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It is now Day 4 of the Daily Steemit Selfie Challenge!

Our registered players are competing against each other in an elimination endurance contest where their selfies must be posted on a daily basis and must meet the theme qualifications. Not only must they post their qualifying selfies prior to the deadline to avoid elimination, they are also competing against one another for bonus points. In each round, I will reward at least two selfies with bonus points.


Now Day 3 was an interesting one, mostly because the theme was fire! A lot of creative entries came in, but a few stuck out from the rest. Here are the selfies that stuck out from the crowd and earned a bonus point!






As always, this is to the best of my knowledge. If you believe that you replied to the Day 4 post with a qualifying entry prior to 11:20 am (CST) today, then let me know. Perhaps I did miss something. As far as I know, though, these players have been eliminated.

While every player did try to make an entry, one did not follow the rules...

Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie

Unfortunately, @phelimint made an entire post featuring his selfie... but only replied with the link to his post, and did not include the selfie itself, which is a requirement. Be careful people, rules are rules. I hate eliminating people due to technicalities, but that is part of how an elimination game works...



For Round 4, all you have to do is take a selfie with a mirror or some other way of reflecting your face. It should be obvious that it is a reflection in your selfie. Can you see how my mirror is dirty and there are five reflections of my face. Since my face is normally clean and I only have one face, you should know that those are reflections, and not just a regular selfie with no reflection.

Since the goal is to have people just compete on a daily basis, and since camera timers and other things come into play, as long as a new, original entry is made every day, players will not be eliminated. I will no longer be asking about who took the photo or other such things.

Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 11:25 am (CST) to avoid elimination. As always, no entry post is required, but you are free to make a post featuring your entry if you want to. By entering this contest you are giving me full permission to use your entries in future contest posts. Thanks and have fun!


The current prize pool is 111 SBD, not including Bonus Points. It will continue to grow on a daily basis! That means that the longer you hang in there, the larger it gets!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @malos10



Here are two reflection submissions, again working on these late night. If I only had time during the daylight!



Very cool, especially the bottom one. What is that reflective orb?

It's a chrome steel bearing, I can't recall the measurement. 2" diameter maybe. Super heavy.

Caught it early this time! Had a little fun/inspiration with my reflection 🙄

Thanks papa-pepper!

lovin the @papa-pepper stash you got going on there...
even though he can be imitated, he can never be duplicated

haha of course :)

Try double, or trice and so on your existence. A reflection. U will have the you and image(s) of you

Bet a mirror was easier to find that the plant or animal while you're at work!

Yes, it was. I had to look for the plant and the animal, but I knew right away where to find the mirror: in the restroom.

Almost went to sleep without taking my selfie. Been a VEEEEEERY long day!!! Im exhausted and up wirh a sick baby. Messy mom hair bun, dont care. Dirty mirror, dont care. Silly face, dont care.


FINALLY...... was beginning to think I wasn't gonna make it, after working all night and suddenly couldn't get my pic to upload. All is well, not I can sleep in. WHEW.

2017-10-13 04.27.21.gif

So I've been trying to upload for about 15 minutes, but it seems to connect with steemit.images but then kicks it back. Has anyone else been having trouble uploading pics later this evening?

Would hate to get the boot because I couldn't load it. Hopefully it's temporary and I'll wake up early and try again.

Similar to having a generator at home, you should always have more than one way to get online: "Two is one and one is none!", ChainBB, SteemDB and eSteem are other ways to access the blockchain.

Makes sense, thanks for the addition sites info. It was just weird, as I was on the site, could navigate and post comments....just couldn't get a picture to even begin an upload for awhile. Then it just was back to normal.

A little stressful since it was getting close to the posting deadline though. LOL

"stressful since it was getting close to the posting deadline" I've been there!

Hey @papa-pepper, a question. Does a video qualify, obviously as long as it's a selfie? Seen a few, but don't know if that is kosher.

Just got a few ideas rattling around. Thanks brother.

Yeah, it'll work.

Hehe awww my vote for this round is this pic for the win, PS: I picked you some new flowers today @carrieallen Cheer$:)


Well, damn. You know just the way to my heart. 😍
Real girls love flowers (and alligators). 🌻 🐊

LOL and alligators you say.

