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Hey everyone, hope you didn't miss a chance to enter my giveaway that I posted 3 days ago.

After eliminating all the people that didn't do all the necessary steps to enter the giveaway and making a list of people who actually did, then generating a random number from 1-1000 I got the winner!

The winner is @mihailo489!


A huge thank you to all of you who participated in the giveaway, will do more of these, better luck next time!


What was the number?

My pleasure man 😄

Congratulations @mihailo489! That's awesome! :)

@selfhelp hi! I didn't miss the chance to join... and I didn't win.
I just want to suggest that, you should've included here in your post how you chose that number. That's all.

Congratulations to the winner!

How do I enter these contests and where can I enter? Follow me @terminallyill please.

Also, any posts where I can enter my latest article in a contest?


Just follow my account I will do more of them in the future

Will do, thank you!

Hey, I want to thank you for the opportunity again and share a contest with you that I am holding. Please, join in on this if you are willing. Thank you!


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