10+ Basic Income Projects & New Giveaway ๐Ÿ˜

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Enter to win a lifetime of upvotes and learn how to get free basic income. There are many projects that you can join today, right now. Before I get started with the list, the giveaway is easyโ€” read on...

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I'm giving away 1 share of Steem Basic Income.
To participate just RESTEEM. That's it.
I'll use a random number generator to select a winner
next week from all those who resteemed.

Active Projects You Can Join Today


Mannabase is a set-and-forget Universal Basic Income model built on blockchain technology. Its token, Mannacoin ($MANNA) is it's currency. Once you have an account, you don't have to do anything else. Your account will just accumulate wealth in weekly member distributions. The web wallet and online interface are under construction but there are desktop and mobile wallets you can download. It's currently listed on one exchange. The last distribution I received the equivilent of .20 cents USD.


SwiftDemand requires you to log in every day to claim your daily income payout. Their blockchain is currently under construction but transfers are made with usernames inside the web interface. Their website is robust and features transfers and an internal marketplace where you can buy and sell products and services. I signed up last week and have already claimed 400 Swifts. A pen on the marketplace was listed for 700 Swifts. Swifts aren't listed on any exchanges yet.


Enumivo is doing a massive Social Media campaign on Facebook and Twitter. They have their own universal exchange that's currently doing a Twitter Airdrop. They're also listed on Coin Lib. Currently, you get 100 shares when you sign up. And you get additional shares for referrals and participating in their Social Media campaign.


Steem Basic Income is a program operating through an account on the Steem Blockchain. You purchase shares for friends at an affordable rate. In exchange, you also get a share and are awarded a lifetime of upvotes as long as you hold your shares. I paid 1 STEEM (about $1.80 USD) and my friend and I each got a share. Thus far it works out that after about the 90th post between us, everything thereafter (in the form of upvotes) is just free money. Note, this requires posting. Comments are not upvoted.

In Development

These projects are not yet significantly established enough for the average person to participate in. Some are in the discussion phase while others are already accepting investors. You may want to follow them on Social Media and do your own research before getting involved.

If you're involved in these projects already and have any experience with them, I'd love for you to make a comment with your opinion and experience.

Big Foundation

Circular UBI


Project UBU

Altrui.st / Prps.io

Vialcoin (Possibly Abandoned)

Trustlines Network




Here are a few I've heard about on Reddit and Twitter and may or may not be crypto-related. If you have any information about these, feel free to leave a comment.

  • Gradido
  • Duniter
  • Solidar
  • Democracy Earth
  • Cattalax
  • Greshm

Disclosure: This post contains referral links to Mannabase, SwiftDemand, and Enumivo. I will receive a small bonus if you use these links to sign up. I've used a link shortener to tell me if anyone clicked. Image created in Canva. An upvote is not required to participate in the giveaway but makes posts and contests like this possible.

The winner of last weeks contest is: @dizzyapple with 0.10 SBD. Congrats!

Are you online every day? Do you use all of your Steem Power? If you can spare 1 SP while I build up my own, it will keep this little Minnow swimming.โค

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I have a feeling that (really working) UBI will be implemented not by governments but by a blockchain!

I agree. And I forsee the entire internet will one day be built on blockchain tech and subchains, and the current internet will be something like the commercial cable TV version. Lol.

If you can spare 1 SP

Don't vote it all on one post.

Thanks for the loan, sincerely. You're my first delegator. I love upvoting my comments but i never have enough steem power :(

I added you to my steem auto upvote :)

Sweet! Thank you @omitaylor!

I can resteem for you. but lack in the steem department..

I'm going to visit your page now.

Haha I promise I won't. xoxo

You should post referral links to all those sites.

Thank you @themadgoat. Hey, how have you been? :)

The first 3 have referral links. The rest are in development so I just put the website. More important to me people know about it though. I'm going to see if I can collect enough Manna for a SBD lololol

I work my ass off all week and at the end of the day I'm too exhausted to give brain power to the internet, then most weekends I have a small window to post shit while my woman is bitching at me for ignoring her. Dear god, if my investments would take off even a little I'd ride off into the sunset cackling like the wicked witch of the west.
That's my life. Thanks for asking. It's always nice to put into words exactly why I'm miserable.
What's the deal with Manna? I signed up a while ago but it makes no sense to me.

If you signed up a while ago, you probably already have coin there. They're building infrastructure right now, so you can't do anything with it (at present) except cash it out. But it's like a faucet that pays every week without doing anything.

At today's rate of 1 SBD = 1.52 USD and 1 Manna = .009 USD, I think you would need 168.88 Manna to get one SBD. Check my math on that but it shouldn't take too long to get that much manna.

