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Day 16 of the Daily Steemit Selfie Challenge begins now!

Our registered players are competing against each other in an elimination endurance contest where their selfies must be posted on a daily basis and must meet the theme qualifications. Not only must they post their qualifying selfies prior to the deadline to avoid elimination, they are also competing against one another for bonus points. In each round, I will reward at least two selfies with bonus points.


Each day, I will be rewarding one player each day with a "quick draw" bonus point for being the first to reply with a qualifying selfie. Yesterday, our QUICK DRAW WINNER was:




Each day I will notify you of your current Bonus Point Leader. Remember, whoever gets the most by the end of the contest will win 1 Limited Edition STEEM "COMMUNITY" 1 oz Silver Round! Here is your current leader:

@bluelightbandit with 12 total Bonus Points






The secret Bonus Bonus Point thing for the last round was a yellow ball. Any selfie that had at least one yellow ball in it wins a Bonus Bonus Point. This is somewhat subjective based on my understanding of color, so if you think that you had a yellow ball which I missed, or that you did not have a yellow ball but I thought so, please let me know. Also, any yellow on the ball is not enough. The ball should have been predominantly yellow.















Looks like we lost two more. I will pay out their Bonus Points later.

X @bob-elr5 BONUS POINTS
X @randomness - 2 BONUS POINTS


A tiny person! The goal here is to take a photograph with someone in the background where it looks like they are a tiny person in your hand. My example is not the best, but you should get the idea. Have fun and be creative.


Please remember as well, that the goal is to have all players take a new, qualifying selfie each day to enter into this contest.

Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 11:00 am (CST) tomorrow to avoid elimination. As always, no entry post is required, but you are free to make a post featuring your entry if you want to. By entering this contest you are giving me full permission to use your entries in future contest posts. Thanks and have fun!


The current prize pool is 275 SBD, not including Bonus Points. It will continue to grow on a daily basis! That means that the longer you hang in there, the larger it gets!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @malos10




not only the quick draw but you nailed the challenge as well so cool

I got lucky my kid was outside with our escape artist and my back door is in my bedroom, so I ran out there and said don't move and snapped it as quick as I could.

I got lucky my kid was outside with our escape artist and my back door is in my bedroom, so I ran out there and said don't move and snapped it as quick as I could.

cant believe he is pooing on my hand


Very close... Man! I think one of these days you will get it!

i have network issues

i have network issues

Thats disappointing. I posted it before I went to bed and even checked my comments section to verify it posted. Now its not showing up at all.

She's clearly stronger than me.

2017-10-26 13.52.59.jpg

She sure looks strong holding that truck but since you are holding both her and the truck I think you are the strongest... : ) Way to take it to a new level!

thats taking the challenge to the extra degree awesome

You never disappoint: you always seem to come up with a cool angle.


I know. You gotta get some more points man!

I know right, was ready, but no little people out in the boonies.....and waking up folks was not going to end well. LOL

This time, I am almost smiling!


Nope. You are not 😊

Come on! I said "almost"! 😊

The struggle is real V! One of these days we'll see that smile ;p

Yes, we will. Hopefully tomorrow.

Maybe a post it note would help you remember?

I like this. I love how she has no clue you are doing this

Yes indeed almost but not quite

Dog for the win! 😀

The doggie photo bombed right as I took the pic!

By the way- where's your selfie?! It's not showing up anywhere yet???

Clones are people too!

wow! great clone lady Otage.

Ha ha... thanks!

The finger-tip balancing act picture was so much fun, but I had to edit it because I realized that technically, the tiny person was not 'in my hand'. Paranoid; yep!
(the first picture got votes, and its replacement may not have . . . awkward! apologies!)

A dead human in your hand, it looks like so 😂😂

haha, you are seeing the cut-off version. I may have to do another edit. :)

Don't worry my nephew, uncle would be careful to your head! :)


Very cool well done

thank you sir.

I appreciate your support!

Not a second entry, just for y'all's enjoyment.

LOL this is brilliant

That’s hysterical!!

Haha this is awesome!

This is amazing!!!!!

I've followed u
U deserve a bonus point if u don't get it I'll give it to bro!

While I appreciate the sentiment toward my efforts, if the bonus point doesn't help me towards winning that steemit community silver coin then it's pointless. Winning that coin is the ultimate goal. I would rather you keep the 1SBD from the bonus point and give it to someone in need.

I hope you get the silver coin sir
You deserve it

'point'-less jajaja

Big claps, awesome

Love this. Awesome!!


The kids are so heavy...

But they are so cute!!!

Pepper pencil behind right ear and on the prowl....'Awkward Stalker Moment'....Apparently she wasn't so keen on a kiss...


I am sorry my arms are awkward #imkindaweird


Here is the post there are a few more shots there if anyone is interested... i do take my time a put some thought into these..

Nice just "Walk like an Egyptian"... its not easy!

Hey you noticed thats awesome my 15 year old suggested it!!!

It was a tricky one to do not to awkward at all just as someone else said walk like an Egyptian style :)

ikr... my arms are weird anyways... LOL

Those goggles 👍

The sun was so bright.. i had to find something so i took my daughters lol

My radiation techs agreed to help me with this one. I hope 2 tiny people are acceptable!

