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Can you guess what is this ? Give an appropriate caption in 10 words, justify your caption in a short paragraph , and stand in a chance to win 4 SBD. Runner up will get 3 SBD, and three mentions will get 1 SBD each.


  • Upvote this post and leave your caption along with justification as comment in this post.
  • Caption should be within 10 words. And there is no restriction to the length of your justification. You can make a post justifying the caption and leave your caption along with post link.
  • Captions without proper justification will not be accepted.
  • Usage of vulgar or obscene words will be considered as disqualification and even may be flagged.
  • Only entries posted as comments here will be considered. You can use this image, as this is my own image.
  • You should give only one entry. Giving more than one entry will disqualify your participation.
  • Resteem this post so that we have more participants to make this more interesting and increase the reward.
  • Deadline of submission is till Sunday.

Contributions 💰 are most welcome to increase the awards.

Questions ? Suggestions ? You are most welcome!!!

Caption 18.jpg

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Unexpected Problems/Dangers Are A Part Of Life

The two roosters represent the trivial matters in our life. We are so involved in fighting among ourselves and focusing on the small unnecessary issues in our life that we forget to foresee the danger or problem that lies ahead until it's too late. The tiger represents those dangers of our life. It's patiently waiting and will strike when it's least expected. The roosters on the other hand, have no idea what lies ahead and they are busy fighting among themselves just like human beings. Life always throws surprises and unexpected problems at us.

Live to Fight for Another Day

The photo depicts a tiger resting below a table while two cocks fight to the death above him.

The cocks are above the table, fighting to theirs death, ready to pounce and take a lethal blow. They think that their fight is susbtantial, that only one could win while each of them think that it could be him. 8"You are going to die. Your blood shall rest on my talons", thinks each cock. Unbeknownst to them, a tiger is just below them taking a rest.

Sure enough, the tiger could have ended the fight, stood up and take one giant leap towards any or both of them to make it easier. He would have killed in an instant. But the tiger told himself, "This is not my battle to fight, I shall rest to fight for another day".

I believe that this photo depicts humanity. We believe that our wars are always justified, that we are more entitled to our own opinions. In truth, there are greater battles to be won, greater than our own minds are capable of understanding. We need to be selective of our battles and live to fight for another day.

Surreal and Simplistic

To be surreal, a situation must challenge what is perceived as normal - by blending a series of individually normal occurrences or entities in a catalyst of bizarre, mindbending beauty.

To be simplistic is not to be timid or lessened, but rather to be efficient in telling an often intangible story. The mind is drawn to what is obvious at first, but ultimately, little details on the periphery of vision distract and excite the mind's curiosity. When there are only very few elements to a mystery - each mind creates a different story as to how they are connected.

Don't Be Too Quick To Judge People

We often judge people based on their class, country, religion, color etc. This is because we have made a stereotype in our mind and whenever we see someone we tend to form an opinion about them without even knowing or talking to them.

In the image we can see a tiger sitting relaxed irrespective of the fact that two animals are near it to prey upon. The normal thought would be that the tiger would kill them but it's not doing so. The cocks on the other hand look prepared to fight. They are so small that looking at them we never consider them to harm anyone. But here it's clearly visible that they are ready to attack.

So, this picture shows us not to judge too quickly. We might have stereotyped someone but they can turn out to be different and might end up proving you wrong. So, don't judge someone unless you come to know them.

Survival of the fittest
After the normal cool fight and challenges you may have to face, you'll be faced with an even bigger challenge when your small fight is over.

So, if you lose, then goodbye. But if you win, there's an even bigger challenge waiting for you.

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Thank you @sanmi for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free SBD.

Obiviously the two chickens on the table are about to fight and any of them that falls out of the table would be eaten by the tiger under the table..

"Jesus, Did Copperfield Get Wasted Again Last Night?"

Just looks like a bunch of props/animals a magician might use all messed up. So the animals don't know what's going on and they are asking if the magician, David Copperfield, got wasted last night and made this mess.

The beauty in random

The image posesses post-modern aesthetic features. It's like a collage of clip arts created for the sole purpose of discovering and developing design scapes and concepts. Exploring aesthetic potentialities.

"In war, it doesn't matter who's right. Only who's left"

Justification: I chose this caption because as I see it, the background represents drought and famine which often is the aftermath of a great battle or war, the two cocks fighting represents the two warring factions. And the tiger symbolizes the ones often left in wars, the weapons manufacturer or the superpowers backing the two warring factions making them look like two roosters in a cockfight.

Here's the link to my justification: https://steemit.com/contest/@jamesanity06/caption-contest-18-in-war-it-doesn-t-matter-who-s-right-only-who-s-left

Thanks for hosting such a great competition, kind of worked out my neurons a little.

Expect the Unexpected

After winning a fight or a battle doesn't mean eveything is already fine. Sometimes bigger challenge come after another. Always be ready and expect the unexpected.