Oh yes! And alligators! They are so cute... when they aren't eating your face, of course!

hahaa lol ye, because that's never pleasant!

You've got the mirror but don't you need a 'self' in a selfie?
PS. Great pic.

Haha! Tha'ts cool!

Why thank ya! :😍

This is pretty cool!

Thank you!

Your entry was pretty awesome too! Yay for different angles!

As son as I saw reflection I knew where i was going a street where i have got reflection shots before with the wall of a buildingIMG_0163.jpeg

Of course I normally take reflection shots here early morning when it isnt so crowded
you should have seen some of the weird looks I got taking this and the few others that were even worse than this one, BUt I couldn’t let the funny looks or comments stop me and here is my reflection shot, half of me but all of Bahbahra LOL

I think its Bahbahra is the one competing here lol! She looks lovely!

LOL well she is more happy in front of the camera than me :) an better looking to be honest :)

Love it!! Who cares about dirty looks when you are on a mission!! :)

Exactly :) I used to worry abut what people thing, not so much these days clearly LOL

yes!! Not worth worrying about :)


If she helps you through this, who cares? 😂😂😂

Okay I love this! I also love that tiny teddy on your jacket. So cool!

Thanks kindly
That’s a little fridge magnet sheep on my jacket my plan is for her to be the focus of the selfies lol

But many do think she is a bear 😎

Hahaha cutee and I have gathered she has a name too.

OHh yes I started taking photos of her a few years back must have over 100 Hots o her on Flickr, she has her own album and I call her Bahbahra :)

Only problem with today's theme is that I just realized how badly I have to clean the mirror!

Haha I like it very much! Joke and photo great :)

Wow too pretty. All three challenges in one, nicely done. Cheer$:)

ok, reflections...
would have gone out to do a reflection in water but its getting dark so I had to settle for bathroom mirrors

at least we are still in the game...
shame for @phelimint to fall out on a technicality but indeed rules are rules
I am starting to wonder though, who is going to run out first... @papa-pepper his imagination with subjects or our tenacity in competing because I have the impression we are a persistant bunch that will go to a lot of trouble to "get that SELFIE"

This one will definitely get a bonus point. Great shot!

It did, im really exited, my first bonus point

I walked by a Barber shop as I was thinking about popping in there to get a shot with the endless. Reflection type shot with the dual mirrors they had there, but alas they were so bus I had to go for plan B

I was thinking the same this could last a while everyone is making a huge effort to meet the challenge each day it seems and it could well come down to misreading a challenge that could get on knocked out

wow, i like this one.

thanks, I was really going for the hallway effect here... but as usuall there is stiff competition but this "reflects" the nature of all involved

Wow this is perfect
I love this one

Nicely done, bonus well deserved.

Consistently creative shots. Wow! You certainly deserve a prize.

Thank you... as you can see from the glasses and scarves I'm not a big fan of selfies but it does give me a blank canvas to work with. I much prefer the camera turned in the opposite direction!

Took two incase the first one didn't qualify. Too much happening here ;)... Big congratulations to @bluelightbandit that was classic mate I told you, you would win, very well deserved, that pic really should win an award. Cheer$:)



PS @papa-pepper you should consider an award for the first pic or three posted ;) Cheer$ for a great competition brother!

Oh, you mean like a "quick-draw" prize? Hmm... interesting idea. I keep the theme out of the post titles just to make it more of a mystery...

Yip just like that. Cheer$:)

I like the concept but it makes it harder when the post is made at different times of the day and there are people who are in a 'middle of the night'-zone in their country.

Sorry last try I dont want to be eliminated on a technicality.. Face reflection x 2, its tougher than it looks.. .. Cheer$:)


All 3 would work. You're good.

Thanks man I re-read the instructions quickly as I again wanted to be first to post and it said reflection of your face, the first two back of my head, so just making sure. Cheer$:) Brother!

It is tougher than it looks honestly.

You were super quick on the draw and cool shots all of them

Naa not my best work, but Cheer$;) much appreciated!