Looks great to me :)

Wow you are such a giant in this photo :P

hahaha yes. I am a giant and have tiny little Lilliput children LoL

I love this one.

This is one of the best. Good job! Probable bonus point...

Thank you! We worked on it :)

That's obvious. My arm was getting sore waiting for someone, anyone [Come on, people! I'm not a stalker!] to walk by at just the right angle and just the right moment, so I can appreciate the hard work that went into your attractive photo.

Thank you. Interestingly enough, my brain was giving me problems too. You know, the mirror thing. To turn your hand the right way. I think I have to do some brain exercises for that...


This is the best I could do because I was giggling so hard!

He's got the ♪ ♫ ♩ Whole World in his Hands

I've Got A Whole Girl In My Hands
(well ... not really a girl, but ...)

Twenty minutes lying in wait for some unsuspecting soul that I snatched up into the bowels of my modest cellphone. This picture was taken in front of a Tsann Kuen Electronics store

燦坤電器 Cànkūn Diànqì / Tsannkuen Diannchih
(Note: -nn = 4th tone in Mandarin)


This is so cool and creative @ecoinstant. Looks like some shot from the LOTR to me. Those people on your hand look like the tiny hobits and you look like gandalf. :P

Thats what I was going for! Did you know that they used this very same technique - called 'forced perspective' - to acheive those shots? My hobbits look a little out of focus because I don't actually know how to open the focus on our camera...

Oh really?!? Wow! I am happy we thought alike on this one and that you were able to portray what you were going for. And no I didn't know of this technique but it's quite cool.

Interesting. I'll have to look closer next time I watch.

Sit back and sit cross-legged while holding the phone


In the garden... no beach walk today - too busy!

awesome well done

It was a bit of a stretch getting the camera far enough back. LOL!

I think my son has that Benjamin Buttons disease.

Look what i've found @papa-pepper tiny little people as you want, lol

And as you can see our community is free from drugs because we are all saying,



Haha I like this one. Good job

I now know this sort of selfie isn’t as easy as some people make it look 👀

Ps the photo on display on the billboard over my shoulder is one of mine

I was curious as to how you were going to incorporate Bahbahra into this challenge! So cool that you also have a photo you took in that shot!

thanks I tried a few options with Bahbahra but ended up with this one, was cool with my photo in shot ;)

Wow...that was an amazing photo,i'm proud of you sir!

thanks kindly ;)

Your own photo? Well that's a big plus! Is it an ad? Well executed shot!

The photo is great but I miss your beard in this one.

I love this. Super creative and what a nice place. That is freaking awesome that your photo is up!

This was a bit harder than I thought, of course, I also waited until the sun was going down, silly me.

Good one! All I could see was how smooth your skin is. :D

Aww thank you. I try as much as I can, except of course getting sleep for it

You have beautiful eyes

Thank you very much :)

It looks like my mom is happy with those avocados 😂

My husband refused to pose like a spinning ballerina. He said he's willing to look hip but he won't be my clown. 😂 C360_2017_10_26_10_42_18_238
good image hosting

At least he came outside and helped, I had to head downtown to get a shot :)

Passers-by stared at me when I was taking this. Took me 3 attempts

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Daggonit, @papa-pepper why did we have have to go to one entry a piece lol! I have so many ideas and cant decide which one to submit, it's killing me! This challenge has been a lot of fun... Just sucks trying to figure out which one will stick out from the rest 😒

Woohoo! A bonus point at last!
And... no, those are not Christmas lights. They are pretty lights. They will be Christmas lights again in a month or so.

"Here's Johnny!" Oh No!!!

Problems replying today here too. . . . Keeps loading, and after several tries, I see duplicates posted...

Yup, same here. Even senor pepper had double posts this morning.

I wrote about this - we must trust the platform again!

Hello! Please see my article about this - at this point our double posting and lack of trust may be the problem.

"Here's Johnny!" Oh No!!!


even wife is hot

You are so very beautiful. I am on the next flight to india

Really interesting and funny @papa-pepper

Time to head to the beach again. LOL!

LOL and for me to head downtown, so much for being sensible and resting up today LOL

What are we coming to? I'm trying to work! I have photos to upload to agencies, and blogs to write for Steemit -and I'm off to take a selfie! I may just walk in the neighborhood instead of the beach - maybe get my husband roped into this one!

Go for it :)

Decided against the beach for this one. My husband was in the back yard reading his Kindle and that worked, though my arms are not quite long enough! LOL!

the shot was great, it was a tricky challenge, I think there going to get harder and harder each day

Its going to get interesting! I predicted a 4 digit prize pool - Lets see what the Poppa has up his sleeve ;p

4 digits? That will be one lucky winner!

I hear you. It will be the survival of the fittest pretty soon. LOL!

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Super slow this morning.

It wont load and i dont even know it load at the 5th try 😂

Took time to load 😂

I think that you need to be in photo for it to be a selfie....

@dearjyoce! There's no selfie! Alert! Re-upload! Alert!

Alert! I love this spirit - I don't want anybody to fail ;p

I feel disappointed with myself. I dont know how to put my hand on the target 😂 maybe i took 20+ and they already tired and told me to stop. Sad. But this will do to be in the next round.

You may have to zoom in to see the man balancing with one leg on my Q-tip. Not sure this one will qualify, I have another if not.

in case the other doesn't qualify

Good post+++