Are you involved in the project? Manna was about 2 cents recently. It's only on one exchange. And, it's listed at about 1000 on Coinmarketcap. So it has huge growth potential.

I am not involved with the project. I do agree it does appear to have good potential.

Thanks so much for the info, and I am now looking more at these.

OK. I'm open to the idea of free basic income. Manna is very cool. Resteemed. And upvoted. Nice curation. :)

It's voluntary. So it's not statist socialism nor democratic socialism. It's more like a voluntary pool or lobby.

Is it different than Bitcoin?

However Manna says in their terms of service that they can disable your UBI at any time for any reason.

They can disable you receiving further manna coin. Your wallet is yours. They also have a desktop wallet. So far I've never heard of anyone complaining of having their distribution cancelled. I think they're covering their butts in case their experiment fails.

Thanks for participating in the contest @atremislives (and for the compliment as well. โ™ฅ๏ธ)

With Mannabase, with the Universal Basic Income (UBI), do you have to fill out your mailing address and if so then why are they asking me for that?

I don't work for them so I don't know @joeyanoldvn why but I presume it's the same reason Steemit asks for your email/phone when you sign up. Instead of investing, you are signing up for their mailing list. I'm guessing you can probably use a rouge address is you're uncomfortable giving your real one. Perhaps they intend one day to have a governmentally accountable trading system like Coinbase. I'm sure you can get in touch with them and ask.

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I won? I won! Wow thank you so much @omitaylor..

Upvoted and resteemed..

Yes @dizzyapple you won the first contest. I'm going to try to do one every week.

All I just have to do is resteem, that's very nice of you, and do you know how sad it is for me that I've not heard of any of these things except steembasicincome?, it means am not informed enough.

Yes, @botefarm, all you have to do is resteem to enter the giveaway.
It's not sad that you're just finding out. These are all fairly new except Manna, which is a rebranding of an older coin.

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Nice post

and i resteemed

Good luck to everyone who entered the giveaway :)

Good luck to you as well.

Thank you!

How do you know who resteemed this post?

And who's paying for the manna? I mean if you get something for free, then someone else needs to pay for it. Cause nothing is for free in this world.

I use Ginabot manually to keep track of resteem notifications and I use a tool as well, which I match against my manual notifications. The tool also picks the random winner.

Manna is a program I have nothing to do with. You'll have to see each website to know how each program works and how they generate their coin for distribution.

As for the prize of the contest, I'm paying for that out of my own wallet. And the shares pay out votes like dividends. See @steembasicincome for more information.

I already know SBI. I also know that the most profitable is to buy a sbi Share for each other. Then you both have 2 shares and only paid for 1 ๐Ÿ˜€

Yes that's a good way but I don't know anyone who does it regularly and is also trustworthy enough to do that with. Plus I don't mind giving away shares. It gives me a reason to have fun contests and the price of steem is low enough to do this. It may not be forever. :)

Of you like we can buy a share for each other?

I only need to save 2 steem before I can. Because I need to buy 2 other shares first.

Thanks for that. Ive been investigating a few UBI ideas and Mannabase is the best performer so far, thats because it generates for free. @steembasicincome has given me more returns, but I have to post to get it, thats why its not first. That being said though, I think its the best option, but why not take them all, theres little effort involved in any.

The other one I like, though its a miner, not UBI is electronium, that has a miner for smartphones that mines at a reasonsble rate. As with Mannabase, the coins are valued quite low, but have a good chance of increasing when they hit the mainstream.
If you want to try, please use my referral code C2428B.
Ill send you 1SP shortly!

Which program is that code for?


Just completely done with setting up an account for manna, looking forward of any update about this, just trust you when I tried to click it and registered with my username jianjane12, so far I'll see if this will work fine for me to check the others...thanks @omitaylor and best luck!

What happenned when you tried to sign up. Mine is working fine.

Great Article, Omi! I just signed up for Swift this morning. Solidar is easy too. You just go to their facebook page and send a message "join" and you're joined. They pay out 10 Solidars once a week. https://www.facebook.com/Solidar.Winc/ I've been reading a bunch about these. If I find anymore I'll let you know. In case you don't see my other comment about it. Sign up for the Ethos Wallet and get 5 free coins. It's a really great deal! https://www.ethos.io/universal-wallet/

I signed up for both. Hey, why not. How do you keep track of the projects you're involved in and the coins you use?

