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If people are given the possibility of doing something that interests them, their attention will increase, they will do it with more energy and the value will be greater.



The world is composed of many types of people and that's fine, the difference marks the perfection. Since time immemorial human beings have sought ways to fit into certain groups seeking their identity, some do it fast and others do not. This is how many people undertake a search trip to find out which group they belong to. On the other hand, when the person has a definite identity, he tries to surround himself with people who share their tastes, but often that is not so easy to find quickly.

All human beings have the right to integrate where they feel comfortable and useful, that is to say being part of a community is fine but that leads to be able to give opinions on the development of it, among other things as contributions to make it grow, That way you are an active and pleasant member of a community.

With the development of technology and all the new advances people have taken this Internet resource as a way to get a place to share their tastes, many are formed in social networks, but most of these groups or communities are just one empty entertainment without any real community environment and some are only active for a short time, then they fall off little by little.

Communities have been a part of life as it is known today. Both in real life and in the virtual world, communities are created to join more people with common interests, but nowadays there is a challenge, that there is no aspect for non-technical communities that helps them generate their own cryptocurrencies, to be able to manage a complete ecosystem within them. The fact of managing your own token within the community, as well as having a voice in this and doing activities, converts everything into a more real experience, it is something innovative that is a challenge at present.

It is important to be part of something, that can be the trigger for real and positive events in today's life, the same ones that are very unlikely to take place in an empty entertainment group with nothing to offer, if opportunity to do projects, get profits, vote to improve the community among other things. The future of inclusion is here and it is no longer a problem to have a community with all those tools, benefits and even its own digital economy.

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The idea that started Native

Native is a platform that offers the user to build their own community or join one that shares their tastes and interests, in addition to Native is responsible for providing the opportunity to generate a unique token in each community, ie through this platform every community can create its own cryptocurrency. On the other hand, it also has several tools that allow to effectively manage the communities, the income and even the profits that the user can obtain.


Native's vision comes from its founder, Jack Vartanian, who explains that during a yoga session he got something clear, because he understood that "attention, courage and energy are really the same".

Well, it is known that many people spend a lot of energy performing tasks that are not to their liking, which they do only to cover a need, so that if you apply the above mentioned, grouping people in places with others who share their interests It is more likely that your attention will be maximized and therefore perform the jobs with more energy.

The purpose of this platform focuses on the development of communities with its own unique token, it allows the user to launch their own cryptocurrency creating a community of whatever their interest is.

It is important to mention that Native has successfully launched an Alpha platform on Mainnet, which allows users to obtain Native tokens (NTV) in real time, it is important to mention that this token is the basis for creating a community within native and also its cryptocurrency.

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Build your own community with Native

Native is a very innovative and enjoyable project for all people, it is a platform that gives the opportunity to integrate into communities with common interests and have their own token inclusive, so it is a project that can be useful for anyone.

This platform offers the option to join some of the already formed communities or you can even create your own community!

Within Native there are two types of users:

  • Curators: They are basically those who create the community in question, therefore they have certain responsibilities. Curators function as a filter so that only relevant and important information is given for members to vote for. In addition, the curators are responsible for rejecting or approving the tasks completed by the members.

  • Members: For its part, members are those users who join communities that share their interests, goals and values. It is important to mention that being a member leads to several responsibilities, for example critical decision making and even these can change the curator if the situation demands it. Members are free to participate in multiple communities.


In other words, each user has their place in the platform, they have rights and duties as members or curators, it is up to the users if they wish to join a community or create their own. It is worth noting that for the users there are technical templates with the necessary information to manage the community.

"All that one needs to get started on Native Platform is a Metamask wallet, some ETH and an interest in any of these founding communities. The Native Platform platform is currently compatible with the Brave and Cipher Browsers at this time"

How does it work?

For curators:

1. Create your community: It is the starting point, to know what the community that will be created will be and why.

2. Your new community token: Once the community is created, the next step is to create a unique cryptocurrency for that specific community, as well as to give value to it. With these tokens you can create tasks and activities for members.

