Caption Contest #30 |🏆 Winners of #29 🏆| + INTRODUCING SBI, THE NEW REWEARD SYSTEM

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Welcome to the 30th week of the art Caption Contest. A simple but unique contest searching for the most creative titles for digital art. All you have to do to enter is to make a caption and post it in the comment section,
re-steem this post and you are good to go.

#1 @london65 Cotton Candy Memories - 3 SBI shares
#2 @steempampanga Sorcerer's Bone - 2 SBI shares
#3 @keilariera Star Movement - 1 SBI share


But what is a SBI share?

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

Instead of giving you a one time payment of x SBD, from now on I want to reward your creativity with daily votes from @steembasicincome that last FOREVER!

The more shares you collect from winning contests or by sponsoring someone else, the higher the upvotes you will get, FOREVER.

Find other contests where you can earn SBI shares rewards:

Steem Basic Income - Did Somebody Say Contests?

For more information about the project read the FAQ.


Resteem this post
Make a caption (title) for the artwork above
What you see in the image, what it represents to you or how it makes you feel
Note: caption can be anything, be creative

Only 1 entry per account
Caption must be max 3 words long
Contest ends in a week



As always, best of luck to everyone and may the best, most creative caption win!

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Globe Turns Sperm

Danger Of Death

Cosmic Bubble!

Here all are great caption

The Radiant Wonder

cosmic conflicts

Unicorn from Heaven

Planet Void

Love the SBI vision man! I also got hooked to it after hearing about it the first time a few days/weeks back!

Good luck everybody!

dream world fantasy

Space Bubble
I like to keep the name simple. As soon as I saw the artwork, I saw a bubble to the left and on the right top i saw a bubble burst.

Friend @renicar win 1 SBD but you have not transferred it to my account


hey @keilariera you will start getting daily upvotes from @sbi8 read this or more info

Space of beauty

Infinity Stone's Bomb

Thank you @runicar I was happy to see I won some SBI shares. I'll wait for a notification in my wallet from SBI. More power to you

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Connected souls

Magic of light

the matrix units

Cosmic spheres

glitter sphere

"The universe is listening"

twinkle sphere

Galaxy Glitz

"When Dreams Take Forms."


xeon Galaxy

love bubble

Eternal hollow fade..

This post has received a 46.04 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @runicar.


@cham4204 10.000SBD I deposited money, but did not come in. Refund


Try to @inertia on discord but you probably won't get anything. They burned me for 50 SBD before, didn't refund shit

The unconscious thoughts

Undiscovered Lights

above are the caption and views on this pic " will we ever get a chance to go and discover ? may be or may be not but i wish !!! "

Space eclipse


Disorganized universe

One Above All

Endless Possibilities

Astro Logical

Galaxy Bubble Bash


Intergalactic bubble

Soul motion.

Embodiment of rapture

Everything is permitted

Galactic Guardian


Indomitable Parallel Universe

Reflection, retrospection and projection.

Particles of Purity

Interestellar bubble

Cosmic Circle

Those art are really good.

sperm donor

Calm Before Storm

They Are Coming

The Impending Collision

Cosmic Battle Arena

Deep Space Noise

Alien Signals

Planet Magenta

Dawning of Sol