One year on steem... celebration!

in contest •  16 days ago

So officially here for a year!


Here is a song to celebrate:

1 year on steemit.png

Still have a contest open to win some #steembasicincome @steembasicincome for those that are interested to celebrate!

Feel free to stop by!

Wishing everyone here on this platform a healthy and happy time! Celebrate!

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Happy one year on steemit @snowyknight
and many more!
Congratulations my friend!



Wow @shasta that is really nice!

I appreciate the high tech celebration message and it has been awesome to see your art develop with time here.

Great moose photos too.

Thanks for stopping by and hope your #fridaysrock!

Happy cake day! Wishing you the best and here's to another year 🎂🐱

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Thanks @crypticat! You are one cool cat! and I really appreciate that!

Cheers for stopping by!

woohooo Happy Birthday congrats🐉💖 :D &&&&& you added a fab song for it tooo
<makes massive silly dance of happyness ;)
<was here & upv with 100% a value of $ 0.16 as promised
ScreenHunter 22.png


Thank you, thank you thank you!

Songs are indeed the best way to celebrate and glad you stopped by!

Here is another one... chill but advanced and awesome.



your most welcome

-is lending a paw to you, in the changing
♪♫•.•°°•.¸¸. ♡ ℒℴve ♡ .•°° ♪♫•¨•.¸


Awesome and great track too ;)

keep rocking and have an awesome weekend. Looking forward to seeing more of you around here!


Happy anniversary! :)


Thank you @valth! Great to see you and hope all is well! Have a nice week!


Thanks, have a nice weekend you too ;)