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Monday August 6th 2018 - A Very Special Day

Ladies and Gentlemen - Please join me to wish a person who is not just a great soul but also has a heart of gold as many of you would already know.

A special breed among humans who not only is important in steemit but in our society as well. The type of personalities we need to be around with and fill our life with positivity.

In this age where people are looking to profit from another, here comes a guy who could help you out of any situation no matter how deep he has to dig for it and expect nothing back in return.

Talk to him for a few minutes and you will know exactly what i mean.

Even better talk to anyone from our lovely family - You all are most welcome to join the family- @gratefulvibes - and discord link =

I joined steemit less than a month ago and was lucky enough to find the gratefulvibes family.

Whenever i needed something or i felt sad i knew there was a guy with whom you i can talk to, who would always guide me to the right path and make sure i don't fall.

So if you are a new joiner here or have been over here for years i urge you all to FOLLOW @paradise-found (Papa Bear)

Fun Fact - I still don't know his real name yet and i don't intend to knowing it as well because me and many others just love calling him our "PAPA BEAR"



Also do remember to follow the 2 most important people in his life : Papa Bear i hope i got the names right :)

Wife Martha : @wrladyhawk
Daughter Lesly : @islander

So on this special occasion i would love to do a GIVEAWAY - 6 SBD

The rules are simple like our last contest but with a twist in the comments.
Your comments can make this interesting.

  • Upvote this post

  • Follow Me

  • Comment (Most Important) - On The Topic Below

  • Resteem - Optional

The topic for your comment would be - "Who are you most grateful for?"

There would be 3 winners with the judge being the man himself @paradise-found (Papa Bear) Winners would be based on the best comments.

1st Prize : 3 SBD
2nd Prize : 2 SBD
3rd Prize : 1 SBD

And if you ask me whom i am grateful for i think you all already know who that is : Thank you for being my friend Papa Bear and for looking out for me. It means a lot.

And i am happy to announce the WINNER for my previous contest @madushanka
We will be exchanging discord user names soon and you can help me claim some byteballs and you can earn through your referral link :)

Hope you all have a great day and lets have an amazing contest again.

Lots of Love,


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WOW, I'm stunned. Thank you Alice!!
This is an amazing birthday surprise!!
This is the best birthday gift ever!!
Big Bear Hugs!!! x0x0x

Thanks to you too for everything...
Stay blessed always and have an awesome time :)

Happy late Born-Day!

Truly wonerderful post, you’re not only bringing value to steemit with some great engagement and quality content,,,, you’re bringing CAKE!!! Steemian’s really love cake and I hope Papa Bear has a fantastic birthday !!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Thank you so much for your motivational comments :)
It really helps...
Have a great day :)

Awesome, congrats from me too!

Congrats from you and Romeo both? :)


"Who am I'm most grateful for?"
This is a tough one, but I'll have to pick my daughter - Alison!

She'll be two years old next month, and she is a handful! She is my miracle child. My fiancee and I tried once before and she had a miscarriage. It was the worst day of my life, we took a shower together and I got out first. As I walked towards our room I heard my fiancee yell and start crying. I ran back into the bathroom and she was pointing down at the bottom of the shower......there lying on the shower floor was our child. I'm crying while typing this. I didn't know what to i bury our dead child's fetus? I freaked out and flushed my child down the toilet....I don't want to talk about it anymore but we found out that my fiancee has RH Negative blood, so pretty much what caused the miscarriage was her body attacked our child because we have different types of blood that don't mix. I thought we would never have a child together and it ate me up inside. Then a couple years later she got pregnant, I was so happy but also very scared. I didn't wanna go thru that pain all over again. Long story short...Alison was born and was very healthy! YESSSS!
I guess there's a shot that people with RH Blood can take so their body's don't attack the fetus. The birth of Alison Kay was a miracle and a true blessing! I'm the happiest man alive when I'am around her! She's the reason I wake up and go to work, I've started a college fund for her, and I'm not gonna lie...I spoil my baby! It's not the things I do for her tho, it's the things she does for me that make me so grateful and proud to tell people "Hey, this is my daughter Alison!"053.jpg

Thanks for taking the time and reading this and I wish you all the best! Much love and respect to @blog-fictions! You seem like a wise and genuine person, and I'm glad I came across this post!

I can't imagine going through the pain of losing a child...i am so glad you have been blessed with another is very emotional and fills me with joy as well...may you and your family have the best of lives and I also thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us :)

Your welcome, i wish you the best too! How long does this giveaway last by the way?

amazing dear...Happy Birth day @Paradise-found and Happy Friendship Day @blog-fictions :)))

Thank you :)
Wish you the same...

Happy birthday to your friend. I've never met him that I remember but seems like a really good guy!