Good! I think they're gonna be a great deal! BitDegree has two coding lessons for beginners. One is designed as a cartoons to be for kids I think. But, I think it will be 8 coins in total. Lol well I do this pretty much everyday so I check things most days. I really only use a few for sending or receiving. Usually BCH and ETH. I do trade several other coins on exchanges sometimes. DGD is a great project. I moved a little ETH into it before it all went down. DGD will be a voting and rewards coin for DGX. DGX is backed by gold! I coin will be equal to 1 gram of 99.99% gold. And, you can redeem it anytime! The mainnet launches in about a week. https://digix.global/ I believe people will start moving their cash into DGX now instead of USD or USDT when the market goes down. Which will be great because it will move the value of crypto away from fiat and into something real like gold or silver.

Do you collect ETH tokens or just ETH? I was thinking of collecting airdrops. I'm so confused about it. I have some in a coinbase wallet, that's all I know about. HAHA. I'm learning. Tell me what you know lol.... Are you on Discord?

Both. DGD is actually an ERC20 token. About 80% of tokens are on Ethereum now. I think it's mostly a way to get adoption quicker. I like Coinbase and GDAX. There are a few little tricks to save a lot of money on fees by using GDAX instead of Coinbase. Coinbase is owned by GDAX. You can transfer freely between the two. If you send anything from GDAX instead of Coinbase, there are no fees. GDAX pays them. Also, if you trade on GDAX using Limit Orders, there are no fees. So if you want to convert to USD, you can use a Limit Order and it's free. Or, if you transfer USD to Coinbase, you can send it to GDAX and buy whatever with a Limit Order and it's free too. No, I haven't tried it yet. So do you recommend Discord? Do you use GDAX?

I have signed up to GDAX but haven't put any coin into it yet. All my stuff is all over the web in random wallets. I've been spending the last week or so trying to open old wallets and move coins into a safer space or binance or wherever I can them.

I heard of the mysteries of GDAX from a Facebook friend but I haven't figured out how to use it yet. I was planning on youtubing up some toots on it. LOL.

I have no fkin clu what a limit order is lol

Discord is cool. There's like 50+ discord groups for steemit and many have free voting bots. Also, you can link up with people that seem a little out of reach on the main platform. And it has notifications and works with @ginabot. :)

Oh ok cool! Since Coinbase and GDAX are the same company it's really pretty easy switching between the two. Yeah, you definitely have to be careful. A paper wallet is really the safest place to store anything. A hardware wallet the next, but it's not 100% safe. I could show you how to trade on GDAX in like 5 minutes. It's really simple. Discord sounds pretty cool. I might have to try that out. I use fb mostly. But, I'm spending more time on here now. I like my friends and stuff there, but zucker doesn't pay me shit and steals my info. Lol

Same here. I'm on FB but not as much now. And I'm going to try some of these other social networks on the blockchain (and cash them out into steem.) If you ever have time, a great post would be how to trade on GDAX. But I'd love to learn how to so I can put more coin there.

I also want to learn how to ERC20 tokens. I don't know how lol. But I found a lot that look cool. I missed so many free coin airdrops :(

One of the airdrops a friend of mine started required a meta address.

Okay for some reason I can't reply to the last thing you posted. I don't know why but it must be a multithreading issue. Discord is much better for long talks I think. lol. If you do try it, let me know. I managed to figure out how to get a MEW and Metamask. So I have those addresses in addition to my coinbase etherium addresses. But I know tokens are different right? I can't send/receive tokens to coinbase, only through mew or meta correct?

So do I have to put my etherium into my meta so that there's something in there or else I can't claim tokens?

I also noticed many token airdrops say no US IP's, so I would need a VPN?

You can't send ERC20 tokens to Coinbase at this point. They may enable that in the future. I hope you made the paperwallets offline. It's recommended by most people to make them offline. It's possible somebody could see your private key while you're online or malware could record it. It's very easy. You just save the page to your desktop and then unplug your internet. Optimally, you should make them on a computer that never touches the internet. That's kind of impractical for most people unless they have an extra computer laying around. I'll see if I can find you some videos I used to help me figure it out. I don't use Metamask because you're logging in online. I generally just hold my coins in my wallet and then when I spend them or use them, I just create a new wallet. And burn the other one. Once you reveal your private keys online or your password, you can't be sure if it's compromised. Also, with Metamask, your private keys have to still be on your computer the way I understand it. It's not a good idea to save them there. It's best to keep a few copies of the printed paper wallet and a copy of the private keys on a zip drive if you want to. If you're not holding a lot of money in it, it's not a huge deal. But, I still usually go the extra measure unless I'm going to take the money out of the paper wallet within a few minutes. I hope that makes sense.

