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Warren Buffet is not a great fan of cryptocurrency but he is a big proponent of creating more than one stream of income. I want to give you the opportunity to win a 100% upvote daily from @qrater for 30 days. Currently, that vote is valued at $0.03. It won't change your life but if you do this one and a couple more such things, before you know it you are smiling all the way to the bank.

This is my first such contest and I will have to keep it simple. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Read my last four posts listed here
  3. Choose the worst one of the four. Post the title in a comment to this post.
  4. Motivate your choice in 50 words or more, also in the comment.

This all you have to do! A free upvote for 30 days! This will work best for you if you post daily, but less than eight times a day. If you post once a week, the prize has less value for you.

Here is the information on the prize. You may be interested in it even if you do not win it here. It is a great service.

Welcome Qrater What We Do - How To Get Daily Upvote For 30 Days

Disclaimer one

@qrater has a set of standards for their service. If you do not make the grade you are automatically disqualified from this competition. Read their post to make sure you qualify.

Disclaimer two

The winner will be announced next week Saturday(16 June 2018) in a post following on this one. I will decide on my own whose comment I liked the most. Please note that brutal honesty and helpful advice will be important. I will apply on behalf of the winner with @qrater and upon their acceptance, I will pay the fee directly to @qrater.

Disclaimer three

At least five people need to enter this contest for a winner to be

This contest has two goals.

  1. I need you to help me improve. This is your licence! Go for it.
  2. I want to promote @qrater's service. You should definitely use it.

Your support in this contest will be appreciated. Your feedback too.



"I have Google too" is my choice. Here's why: it's not about the fact that I could google the information about the Thai kitchen or anything else , it's about the choices someone makes. The choice of a subject : what someone wants to bring up, but also the way that person does that. Everything we do carries our voices, our fingerprint. We organize our lives in the same way as we spread a sandwich. The choices someone makes say a lot about who and how that person is. Sometimes you meet a neighbor and you talk about the weather, but in between time you can ponder whether it goes well with the neighbor or not. Sometimes is easier to let yourself be seen indirectly.
I do like the conclusion of the story and I enjoyed every story sinds. Thanks for that!

A Story about a widow and a gossip should be my pick and why gossip is very deadly i think of gossip as a way of inflicting pain on a fellow human being which may later be injurious if the third party get to hear about it...

"Four channels only"....honestly it was a very difficult choice. I even left there a comment on how beautiful your grandmother's story is. This is just my reaction to that drunkard neighbor. I hope he will live his new life till his last breath, coz if not God will surely punish him of all the bruised he has done to his wife! He is lucky enough someone was praying for him, and that grandma is closest friend to God, her prayer draws favor and chose to save that drunkard ( or might be that the wife was also praying for his husband, the fact that she chose to stay with him ... so it was a tandem prayer of the victim wife and the concern grandma).
How pity would that man be in his last days if no one was praying for him... Salute to your grandma..truly there is power in the name Jesus!

I have to go for 'I have Google too'. not because it is a bad post, but I think with so much information on the internet any article that is written, will have been written before, and even to the extent of personal life experiences, of course, I am not talking of exact replications, but similar ones, as a professional content writer, it is hard to produce something that is truly unique. Of course, copy and pasting and plagerism is a BIG NO NO. As I write EVERY DAY on Steemit, I sometimes really struggle to come up with a great idea, however I do my best, and I think to produce good articles you have to write from your heart. (Whilst still using your head.)

I won't choose... I like them all😂, this is cool @reonlouw, finally found that you have that entertaining side too. Which one the worst 🤔 I need time to decide.

" A story about a widow and a gossip" yes it's a human nature but we didn't mean to be harmful but we all should know that there are some bad effects. One of the most harmful effects is that you can hurt others by gossips or spreading false humors try to put yourself in their places how would you feel? Just my opinion

I am in but it will be so hard picking y
One of your bad post because all your post are informative and good..

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