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Hello, steemians. This is going to be my first contest here on steemit. I want everyone out there on this platform to participate and perform well be it minnows, whales or the aspiring whales. This contest is for fun and take it as a friendly gesture rather than a competition.

So, what is the competition all about?

It is going to be a creative and nostalgic one.It is about art and the memories associated with it.


  1. Post any artistic painting, sketching, landscape, portrait, drawing or craft work that has some very interesting close to your heart story associated with it in the comments section down below. The best depicting piece of art will win this competition.

  2. You must follow me, upvote and resteem this post for visibility.


Since, I am not a whale hosting this competition and it has more value than just the price and my motive is to bond with people rather than merely compete, so I will be promoting the winner's any TWO posts. I hope we all can bond through this contest and make this platform more welcoming and friendly!


  1. The post has to be original.

  2. It should have 200+ words since the experience has to be descriptive and engaging.

  3. Upvoting and resteeming this post is a must for visibilty and reaching out to people.

note: Strictly stick to the rules

Deadline :

The winner of this contest will be announced on 17th february,2018. Till then, you all can submit your entries.

That's all for today but I promise to host some other more exciting contests with amazing rewards very soon.
So, what are you waiting for?

Start now with posting your entries.!

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good deal

Sounds interesting. I'll surely think about it. ❤️


I love u 😍😍😍😍😜😜😜

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I like

This design is connected with a dream. It's still a dream as I have not taken any initiative to make it true. I thought to start a business. Actually I was thinking to make a fashion brand as I'm working in garment industry. All brand have their own logo... so I have to have a logo too. While designing my own logo I became a popular entrepreneur in my dream. But work pressure temporarily send me away from the dream. Still I am trying to hug my dream very tightly..... requesting all of you to wish for me so that I can convert it from dream to real.

WINTER Morning11.jpg
This logo design stands for Winter Morning

Thanks for participating 👍

It’s too early for you to hold the contest, but good luck.

Let me know the winner, I’m just may give 2 sbd to the winner.

@manishmike10 is my discord. Find me on Zappl, Utopian discord

I also guess so... but she is brave... good luck and congratulation for her first contest.

Ah, I know that's why it is not more of a competition but a bonding kind of a thing. And thanks!

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Nice concept

Hi there... Please find the Oil portrait of this Lady, who was at Saturday Night Bazar at Goa. She is a Tribal, and she sells handicrafts like Necklaces, ear-rings which they make with stones and metal. The ingredients for the necklace is also prepared by them. I found this face interesting, and bought a few crafts, just to take a Picture of hers.. Then once I reached my town , i painted this ... See if you can get some customer...

Cool. Thanks for the entry!