Caption: Fake Tiger Wood

Rationale - picture shows a tiger under the wood, and it reminds me of Tiger Wood. Two hens are sitting on the top of him, reminding me of his ex-wife and mistress battling for him and yet, at the end both gave up on him. In the end, Tiger Wood was the loser in that scandal and beneath the females when he lost money, love and reputation at the same time.


Wow! Interesting metaphorical interpretation!


Thank you.

caption contest 18.jpg


Two Roosters will fight about anything. I have them saying 'Back off Bro!' and 'I was here first'; both of these represent, to me, very asinine reasons for starting a fight. But Roosters don't need reasons. The tiger, on the other hand, would probably like to eat both Roosters. But if he jumps up at them now, they will flap, jump away, and generally create a scandal. But if the Tiger is patient, the Roosters will so tire each other out that he will probably be able to eat both of them with no problem.

Thanks @sanmi for keeping this great Caption Contest going, feels good to be back!

Wow..this is a nice and beauti ful photography,,

When the weak overpowers the strong

Justification :

To me, this picture shows how the chicken are up on tiger and literally giving him a deadly stare. Although the tiger seems to be not caring at all, on the other hand chicken looks like they are feeling proud.
The case is similar in real life. The weak might feel proud that he is ruling the strong but strong would hardly ever care about the falsity.

Okk, which of the Sunday? Date please


4th Feb 2018

Win the fight. Upvoted and resteemed


The picture depicts two cocks charging at each other, and ready for a contest on who would be the prey for patient waiting tiger.
This reminds me of when people have a common foe and rather than come together as a team they fight and back stab themselves. This is definitely a sad situation we should not find ourselves in.

Uncertain future!

Two Roosters fighting to the death, not knowing that under them is a hungry tiger to kill them at 2 in a few minutes.

A hungry tiger without knowing if he will starve, knowing that he is in a ruined place, without realizing that on top of him is his favorite food.

In the distance an empire that can not imagine what happens a few meters.

All with something in common, they have an uncertain future! For some the future is good, for others it is bad. Some are prepared and others expect them to catch them by surprise.

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The Virtue of Patience

Thanks to @ecoinstant, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

Caption : "The Memory of Second World War"
explanation : the roosters are Europe and America, the tiger is Asia, waiting. The monument dedicated to death soldiers near a church is the Memorial.

Caption: As Challenges get's Bigger, your Faith get's Stronger

Challenges are part of life, no matter what you do problems will arise. The longer your journey the bigger challenges you face, but each problem you solve the stronger your fate becomes.

Don't lose sight of the big picture
The two roosters are focusing on their opponent and the tiger underneath is look forward towards these strange branches with rectangular things hanging from them. What about the other objects floating around them? They all seem man-made, or at least not of the natural world. There is a city or town in the far distance. I think this represents "civilization". A man is standing on a big rock. He seems to be conducting some surveillance of the surroundings. I think that's why the title should be don't lose sight of the big picture because the two roosters are too focused on each other to notice there is a tiger below and a man, who is even more powerful, in the distance. The tiger seems calm but it also does not seem to be aware that there is someone more potentially dangerous nearby who can use weapons to kill him. Even the table, the cloth on the table, and the platform that the tiger is sitting on are all man-made. Instead of fighting each other, these animals should be trying to escape!

Who is smarter in life?

In my opinion people are divided into two categories. First do everything openly, express their opinions, speak the truth in the face, doing things here and now. And the second have an opinion but not express it, say what others want to hear, they don't do anything rash, know how to wait. Unfortunately, the second category often gets her way. And in the picture. Two cocks find out the relationship in a fair fight, and the tiger is sitting under the table and waits for cock lose and fall into the clutches of a tiger.


The Tactical Invasion


Small countries tend to stick to big powerhouse countries to defend themselves against their enemies by making military alliances that they thought would benefit them. The war had caused a great deal of destructions and loss of lives in the war affected countries. This will eventually lead to the invasion of several small nations by larger, more powerful foreign armies which were seen as a tactical invasion.

Thanks@sanmi for this contest. Have resteemed and upvoted. This round contest was quite tough... took me some time to figure this one out.
Congrats to all winners!

Caption: The Tiger's pets.

This is occuring in the city of agraba if you are familiar with the Aladdin story. The castle and dessert in the picture obviously shows that. The two roosters are the tiger's pets obviously because he doesn't even seem the least bit interested in them. But they on the other hand are always fighting for who should be the favorite. This is obvious as that table is big enough for both of them and they could be resting on it. They choose rather to peck at themselves and quarrel and fight over favorites.

Futility In fighting

The two cocks above have already charged ready to fight this is an exercise in futility as they would expose themselves to the waiting Tiger , obviously they seem to be trying to push each other to the Tiger .This is not good as they could calmly wait till the Tiger leaves rather than fighting themselves .caption.jpg

Things can always get worse...
Nuff said