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YAY!!! The first week of #spotthefake is officially closed! A winner has been chosen (announced below) and this week's photos are below


I will be running #spotthefake every Tuesday, and I will post a few pics of a few antiques. It may be antique lighting, antique furniture, or even top designer furniture. One or more will be fake or reproduction.

It's up to you to #spotthefake. Post your choice in the comments, and maybe let me know why you think that.


  • To enter, you must upvote and resteem my post
  • Leave your choice in the comments, you can choose one image, two images, or all the images - it's up to you 😍😍
  • The prize will be 5SBD, payable once the 7 days is up.
  • I will take all the correct answers, of the qualifying entries and do a random draw with this site


Well done, @lolicorn. You are the winner!

No contestants got both answers correct, and only four people guessed one answer correctly! I think it was a difficult choice! This week is a little easier 😍😍 The answers were 1) the yellow glass light, and 3) the pink and clear glass light!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 11.11.08 PM.jpg


Okay, y'all! Last week I noticed that it was a bit difficult to choose when there were so many choices, so like my good friend
@battleaxe says - KISS - Keep It Simple Steemians! There are only two photos to choose from, one is a proper antique bombe chest of drawers purchased in France, and the other is a very good replica.

A bombe chest, especially the inlaid cabinets like these, were very popular during the Empire/Victorian times, and enjoyed a bit of a neoclassical resurgence from the late 1880’s - about 1910.

To enter, you must UPVOTE, RESTEEM and guess the correct image! Answer will be revealed this time next week!

Image One:

910 x 1220 x 500 - R22800 INCL VAT ( 1 AVAILABLE).JPG

Image Two:

SOLD 820 x 950 x 440 - R22800 INCL VAT.JPG

🌸To enter, don't forget to upvote, resteem and leave your answer in the comments🌸
🌸Thank you for your participation, I am super excited!🌸



That's a hard one..... I'm gonna say image 1 is the fake

Tell you next week! X

I think that Picture 2 is fake just got that vibe to it

Oh, haai, @sweeneydean, nice to see you! Thanks for your entry, will post results on Tuesday!

Um...that one.

lol, no! That doesn't count!

Lol I tried ♨

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img credz: pixabay.com
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wow, thank you so much!!!
Of course I'm in for another round :)
I say #1 is the replica

Yay! Awesome! Let you know next week x

Thank you for posting @princessmewmew.

Lovely idea......

Both are lovely.

Wishing your contest all the best.

thank you so much! Would you like to take a guess?

You are very kind.

I will guess the chest/commode? in photograph number two.

Thank you for asking.....Cheers.

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I think nr 1 is the fake one 😉 lol
Don't ask me why!

Yay! Thanks again for entering ❤️

Yeay 🤗 Your welcome and thank You for having this cool contest 💕

Oh hey Ross! Thank you for entering! 😺

Thanks for entering 💓

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