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RE: The bunny is broken and the contest is over :(

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I am too tired Gentleman to celebrate our Indepence day that is today. Lol

Enjoying this authentic moment with my parent, nothing could be better then this instance.


Thanks a lot !!


I've updated the post to clarify and acknowledge your Independence day.

Thanks Gentleman! But how did you know that I am an Indian??
Moreover thanks again!!

Hey! I will suggest you to ask @neoxian and @acidyo.

I know @neoxian, I just taken part in his contest three weeks ago. If he help, then I am sure he must be knowing some way. He is running a bank here.
He must have some idea.

I wasn't aware that it was an Independence day in India. I regret the topic I posted and since it was a bit discouraging I was just feeling physically run down like I'm getting sick.

No problem!! Gentleman!!
Don't worry Gentleman. I think I also should make some change regarding this. Yes, That's a celebration moment so enjoy it!!
Are you from india?

I'm from the US. But have worked with many people from India so I wouldn't knowingly be discouraging toward a day of celebration in India.

There is nothing to be discouraged. In sooth today I am feeling proud on myself that I am participating in your contest.

We all are friend and family and earth is our mother. Countries are just the laps and nothing more.

Celebration is just happiness.

Thanks a lot !!

bro follow me ill follow you back adn upvote all your posts

Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY to you. Have a great day and celebrate well.

I'm glad this turned around I'm actually feeling a bit better due to this conversation and not as tired feeling.

happy independence day and bro follow me ill follow you back and upvote all your posts everytime