In response to your challenge/question thingy.. I'm most grateful for my parents and friends and family and even the people I don't know.. The more I learn about spirituality I think we're all sort of "one".. So even if I don't know someone, I still have love. But.. I admit.. I am a biased human being to an extent, and I feel stronger towards close friends and family. However.. I do try to extend that as much as I can outwards to all people, and not just people but animals as well and aliens too if they exist! :) We may be different and some are even ruthless predators, though I think we all come from the same source and on some level, we're all part of the "one".

Thank you for wishing my friend :)
You seem to be a person who is really strong on values....
Thank you for participating in the contest and have an awesome day ahead :)

You got a 4.00% upvote from @upme thanks to @paradise-found! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

Thank you Papa Bear :)

Happy birthday @paradise-found.
I've know him for few days after I joined the curation trail of @gratefulvibes.
He is a very kind person he even gave me message all by himself for my problem actually.
It's nice to be in the family.
And I'm grateful for two persons right now.
@minhaz416 (He is a good friend. He tried to help me with lots of information. And I'm really grateful to him.
@minimining (He is also a good friend. When I didn't have any other persons to help me in some way, I've found him always. I don't know his real name yet but he is very friendly.

I totally get your's a nice and happy family...

Having a friend like Papa Bear @paradise-found is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. People dream of it and are overjoyed when they find it. Thank you for being such a blessing to Steemit especially to Gratefulvibes family!. Happy birthday, Paps! That alone is gratitude. You truly are a blessing and inspiration to us. May God bless you and your wonderful family more lovely and meaningful years. ONE LOVE <3

This comment was made from

I totally understand each and every word you wrote because I have personally experienced it...I am happy that I am one of the few lucky ones to have a friend like him...

Thank you for going through my post :)

Happy Birthday @paradise-found

Nice topic @blog-fictions .. good luck to those in your giveaway. I will keep my answer short and simple. I am thankful for my family.

Many Happy returns of the day @paradise-found May your all dreams comes true.

Hey @blog-fictions, I'm glad to attend your contest. Last time I won contest. Unfortunately I've missed my Byteball referral link. So I hope win this one.

Who are you most grateful for?

Yep...My answer is a both of parent of mine. I was father one month ago. I know how parents take care their children. So I know my parent were more careful for protect me those days. If without their careful and love Currently I'm not being there. They supported me for learn good education level and currently I'm working better place in working. Most important thing is a I'm best steemian and better citizen around the world. Thank you my mother and father for given good planet for my self.

I am glad that you respect your parents so much...
I am so sorry to hear that you lost your referral link...
I hope you be on the winners list this time.... @paradise-found would be the judge for this contest...
Wish you all the luck :)

Many happy returns of the day

A very happy birthday to Papa bear.
And thankful you to write this beautiful post.
I also want to write a blog on papa bear, but I am late due to my busy schedule of work, but you have done. So thank you again @blog-fictions

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Your welcome :)
Have a great day ahead..

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

Happy birthday papabear @paradise-found..❤
Thank you for being a friend. #happinessOverload - that's my wish for you! Love you papabear! 😘😘😘

For this contest, here is my entry:

There are actually many things that I am grateful for. Of course, one of which is my family. They are my life.

Another is I am so grateful to meet many generous people here in steemit who actually lend their helping hands to me when I needed them. And one of those is papabear @paradise-found.

Special Mention to @adollaraday and @fundition who helped me in slowly reaching my goals for my school kids. I am trully grateful to them.

You can check on this links below:

Thank you for going through my are doing such an amazing job...
What was the science experiment all about?

thank you for making papa bear happy by sharing this thoughtful initiative on his birthday...❤❤❤

for the experiment, it was about observing what happens to liquids when heated...

Your welcome :)
Cool experiment...thanks for sharing...
Have a great day..

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Well thank you :)

Many many happy returns of the day Papa Bear and have a happy friendship day to both of you.
Have fun and stay healthy and positive..
God bless both of you

Happy Friendship Day to you as well...
Have a great day :)

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If there is anyone I would be grateful for, I had say papa bear over and over again. Hard times on steemit, he has been there, what again can a daughter ask? He has been so so so helpful to me and everyone out there! I love you dad, greater height I pray dad.

I understand every point you make...
He is very helpful and on top of that a great person :)

Happy Birthday in advance @paradise-found
I love you and love what you do on the Steem blockchain
I am grateful for the love that oozes from the Steem network
God bless

Have a great day :)

Thank you dear
Didn't see any response from you on Byte ball referrals
Thank you for helping out when I was depressed due to my hacked cryptos last week.

Yes...a guy had won it but did not have a referral link with had to change the winner...have posted the name on this post :)
There would be many contests so always a chance to win...
I hope you feel better now...I am always a message away :)

Thank you so much my friend!! God bless you as well!! Following you!!

