Cotton Coin as an aid to the cotton industry

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Cotton Coin as an aid to the cotton industry

Firstly, I will love to thank @crypto.piotr and @cotton.coin for organizing this great contest that in addition to letting us know about new alternatives, will help Venezuela, a country that is currently suffering a severe humanitarian and financial crisis.

You can enter this contest by clicking here

What is Cotton Coin?

On the website we can read this quote:

"Cotton Coin integrates consumers, supply chain participants and authorities in one ecosystem. It helps to authenticate cotton sources, track delivery, report issues and monitors cotton prices"

Basically it is a new initiative, which uses the power of the decentralized network to provide a new alternative to all the people who work in the cotton market. This is done through the implementation of a new means of payment, this being the cotton coin, a new currency that provides very positive and safe alternatives, including:

  • Payments on time without delays
  • Transparency in transactions, since each operation can be seen publicly.
  • Globalization, the possibility of carrying out operations worldwide, shortening distances and decreasing the payment of taxes for transactions.
  • It monitors cotton prices, and maintains control of when materials are delivered and received, generates a report and maintains producers, buyers and consumers in the same network.

The industry and producers will benefit greatly by reducing costs, being in more direct contact with stakeholders and saving money and time, since avoiding intermediaries -like banks- in these transactions means more money to invest in your products, in innovations and in a better quality for your final product.

Cotton Coin solves these problems by being a digital medium that provides instantaneous, transparent payments and provides the total transparency and security of the blockchain.
In this way any authority, businessman, government or interested person gains more confidence because the transactions are public and are in sight of everything, nothing is hidden and everything is transparent, generating high levels of confidence.

Cotton Coin is a technology that ensures that the cotton related data can not be corrupted or modified in any way. It is one of its strongest benefits that provides security and confidence for all.

Basically the use of Cotton Coin also ensures that the Cotton Farmer and Producer transact successfully after they both agree on their trading price and get paid in a timely manner.

You can find references to Cotton Coin by visiting:

Dubai News

Be happy, give smiles and harvest joys.


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Your post got me thinking again about how much the media needs to inform the public of blockchain as a logistic solution.

and if you see, it is a necessity and an important solution in steemit and other networks like this that allow to get important information to people, by people who really produce important content, simple and useful for the community. I always try to focus on providing that kind of simple and simple things so that people have fun and receive the information without many processes, without getting tangled up, but it is only possible thanks to people like you and comments as good as yours. follow and upvoted.

Congratulations Friend, good job!

Greetings @reinaldoverdu

We would like to confirm that your entry has been submited. Thank you for your time and effort.

Results of this contest will be announced on saturday 07/07/2018.

Best regards, Cotton Coin Team
Cotton Coin

Greetings @reinaldoverdu


Just a small update.

Results will be announced on saturday 14/07/2018 (instead of 07/07/2018). This contest turned out to be a huge success and it may take us more than a week to read all reviews.

You can find more details visiting @crypto.piotr profile and checking out his latest post:

Best regards, Cotton Coin Team
Cotton Coin

Hey @reinaldoverdu, great that you are holding or contribituing
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Hi @reinaldoverdu

Hell, that was a long week. I didnt expect this contest to become so popular. I expected 15-20 reviews about Cotton Coin but ended up with almost 60 entries. Crazy but positive :)

Let me already express how personally grateful I am for your support. It has been my first sponsored contest and I've learned already a big deal.

Regardless if you will be one of awarded winners or not - I want you to know that I will do my best to check your profile every few days and support all quality content related to blockchain, AI, human psychology or crypto (as those are my main passions).

I have almost 60 reviews to check and I want personally read each one. It make take me some time but I will definetly reply to any of yours comments.

Also: Im looking for few judges who would help me select best reviews. Please check also my latest post (contest update) for more details.

Obviously upvoted :)

Keep in touch,

very nice, I will try to make some article of those topics, I am fascinated by psychology, human behavior and those things, so I will try to write some of that soon. I am very grateful for your support, I already answered the email and I am waiting for your answer, because for me you know that it is very important. every time that time allows me, I will be supporting you in your content bro !. a big hug and I await your response to my mail.

Please accept my appplogy for such a late reply @reinaldoverdu

Past several days has been very hectic and busy and I didn't have enough time to reply all received comments. Usually I have time to do that on weekends.

