daughter is such a cutie :) Good luck to you :D

Thank you so much @splendorhub for this prize.. This Sbd is really helpful because it will be used to build our own little house someday but for now I will saved first because we lack of funds . We are actually poor here in the philippines.. We stay and lived in the house of my parents in which we dont have privacy for my own family.. We should separate from them but the sad thing is we lack of money to spend in building a house and my salary in our company is very low.. So thanks for this even a little sbd will help .. I should save it.. If someone will donate .. I would be very thankful to them and my kids will be happy also .. Thank you so much..

  • Nice Picture of you and the tree,


This looks like fun!

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