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👓Caption Contest 11 : Total Prizes of 1000 SP and Liquid SBD Rewards 💰💲📣📢

in contest •  10 months ago

Can you guess what is this ? Give an appropriate caption, and stand in a chance to win 500 SP delegation for a week and the liquid SBD earned from this post . Runner up will get 500 SP delegation for a week.

The Winner and Runner up will be judged by @klye

RULES - Notice Changes

  • Upvote this post and leave your caption as comment in this post.
  • Caption should be within 10 words.
  • General entries using words such as Nice, Beautiful etc will not be accepted.
  • You may create a post, but only entries posted as comments here will be considered. So creating a Post is no more a necessity to participate.
  • You should give only one entry. Giving more than one entry will disqualify your participation.
  • You may resteem this so that we have more participants to make this more funny and increase the reward.
  • will be used to see the voting details. So if you are participating make sure, you also upvote from the same account.

Contributions 💰 are most welcome to increase the awards.

Questions ? Suggestions ? You are most welcome!!!
If you want to include your art or photograph in this contest, then please let me know on Steemit chat or discord, or comments in one of my post.
If you want ME to remind you, then let me know by saying remind along with your caption and chat user details.

Thank top witness @klye for sponsoring 1000 SP for the Caption Contest, and agree to judge the contest, go toss him a vote on the witness list:

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"I couldn't find your hair, but I got you the next best thing"

"You better not have got me another goddamn sword Jessica."

"Damn that hairdresser is in trouble"

What's better than mousetrap challenge? Easy! Sword and roses challenge!

"Before execution by golden sword" haha

"Chicks with Dicks... F#*K Yeah!"

Don't see the evil, even before you die...

Here's my entry;

A little Something for Your Hair

Is Resteeming this post mandatory to participate here?


No, its all simple now, just upvote and comment. Resteeming will help it reach to more people.


WOW, that's great! And I see that you have also done away with the lucky draw methodology to declare winning entries. I'm loving both these changes to this rule for this contest.

BTW, 1 week delegation term is too short. I'd rather prefer it in equivalent SBDs. 😊


All the liquid rewards are for Winner as well. So I only get the SP and give all the SBD to the winner. So everyone will try to spread the words, the more the rewards, the more the winner get.


That's being very generous of you!
Thanks for putting up such an effort for organizing this contest! I'd try to submit an entry here later. BTW, I've already upvoted it in case I forget to participate.

Here is my caption : I don't want to see the dark path

Popcorn, The only way to fight a scary movie..


Blind love can't see sword on rose.

Awesome, love this caption edition, here is my entry :)

It's hard to show you your death.

My Caption is :

"The Bitter Truth of Baldness"

Upvoted . I have not made any post from the image. Hope it is perfect. Thanks for the changes @sanmi


Yes, its pretty simple now, just upvote and comment.

Have a good day @sanmi sir and @kyle sir my entry for this contest is………

A good hair cut solve many problems of women

@sanmi, find my entry for contest #11

"Surprise Gift on your quest to baldness challenge"

Total 8 words. Upvoted the post.


Surprise gift of death, LOL

Divine as the narrow path you walk in Life.



Here is my entry...
'War or peace' Here is your choice.


Peace, No War, LOL

"Now see, sword which killed your hair is finally dead!"
Edited it anyway, as I hope an entry against the rules is not counted as an entry


Does not fit the rules, please have a look at the rules.


Damn, there are rules too. I was too excited to read them. Does that count as an entry or can I edit it to shorter?


You edited it nicely :)

Guess what I just found in the basement

Some people can see the beauty of war.

'Mam hold on, now i will give you shocker surprise'

caption : when i steal my sister sword and make her blind

This picture is kindaa weird 😣

It's the golden sword - can't wait to see it.

When pink and green are envious , sword freezes

Who Won't Love A Surprise Gift Like This!


I couldn't find any deadline to this contest. Hope I ain't too late for it.

Future will blindfold, but unfold both joy & pain, unbiased.

The reenaction of the attempted sacrifice of Isaac.

What's lying ahead? Just Smell & Tell.

The offerings - without seeing whom to.