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RE: Moments. contest #1: Most funniest moments

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We all have funny moments while in high school, well I have mine to share back in my senior secondary school days.

I am an ex-commando and I graduated from command Day Secondary School Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria (Set of 2013).
During our time I.e from my SS1 to SS2 we had a bursar(one who was in charge of all school finance and fee driving) by the name captain Akinyemi, he was known as a friendly man outside the school but a harsh man when it comes to fees payment.
We are normally given 2weeks after resumption by him whenever we resume for the section to pay up all dues before driving begins. It's not just the driving that was the problem, but the flogging that was also involved. There was this course mate of mine by the name Mohammed Garba who was known for his late payment of the school fees, but then he came up with this tactics of whenever the bursar comes to our class for the fee drive when ever his name was called among the defaulters he would say before anyone else that he was not around and then the whole class would obliged with him. That was how he did and was never caught by the bursa... 😂 😂 😂
Funny dude right? Well I don't have any pictures to support this but I have a comment on his recent post on Facebook as a proof of this memory..


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Good luck sweetie.

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