For members:

1. Find your people: All people have an interest in something or have a taste for some things, the user can explore the communities already created and join the one that best suits their interests.

2. You’ve got tokens: Being part of an established community the user has tokens, they can be used by him to participate by growing the community, plus he can earn doing tasks within it.

Native is a fairly complete platform, which is based on people giving their best in groups where they share interests and tastes. According to the vision of this "attention, energy and value are the same" therefore it is based on giving people something they feel identified with and as their attention grows, Native not only has communities but also gives the opportunity to create them, therefore the growth will always be exponential, because there are always people looking for their place in a group, the fact that Native offers the opportunity to belong to a community with common interests, and that can also manage their own Cryptocurrency, creating projects and even earning rewards for tasks, is a very innovative concept, but real.

Already with the opportunity to start in a community Native offers several benefits so that this grows and as a member you can give your contribution through three tools that support the growth of the communities.

Tools inside Native

  • Projects: It is one of the most important tools and connected to the real world that Native has, through this the community members contribute ideas that they wish to carry out and that are important and necessary.
  • Voting: The communities take shape by their inhabitants, this is how the votes are so important, because they help the growth and development of the community.
  • Tasks: The growth of the community is in the hands of each member, that is why every time one completes a task, the value of the community increases, and it is important to mention that the user makes a profit when finishing a task.

There are three core benefits to starting a Community:
1.Raise capital through token issuance, replacing traditional fundraising models
such as bank loans, VC and crowdfunding.
2.Ability to make collective decisions through our platform polling feature.
3.Recognition of and ability to redeem value within a global framework.

Source, whitepaper page 6

At the present time the connections are everything, that is how a platform that is in charge of connecting people with common interests is absolutely important, even if life goes forward and everything is very innovative. There are still people who can not find their place, or who can not Surrounding people with their own tastes, goals and interests, is where a platform like Native comes into play, since it allows a person to create their own community of what they want or to join any existing one and contribute to its development .

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Available communities

Native has launched 6 pilot communities so users can join if they feel identified.

  • Earth Guardians: The planet earth deserves to be taken care of, many people share the taste for the care of the ecosystem, this is how this group is specific for them, being a nonprofit organization based in colorado united states, in order to help young people to lift the voice to help the planet.

  • Imaginal Films; All united by the films, this is a community made up of filmmakers, spectators and funders all gathered here to develop and distribute new ideas.

  • SDG Futures: This group of technologies and decentralized communities are responsible for carrying out the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations.

  • Peace Accelerators: Technology is a very useful means of diffusion, this community is oriented to use this great vance for technology to build a better future with the diffusion of peace, using new resources to give a positive message.

  • DOLO: Since education is never an empty field with this group, it is an opportunity for open learning, it is a decentralized organization that offers a more agile and rewarding education.

  • ¡Rick & Morty Crew!: Easy and simple, a community of fans willing to share their taste for this show.

Native offers different options to any platform, this is how it changes the way in which communities grow as it breaks the challenge of creating a unique cryptocurrency in each community, in this way Native presents something extremely pleasant for the users since besides being In a comfortable environment, sharing tastes and interests can also handle a unique critpmoneda within the community in question, on the other hand through the tools provided by Native gives the opportunity for the member to even get a profit from the tasks performed within the community, In addition, this makes it gain more value, it is a win win.

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The token, the base currency

Native has its cryptocurrency called Native Token or "NTV" with this you can start and be a creator, it is quite useful and important within the community since it starts the generation of individual currencies in the communities created.

Native Token conversions will initially utilize the following split:
Community Fund - 50%
Smart Token Converter - 10%
Connector Balance - 40%

Source, whitepaper page 9

It is important to mention that one of the most striking parts of this project is the power that users have to generate their unique cryptocurrency within the created community, giving it a broad dynamism, and it also becomes a very real world since it is they can propose projects on that basis and obtain profits in the same digital economy.

