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RE: Contest - Steemit Recruitment - 25 SBD - Bonus 5SBD to a random resteemer.(Updated)

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I already recruited a lot but they left cuz they can't agree with how some people have so many SP and newbie would spend hours and end up with $0.001 reward


hey @skreza,
sorry to hear this and have checked out your profile and the posts you have are good but you post very little not even one a day and haven't been a member too long only here a month.
to get more than $0.001 all you would need to do is vote content you think will be high paying and you will receive curation rewards this takes very little time.
you cant expect to get paid much when thousands of others post so frequently and have been members much longer.
If you put in the work and time eventually will pay off,
two of the best ways to help promote your work is to be active on steemit chat and the various discords.
If you need any help feel free to contact me on discord

are you suggesting Quantity over Quality

no i suggested if you want more earnings to curate and be active by posting regularly if you dont post you cant earn,
also to be active in various chat channels to meet other users and promote your posts, of course all posts should be of good quality.

it's true I post less.. but whenever I post I hardly get few views

this is why you need to promote,
otherwise how would anyone see

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