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No, seriously, guess!

Here on the homestead, things can get rather interesting... Recently, I drank a drink I'd never drunk. Want to try to guess what it was? I'll upvote the comments with the correct guess. More photos below to hopefully help.


Until next time…

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Hard-won sheeps milk, goats are easier, as you already know,

Cows are the easiest though. :D Of course it depends on the particular cow/sheep/goat or whatever you're milking, if they're a docile mom that likes to be milked then milking is a good workout and a nice way to bond with your animal, but if its one that doesn't like it and fights you every second your milking them, then none of them are easy. :D

That would be true. As a kid, on a dairy farm, some of the cows could be milked in the paddock, anywhere, others needed a good "kick rope" firmly attached.
Never tried goats, sheep, or the latest one over here, Deer.

We had mostly a good experience with milking our beautiful Belle, only if the flies/mosquitoes were bad did we have to worry about her kicking, but her tail had to be tied each time, that thing is dangerous when she flicks it. :D LOL. :D

I'm looking forward to seeing how our mom-to-be Princess does when we try to milk her, she's a good gal, but this will be her first baby and you never know how they'll react to being milked until you try. :D

Especially with little dried lumps in the fury ends.
If she is skittery I can see some bails being made over there soon.

That is so true. :D We try to clean their tails as well as their bellies and teats. :D

sheep milk) probably fresh, fresh)) bon appetit!

sheeps milk is good. a pain in the ass to get what with all the hair and such, but still a not bad substance.

Been there done that, just didn't want to out myself like you did.

I have been wanting to ask this question for awhile! Why is cow's milk and goat's milk a thing, but not sheep's milk?

It is a thing, just not very popular here in the states.

Goat's milk!!!

What She Said !! @silversaver888
Could this be a Sheep and Not a Goat ???

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Pathetic fucking loser. Can't get up off the cum-stained couch in your mom's basement.

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This comment is delusional, and spam. You obviously have no idea who manages this account, but I know exactly who you are. Have fun in prison.


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I'm guessing the goat is a decoy, and you've probably had goat milk before. Therefore, my guess is something completely different. Are you maling "milk" from garden produce? My most specific guess is a legume. Peas or beans.

Coconut milk!



You work harder than anyone at avoiding that comment upvote.... most just don't comment to avoid it, LOL

Probably laughed harder too!

We are weku

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Ohh love it @papa-pepper

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Milk ,sapi peras

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I don't know why.....
Maybe goat semen is good for you. I dunno.

Let me know if you try it.

😬 No thank you.😬

Liquid hand soap!


Toilet paper water. Final answer.

given what the damned things smell like a lot of times, you are not far off.

Given what the damned
Things smell like a lot of times,
You are not far off.

                 - flemingfarm

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yeah, I was just messing around. I knew it was pig's milk the whole time.

That would be just silly. Someone out milking a pig. You Would Have To try all the tits to make sure they produce. Plus pig milk is so fatty... bacon milk... ewww.

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Yeah. And then they want to cuddle after.

That was a haiku? Probably one of the best this year.

...Bovine excretions?

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