Initially, Community Currency splits are standardized to:
Community Fund - 80%
Smart Token Converter - 10%
Connector Balance - 10%

Source, whitepaper page 9

The fact of having an own economy within the community creates a quite positive impact in the real world, because this leads to the projects that may arise, in addition on its part maintains a fairly strong attention of users towards the platform making it grow and give more value with the performance of tasks that are rewarded with the same cryptocurrency.

It is a challenge for many platforms to call and maintain the attention of their users, it is very normal for many to get some community but after a while it lapses, with Native the challenge has been overcome because this platform has created a set of tools that with its own digital economy give life to the community. Each community has its own currency, which makes it more involved in the real world, therefore it has a considerable impact on users and keeps them hooked to the platform.

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Chasing interests with Native

All human beings have interests for some things, which perhaps are shared with others, that is why we always seek connection with others with common tastes and interests to achieve something. Native in its platform encourages people to pursue their interests in interactive communities, and if for some reason there is not a community in which the person fits you can simply create one to your liking and convenience. Native is a very open and innovative platform that through its communities with its own economy give the necessary incentive to always want to be attached to their interests and be able to carry out the ideas that the person may have.

Peace accelerators.

Peace acelerators is a community of ethical futurist collaborating to make a conflict free and sustainable humanity for future generations

Source, Peace accelerators web site

This community is quite interesting because it is based on the foundations of the use of technology in a more positive way, that is, to propagate peace and not conflicts.


Personally I am struck by this community because technology has advanced too much and is completely globalized, but rarely used such a massive means to propagate something as important as peace, it is more common to see toxic messages through the Internet, hate, war, among other negative things in life. If the digital resources were used in a more efficient way, a more conscious humanity would be obtained. Currently it is very common to see only the use of the Internet in an empty way, having a great power in the hands is not used in a way to positively impact. It seems to me to be a very interesting project and a community that must grow more and more until in a way many people become accelerators of peace.

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Use case 1


Phoebe is 18 years old and is a big fan of helping the environment, many of her friends are not aware of this important work. She has many projects in mind that would be wonderful ideas to contribute a grain of sand to the rescue of the planet, but she does not have anyone closer who shares her interests. One day she began to surf the internet, in her social networks she is aware of several accounts that deal with the environment, this is how she saw the publication of a boy who called people interested in caring for the land, to join to a community of a page called Native, Phoebe called attention and income, began to investigate and saw that it was just what I needed because through the page with the tokens of the community could provide their ideas to care for the environment, He immediately joined and saw that he could even earn an income, since then he is a very active member of the Earth Guardians community at Native

Use case 2


Mark is a pretty big fan of video games, and he would like to share his interest with more people, being in the online world he got a page in which there were communities of various types of interests, but none was what he needed, was then he discovered that he could create his own, obviously he was what he did as a born leader and also for him it was like creating a new world of a video game. With Native he was able to create his own community suited to his needs and created his own cripmoneda, for it was quite striking the fact of obtaining up to profits within the community since not only his video games are an entertainment but he can obtain an income extra and also share with other fans like him.

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If people are given something that completely calls their attention, they will do it with more energy and the value of the community will grow, that is the vision of Native on the part of its founder. Currently many people are looking for where to feel comfortable, useful to share tastes and interests. Native on the other hand offers users the opportunity to be part of a community or create one from scratch, also breaks with the schemes of having a cryptocurrency for each community! through a base token as it is in Native Token or NTV, can generate a currency in each community, this way is a platform that gives more dynamism to communities and makes them grow with basic tools, such as projects to carry out ideas of the members, surveys and / or votes, to give more form to the community and tasks that can be carried out by the members earning rewards for it and also increasing the value of the community. In general terms it is a quite friendly and complete platform made to connect us all in a new way.

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To know more about Native check my video!

An explanation of the founder himself

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Road Map


The team


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Building Native


More information check below

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Native Website
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