No, you don't have to have anything in them. It's your wallet address. When you do send an ERC20 token to your wallet, you have to adjust the settings on MEW so it will show up. Some people freak out because they think their tokens disappeared.

Yeah you usually do

I have paper offline wallets that I usually send anything over a few dollars to unless I'm using it (like SBD) actively. But for ERC20, the paper wallet generated with MEW can collect them also yes? I have a hardware wallet too but I haven't used it for everything, and it's older so it doesn't take everything. I don't want to trade everything into bitcoin. I actually want to hold and trade some of the newer coins. :)

This is a simple explanation of how to make a wallet with the internet cut off so it's secure. There's one thing I do differently though. There's no need to download the zip file. Just save the page and it opens the same way. But, either way.

This is for bitcoin wallet. But, he uses the technique saving the page like I do. I like how he emphasizes the security measures. Watch this and apply the same thing to the ether wallet.

I just realized the irony of me being bullish on gold. lol

Why did I just notice this lol!

I can't respond to the other reply because the thread is so deep.
Yeah my friends ico is http://www.pitchapptoken.com/welcome
@cpnjacksparrow @truce

Lol! Thank you! Did you see the videos I posted? Those are the two that explained to me how to safely create wallets offline.

Yes I'm looking at them now. Although I'm more trying to figure out how to get the tokens in my wallet LOL

What are you trying to get in it?

My friend's airdrop.
Other airdrops I keep seeing.
But I think I need to get a VPN first.
Or I have to find a browser version.
And then, once there's tokens in there- then what?
Are these tradable on exchanges?
Do we collect them like pokemon? LOL

Oh ok. So have you received them already? If you have them, they should be sitting in your account if that's the account you used to receive them. If it's that new, then you might have to go to Add Custom Tokens and see if you can add it. It's in the bottom right corner when you go to the View Wallet Info page. They might already be there, you just can't see them until you Add Custom Token.

I'm not sure about this crypto. I've never heard of it until you showed me. I signed up for the airdrop though. I haven't got an email yet or a response from the telegram group so I dunno

No I've not received those. Although once I figure it out, I'll be getting some more privately. I don't know either because like I said, I don't know about how good they are at developing. I just know they keep posting about it on their personal facebook pages (my friends in ecom)

My friend's airdrop.
Other airdrops I keep seeing.
But I think I need to get a VPN first.
Or I have to find a browser version.
And then, once there's tokens in there- then what?
Are these tradable on exchanges?
Do we collect them like pokemon? LOL

Is this a glitch in the Matrix? Lol! Look above. We had a whole convo about it. The airdrop is over though. I found that out. Most I've seen don't require one. But, some do if they're KYC. But I don't like those anyway. One "expert" said to get a new passport or driver's license if you used it for verification because a lot are scams and could be trying to steal your identity.

That's terrible. I don't usually give up my info to things unless I'm really really sure. Even on steemit, it was because aggroed and jess are here in Mass and Agg is a witiness. Irony is I'm more comfy giving up my info to corporations because they're us regulated. I should have my head checked. LMAO

For the record, Experien, the largest credit score company, was hacked last year and someone stole like 100K people's identities. I was one. So there's for online safety. There really is none no matter what you do. Secondly, we can get into the whole philisophical talk of the value of a identity anyway. Such is a strawperson created by the foos in the pews. It's not really our actual identity. Its our corporate personhood. But alas, without which in the USA, one cannot do commerce in any major way. Bla bla

Go to View Wallet Info and put in your public address. Look at the bottom right corner. It will say Show All Tokens and Add Custom Tokens. Click on Show All Tokens and scroll down till you find yours then add it. That should be all you need to do.

Oh okay I'll go see lol

It won't work lol. It's not added yet. You'll have to add it yourself. Check my other reply. I posted all the info you need.

Looks tight!

I can say for sure a lot of folks that will be or already have invested in this are making 7 figures already in ecommerce. My trouble is I'm not 100% confident they have the best developers in crypto behind it that have a truly intuitive notion about blockchain mechanics. I think folks got into crypto from ecom on the wave to invest and flip their returns. Most of us are doing 10K-100K a month gross but cashflow is a problem usually, so trading has given folks a way to turn 1k into a quick 1.5k and balance cashflow. That's been working okay especially for folks who have their ecom business set up overseas where taxing it is not established. The US recently exempted us corporations from international commerce I think too. So if you have a corp over there and are doing business between india and china for instance, it's taxing different now. I don't know all of those details because I'm not doing it that way but long story short, crypto has been keeping a lot of shops from cashflow problems. Bla bla bla...

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