Pennsif's alternative lifestyle radio show - design-a-logo competition entry

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Pennsif, in conjunction with launching his new Alternative Lifestyle radio show, announced he was running a design a logo contest for the show because, in his words, he was keen to re-brand away from his highly visible yet basic yellow & blue graphic.

I was eager to enter, as I didn't have to draw anything freehand.

So, always keeping in mind the essence of what was required:

Generally my view with logos is to keep them simple.
And think about different ways they might be used - on websites, on business cards, on fleeces, on mugs...

and although this statement was a tad daunting

I am though a difficult person to design for.

I was still curious to see what I could come up with (sometimes even I am amazed by what pops out of my head!). So, I have come up with a variety of options, and maybe one will appeal, or maybe parts of one and parts of another. You never know ...

Option 1

A simple rectangular shape, done in Publisher (which has long been a friend of mine), to the size of a postcard. I've utilised colours similar to the Welsh flag, and the silhouette of a classic Welsh dragon.

pennsifs logo comp 2 jpg.jpg

Option 2

This option is the same as the first, with one difference - can you spot the addition? I think it's pretty nifty.

pennsifs logo comp 3 jpg.jpg

Option 3

With this one, I asked for some help using Photoshop from my daughter and she came up with the shield design (and did all the work because I haven't mastered Photoshop yet in the slightest!). I am blatantly subversively subconsciously appealing to Pennsif's patriotism for his beloved Wales.

Pensiffs mc go away pop ups 2.png

Option 4

Keeping the design even simpler, and bearing in mind it is a radio show, I directed my daughter to create it for me came up with this.


Option 5

Last but never least, again my daughter simply played with the design a little. She is quick at producing something as she uses it a lot. Yes, if any one of the shield designs is chosen, I will ask that she receives the loot. ;)

green and white.png

Keeping in mind that any of these designs can be tweaked if desired, they are my entries in this fun competition. Thank you for your consideration of the designs. :)

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That was amusing to read :)

Why thank you, I do like to spread humour like sprinkles of glitter.

I should be asking, though, if you were laughing with me or at me, lololol. ;)

I did not notice the difference between the first and second drawing :)) I guess I'm not strong in logos :)))

Thank you for your entry to my logo competition.