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RE: Contest Kitchen 1

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Hello leeuw I accept your proposal, very interesting I like the combination of food, and play with explosive flavors for the palate, for now I will be waiting to read the rules of the contest, a suggestion, you should vote and restemear the contest for all participants , the same so that more people have the opportunity to participate and level up the "Play with Leeuw and Win" greetings and thanks for the invitation to participate and Senior Judge @leeuw


Thanks for participating in the contest! This is a great honor to all of us. I like your suggestion of resteeming the contest by participants, however i dont have the logistics -at this time- available for ‘scaling up’ to a bigger crowd. Appointing enthusiastic contest judges and contest managers might ‘breed’ such independent opportunities for upscaling and branching out into independent contest communities and growth maybe

Very much in agreement with your suggestion, we must look for the return to obtain resources for the contests and sub-contests that can be derived from the original contest. We hope to see this new contest and see how it develops. from you I learn what is related to riddle rules etc. my greetings to you @leeuw

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