Contest Kitchen 1

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Hellooooo Pioneer Steemians!

@leeuw's contest kitchen 1 is going to be published soon.



Steemit Pioneers and Kitchen Chefs! This will be a tasty affair!

Soon, the contestants -brave steemit pioneers that they are- they are going to produce a show of virtual-kitchen magic!

In this kitchen contest, Senior Contest Judge @perlanacarada is invited to play the contest. To have such highly esteemed steemian to even participate, we offer a compensation of 1 STEEM payable from @leeuw's wallet. We hope the offer is accepted!

Frequent contestant @jennimorillo, known from many and such outstanding postings describing healthy and delicious recipes, is invited to act -pending her agreement- as a non-playing Kitchen-Chef Judge, to earn a 3 STEEM remuneration for judging contestant's recipes and selecting winners. We hope this offer is accepted also!


Stay tuned!


Hehehe! recipe you say . . . I'm eager to see how it will turn out!

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yeah, like a recipe for ... success!

Alright, i get it!

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What good news friend @leeuw, I'm already preparing my "kitchen utensils"

virtual that is hahaha!

Greetings friend leeuw, I am not very good with this kitchen, but I will strive to enter your contest!

our kitchen is virtual, so we let your imagination run wild hahaha.
hope you like (ERASED)
Ooops i revealed dish name already... EDITED!

This will be good is what I like cooking so be attentive @leeuw

hope you like..... XXXXX (edited)

I think you've reviewed my blog and you know I'm a foodie so I'll be aware and I'll see what this is like

Friend, how are you? I arrived the expected day, that virtual cooking sounds great, I accept being a judge and I understand that I can not participate and I agree.

Contestants prepare good tickets because I will be aware of every detail

Thanks, i hoped and anticipated you wanted to help me judging the contest in the contest kitchen contest haha, for now sit back relax and watch the recipes passing by

It is a pleasure to be part of your usual competitions.

I will be attentive for when this new adventure begins where the imagination plays a very important role

Brother, how are you? virtual kitchen this rumbles in my head, I love the kitchen so I want to see the rules of this contest to make my imagination fly.

Leeuw creates really fantastic competitions, this makes my days in steemit more pleasant and I am always at the expectation, because you do not know what you are creating in your lab @leeuw hahahahahaha

yeah its virtual so anything goes from fresh oregano herbs to like... whaaaat? caviar?

Hello leeuw I accept your proposal, very interesting I like the combination of food, and play with explosive flavors for the palate, for now I will be waiting to read the rules of the contest, a suggestion, you should vote and restemear the contest for all participants , the same so that more people have the opportunity to participate and level up the "Play with Leeuw and Win" greetings and thanks for the invitation to participate and Senior Judge @leeuw

Thanks for participating in the contest! This is a great honor to all of us. I like your suggestion of resteeming the contest by participants, however i dont have the logistics -at this time- available for ‘scaling up’ to a bigger crowd. Appointing enthusiastic contest judges and contest managers might ‘breed’ such independent opportunities for upscaling and branching out into independent contest communities and growth maybe

Very much in agreement with your suggestion, we must look for the return to obtain resources for the contests and sub-contests that can be derived from the original contest. We hope to see this new contest and see how it develops. from you I learn what is related to riddle rules etc. my greetings to you @leeuw

Love the idea. Its a great way to showcase some of the finest dishes across the globe. It also offer an avenue to connect with other steemians. Thanks @leeuw for such amazing contest. ...on my way to the market already coz this contest will be amazing.

Great to know that the Great @steemgh is baaaaack hahaha! We begin our virtual contest kitchen 1 with TWO versions of the same dish, with a simple recipe contest judged by Junior Chef @leeuw and a sophisticated recipe judged by Senior Chef Judge @jennimorillo. My next posting, sometime this week, will explain it all

Can't wait my good friend.