My Logo Contest Is Complete - Here Are The 3 Winners I Chose!

in contest •  9 months ago

What A Wonderful Contest Result!

Honestly, I did not think that I was going to get this much participation! I am very bad with art and I had no idea what to do for a logo and that is why I tapped into the Steemit community to get some help and I am sure glad that I did! I love to see the different ideas and creativity that people have. It's quite amazing how people take a name and then make a visual interpretation of it.

I Want To Thank Everyone That Participated

You guys have been a tremendous help and I am glad to pay out some rewards for the efforts. I was a little worried yesterday when there was only 2 entries with 24 hours to go, but you guys really pulled through.

As stated in the original post I am taking 50% of my own SBD rewards and splitting it up 50/30/20. My SBD rewards were 10.60 SBD, that can be verified in my wallet tab.

And The Winners Are.....

1st Place Goes To - @DJemzdroid - Reward Of 2.65 SBD For His Effort!

I really like what you did here. I like the fox and I really like the steemit logo being incorporated. Thank you again for your effort!

2nd Place Goes To - @Dylen - Reward of 1.59 SBD For His Effort!

3rd Place Goes To - @gnarlyanimations - Reward Of 1.06 SBD For His Effort!

I really enjoyed the animation here! His full animated video can be viewed here.!/v/gnarlyanimations/crj1nos0

Proof Of Payment Sent!

An Honorable Mention To All Contestents

I want to personally thank everyone for their effort in helping me find a logo. A big thanks to all contestants...

And Now I Have A Signature! Thank you for reading! I'm smirkin' just like this fox!

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"I am very bad with art and I had no idea what to do for a logo "
If you had any idea about logo then you would choose another for the 1st position , Ok, listen:
  1. The logo which you have choose as 1st postion has used a free vector of that fox. Here's the link:
    Check yourself.
  2. That logo has used steemit logo in fox head. Again another copyright issue. Nothing is original.
  3. That Text position is too bad.
  4. Why to include Follow in logo? I think he/she (that designer)don't have any idea about logo.

I don't want my logo to win but i want you to choose someone who deserves this position.



Thanks for your thoughts @yatri. I cannot undo the sending of the rewards. I didn't even think about the copyright issue on the head. Maybe I will have to not use it do to the steemit logo. I guess I will be using a different image. But I will admit that I like the picture.


It says free for personal use so as long as your not selling things with the logo on it you should be fine

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I might win in another contest..

@skyefox Great work. The progress looks great. Happy to learn something special.

I miss this, no problem I learn some tips how to create logo, thanks for your contest.

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I love the the final selection you made @skyefox 😍 has some nice warm colors, and looks friendly, positive.

I aso like the third one, that looks like neon glow.


I agree, everyone did a great job!

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