One year on Steemit! Steembasicincome poetry giveaway! v. 2019

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Dear community, thanks for sticking by for the past year. Time flies. Yes it does.

Lots of music and lots of fun. Lots of cool stuff here. Amazing photos, amazing music, cool contests.

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 9.57.15 am.png
Original #art by @snowyknight

Lots of cool people and bots - here is looking at you @haikubot ;)

To say thanks I offer my followers this... some sweet sweet #steembasicincome @steembasicincome

But not totally free, hahaha.

Rules are this:

  • upvote the post
  • follow me
  • make an original poem, rhyme, haiku or some original art in the comment section below. That is, post is as a reply below.

Top 15 posts (based on my random taste) get a share of #steembasicincome. If less than 15 participate, I will divide it up - :)

Easy right? Keep steemit alive and thanks again for your support and keep steeming!

Here are a couple of shots too - I took them all, some are from dronesyak.png!

d3 go.png

drone shot bw.png



Happy Birthday to you too!

#sbi #steembasicincome #poem #poetry #awesome #music #drone #dronephotography #patagonia #photocircle

Seriously thanks for being so cool here community. Danke, Gracias, Obrigado, Merci. Thanks for the great year! Lets see where this goes! #ai

A final beautiful song to say thanks, hope you enjoy:

#jazz #music

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 3.01.49 pm.png

Keep yaking (and thanks to @shasta for this cool meme!!!!!)

more to come soon!!!!

Thank you friends, thank you followers, thanks bots, and pots, and lots, and trees, and knots, and more to come, again, when the sun comes around for another day on the big blue planet.

EDIT: added this tune to address how time flies... thanks miles:

PSS. I am going to upvote all new users below 30 using the #introduceyourself tag to keep the dream alive... time to give back!


Happy one year birthday on steemit,
All those yak photos I'm really digging it!
Fingers crossed for steem to moon,
I hope it happens very soon

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Thanks @vcclothing for stopping by, many moons pass as time goes by. I really like your NZ shots, of winter days, snow-covered play, and hope to see more in the coming days!

Happy cake day on Steemit Snowyknight.
I looked at your profile, it's alright.
Another year has passed and here's to you, keep up your blogging and curating too!

Happy happy @crypticat! Your profile name is where its at.
I hope to stop by your blog again, but not before another years in!

From the land of frozen seas, to the mountains with no trees,
You take us here and take us there,
all from the comfort of our chairs.
A to Z I can't be sure, but lands of plenty, we traveled with thee.

An ancient seal on frozen shore,
to donkey riding young man and mountain galore.

You took us here, you took us there, though your lens with no fear.
Frozen cold oh so cold land,
to mountains high and wide spread lands.

Boulders soaked in waters edge, and feathered friends as they take flight,
Mountains close and far away, even moose, well close to say, a yak here, a yak there it all feel like it is right.

Happy Steem B-Day

Thanks a million for your kind words in poem @bashadow!

I appreciate you stopping by and your keen memory for things in the blogosphere of times gone by!

I hope that steemit continues to grow, more users, more photos, more poems, who knows?!

Have a great day!

Congrats on the year well done. Time again for more future fun.

Thank you much for stopping by, I hope again to see the condor fly!

Today I received an upvote from @snowyknight,
He sent me a link of a tune that was tight,
Right now I’m writing this at midnight,
I gave him a follow and there’s an upvote in sight.

Well done on your year ..

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Album covers late at night. Tunes that play, wrong our right. Photos blown out with too much light. Dare we play the songs, or simply... sit with tunes and all is right:

Thanks for stopping by and glad your poems are mad tight.

Congratulations @snowyknight! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 1 year!

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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness and get one more award and increased upvotes!

Awesome! Thank you!!!!

I appreciate the new award!

A duck swiming in water,
a raindrop not see,
not a place for a otter,
the duck is free!
Photo of a Mallard duck taken by me in Norway.

Awesome photo of the duck, whoa is me to have such luck.

And a poem about an otter, what a surprise for me.

Hope to see you again soon, because this bring me glee!


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