Wow! Thank you ßoss

I did not know about him, it's good that there are people helping each other and giving each other support.

Yes.. you should join his will thank me later...
Have a great day :)

Happy birthday to you @paradise-found.i had chat with you one day.i had found her helpful Human being in that day.
But there is another one whom i Most grateful.that is God.then my mother.
Then this 3 peoples

I am not able to make one.because everyone is supporting me.thanks for your support friends

You seem to be a very down to earth guy...
Thanks for going through my post :)

Happy Birthday Papa Bear :)
Happy Friendship Day Alice

Happy Friendship Day :)

Thank you for this post @blog-fictions ,i would like to say happy happy ...birthday to our one and only papa bear @paradise-found here on amazing platform ..😁🎂.

Watch my video:

Thank you,Good day everyone and God bless😁😀💞💞🎂🎂🎂

Amazing :)
Good day to you too :)

Upvoted and Resteemed! One Love

Anytime, when i get off work i'll make my "Who are you most grateful for?" comment

It's amazing that you've only been on steemit for a month with a rep of 50 and over 500 followers. It took me many many months to do that, i tip my hat to you my friend

Thank you so much...we are all in this together....

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Happy Birthday papa-bear @paradise-found 😍😍 . A big birthday hug from me ( I don't usually hug so it's special ) hehe. May God bless you so much , may all your dreams and wishes come true. May you have so much fun today and the rest of the year. Did you know today is friendship day...idk if it's only in some parts..but I saw ...which means , this is a double gift from @blog-fictions 😍one for your friendship And other for birthday . Wow I'm so happy and glad I saw this contest... Lemme make a small gift for you just now.


You have a very good consultant :)

Thank you so much :)

I am grateful to b here on steemit,
m struggling now but surely by seeing amazing people like you who are doing really great job here, i got lot f motivation

Thank you :)
Just keep on trying and you will succedd...

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Nice cake! This @papabear must be one hell of a nice guy!

Yes..he is :)
You should join his will get to know him...

I think I did join "paradise lost", but I am not on discord anymore, to messy and sticky in there, they want my phone nr and UGH no thanks...

I don't think they need phone nos any longer....

Thats good, discord is a good service, but yeah not really my thing... I remember thinking are people here making friends or just sizing up their prey...? But also I guess I am a bit private...

It's your choice...I can never force you..we all have our individual preferences....I am off all social I completely get your point...

Well I am on here, he he, but yeah... =)

I am most greatful for my grandfather... my mom had me when she was very young and therefore my grandparents raised me. He is the one that pretty much supported me and believed in me all my life and I owe what I am today to him... and my grandma :) upvoted, followed, resteemed.

Thank you so much for sharing your story...I can understand how much importance you have for now it's your turn to look after them well :)

yep... that is exactly what is happening

That's so nice to hear :)

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sorry kinda late to visit your blog Alice
so sweet of you! I want some cake now:)
Looks yummy Alice!!

Haha...thanks for coming by :)

In this age where people are looking to profit from another, here comes a guy who could help you out of any situation no matter how deep he has to dig for it and expect nothing back in return.

This is so sweet and yes, very true.., Papa Bear has a big heart ❤️ . Did you made that cake? Look so sweet and yummy Alice. Can I have a slice? 😃

1E3408E2-3553-4E11-84C5-7C8B258FF23A.gif did not make it :)
He for sure has a big heart...Thank you so much for passing by....
You too have an awesome day :)

Happy Birthday Papa Bear.......
Sorry for the delayed response but I do agree with you alice that steemit should add a feature of post notification...

So coming on the topic "Who are you most grateful for?"
Firstly I am most grateful of Almighty God! who gave me this wonderful life and blessed with so loving family my Ma, Pa, siblings. I am highly grateful to God to let me experience the great pain and darkness by losing my vision by an accident. That darkest phase of my life give time to me to find the real ME, and the phrase that I learned in school times that Good people can be tested in our bad times. It was a phase of around One and a Half long years. I was left with my family and few good friends who defines the real word F.R.I.E.N.D. I am thankful to all of them to be with me as my strength. Only because of them I am living this beautiful life again.
And last but not the least Dr. Ang Lee & Dr. Faiz Al-Noor of Malaysia who have treated my like their own son during the whole treatment in their house in Kuching. They have given me a new life and a new vision to see this beautiful world. Now I am a totally changed man. I respect all the creatures, nature, our environment, our earth, this whole universe.

This all thing happened to me just by the grace of Almighty God, who has given me this precious life. Thank you GOD.

I am so glad that you have your vision back..there are many good people on earth...and I am glad you found them...may you have a beautiful life...

Your welcome...
Have a great day :)

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