Caption Contest 18 : In war, it doesn't matter who's right. Only who's left.

in contest •  10 months ago

"In war, it doesn't matter who's right. Only who's left"

I chose this caption because as I see it, the background represents drought and famine which often is the aftermath of a great battle or war, the two cocks fighting represents the two warring factions. And the tiger symbolizes the ones often left in wars, the weapons manufacturer or the superpowers backing the two warring factions making them look like two roosters in a cockfight.

There you have it, folks, my justification to @sanmi's caption contest, if you're interested and wants to join you can find it here

© @jamesanity06, 2018

Damo nga Salamat! Maraming Salamat po! Thank you Very Much!

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