Thank you for your never ending support. I appreciate it a lot.

I am fascinated by psychology, human behavior and those things

Im glad to know that we share more interests :)


No problem, i know both of us are having very busy days, take your time and relax sir. :D

Very simple and straight to the point. Love what I've read, good luck!

Thankyou very much, i made it simply, so people that has long time to read just can learn fast that they need :), dont wasting time. Thankyou very much for your comment and support!

Welcome, I appreciate it, hope we do look into and support this project.

This post has received a 0.78 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @reinaldoverdu.

Hi there, I am helping Piotr review some of the Cotton Coin entries and I've reviewed yours. I think yours is well written, has good content and is informative. I also appreciate that you did not plagiarize the material and properly quoted it and gave reference. I will vote for this one in my top 10 that I've reviewed. Thanks for the entry! I hope you learned from this, I certainly learned a lot and continue to learn as I interact with everyones entries.

Thankyou very much @cmplxty, good work. I just write a easy to read articles and try to keep it the more simple to read and understand, for the people that are seeking new chances and opportunities of investment. I think CC is a good one, and personally i will like to invest if i has some capital. Continue with the great work, i am helping Mr. Piotr selecting my best 10 ones too. Brofist for you!

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The benefits of cotton coin technology as highlighted was very exceptional and proofs the point that cotton coin is here to stay, i wish you success in your contest.

Thanks, I think just like you, the benefits that are offered to the sector are very good and for the general public as well. I hope the industry sees good progress with all this.

Wow what an explanation in your own words, easy to read hats off🤘🤘🤘

:) Thanks brother, I did it with the intention of saving people time, summarizing in a few lines the essence of cotton coin with my own words.

Cotton Coin is truly an aid for the Cotton Industry. Just as you've said, Cotton Coin ensures proper transaction between the farmers and the producer. You've really done a great job to come up with a content which is plagiarised free. I really love your write up.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla 🙌😁💗

thank you, this is my support for an industry that I think has many good opportunities, and that will help us all, I hope it improves the situation of this sector that requires so much help. thank you very much for your support.

You are very welcome 💗

I must say you did justice to the cotton coin article, this is one of the very few that stand out. i enjoyed going through your thoughts about cotton coin. wishing you the best of luck.

thank you, for me it is a pride that my article stands out and is one of the best. I did it with a lot of love to support cotton coin and piotr in their project, which I find very interesting.

Hello @reinaldoverdu

I wish to thank you on behalf @crypto.piotr and @cotton.coin for your participation in the contest

Thanks, I hope this concise article has been to your liking. thank you very much for your support and comment, motivate me to continue working and continue to make good posts.

Hi @reinaldoverdu

I hope this concise article has been to your liking.
Ofcourse it has, if not will not be on your blog again and again

I like to ask you would ever wish to venture in to Agriculture or the cotton industry in the future?

With blockchain integrated into agriculture would you nose dive into that sector ....................or do you hold some reservations?

I would like to enter the field of agriculture, it is one of my dreams to live in the countryside, and I would be happy to use the blockchain without any problem. but I think that the people who live in the countryside should have their reserves, I hope that the big investors do not have them or leave them aside because it is the future.

You even dream about it. that means you are in good stead to make a change with the imformation you can share about this block solution.

when did you join steem or blockchain and how has you experience been

That's right, for that reason it's that I write these articles, although it's relative because I have limitations in hardware that make it difficult for me to write how I would like the articles, it takes a lot of work to do it. my experience in steemit was nice, a little hard at the beginning 4 months ago, and I still consider that I am new in this network, but every day I discover and I'm on new projects, I know interesting people who support me, and new opportunities arise, for what I find my experience in steemit excellent. It is allowing me to develop and improve my life, since I live in Venezuela, a country with a frightening and dramatic crisis. for us, steemit is a great salvation.

It is allowing me to develop and improve my life, since I live in Venezuela, a country with a frightening and dramatic crisis. for us, steemit is a great salvation.
Thats means you are sliding on ice right on steem are a user. What community are you part of?

a little hard at the beginning 4 months ago,
How did you get to break the ice?

Cotton Coin as we know will apply the use of smart contracts in payments through its Peer2Peer system

How will the system authenticate the exchange and confirm reception from both ends