Well you cant always be quick and good, and I know my selfies for this challenge so far have all been terrible, I normally never take selfies and have taken more hoots with my IPhone in the last few days than I have in the last three years LOL Normally i use my camera for all shots

Ye its interesting you say that brother. I have always looked at peeps on FB who take tons of selfies as narcissists and technically and according to science psychologists and people way smarter than I, they are. Saying that. On FB its all about attention and 'how hot am I' etc. Here its for fun and an incentive, totally different paradox in my book, and like you I never used to take them. In the last 4 days taken more than in the last 10 years.. LOL, thanks to @papa-pepper for that. Cheer$:)

Yes indeed and its good to get out of our comfort zones at times, so maybe this experience will hep motivate me to get into candid Strete Photography which is an area I don’t feel comfortable with so could be much thanks to @papa-pepper

At first i tought it is so easy to reflect my own face..but suddenly my mind was crossed after trying to take my best is mine @papa-pepper's is not the best shot,it is the best shot i can do..😁😁 You are very creative Papa. I Salute You..(KING)


Nope. My daughter thought this would be hilarious. She painted my nails and put the towel on my head. I'm beginning to regret my (hesitant) agreement to doing this!

you are dope and you a female, I love you even more :):)

Just being goofy DAD and making my daughter laugh.

HEhehe that is so cute, blessed baby girl

lol I'm starting to become intrigued by you!

Mirror mirror on the wall, I don't know what I'm doing I just need this reflection! 😅

Pepper! Pepper anyone?!


Thats was cute..

Your welcome @dearjyoce cheerss...

mirror,mirror on the wall which is the best reflections of them all...
thanks @papa-pepper

Okay, @papa-pepper here's my Day 4 entry. Btw, drove by the Chain of Rocks Bridge earlier tonight! I count 12 reflections in my entry, unless the reflections in the mirrored sunglasses count!

This may be the last time I'm able to implement this idea, the cat for one did not like it. I present - ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Alex Selfie Day four all of the above.jpg

beautiful, a cute one

Here it is, wasn't too inventive with an interesting idea but I got my submission in so at least I got that done. IMG_4826.JPG

Nice angle man..i tought there is someone else..Hi Tootbrush! 😁😁

Hehe. Thanks. Some of these selfies are tougher than I expected. :)

Indeed even me,my mind crossed how find the best angle 😁😁

This is tough I can't access a big mirror.


Cool entry this sure is fun isnt it :)

Yes, indeed. I never thought taking selfies could be so much fun.

I know!! I used to hate how I look in a selfie. Now, I decided, I don't care :)

A healthy, mature attitude!

My entries, multiple this time, just to make sure i dont get disqualfied :

In the office washroom :


In the lift while returning from yoga :


Very nice! But where's the boxer?

Hahaha! I waited too late, and she is too big for the bathroom sink.

I started planning this picture in the morning, but my results were less than satisfactory, so in the evening, I cut up some backing and went shopping for mini-clips to help fix the DVDs in place. The mirror provides the first clear reflection (repeated on the cell phone image) and if you look closely, the side of my face is also visible in the DVDs. The result is still not ideal (slightly off-center), but I mustn't let my perfectionism take me any further!

Taking a decent selfie is more demanding that I first imagined: thank you, Papa-Pepper, for encouraging us to explore our capabilities and use our imaginations!

looks like its me and my twin. IMG_0036.JPG

It wasn't easy doing this one papa-pepper tried all kinds of angles to get this one.

This one was nice i saw for leggy!


Here's my reflection selfie...
Glad I'm still in...

Un poco tarde pero seguro, en el baño del trabajoIMG-20171013-WA0003.jpg

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the selfiest of them all


I think I'm turning into a narcissist with all these selfies I'm taking all the time ;) C360_2017_10_13_09_53_59_275 C360_2017_10_13_09_49_05_931 C360_2017_10_13_09_45_52_930

I have always found it interesting the reversing nature of reflections. Just like lenses and an slr camera, 2 mirrors turn things right so writing can be read again. I wonder if that was a step in the creation of reflecting telescopes. Someone playing with 2 mirrors back in ye old days and the sudden "lightning striking their brain" moment happens.



Here's my entry for day 4. Thanks for the fun idea on this one. Oh darn, I forgot to clean the mirror.