Liquidity Network platform: An exchange using scalable algorithm tool to rebalance off chain for users

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"Cryptocurrency is such a powerful concept that it can almost overturn government"

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There have been vast technological change in the era of mankind. This is based on the fact that visionaries have successfully implemented mind-blowing concepts that would better the life of man. The severity of different innovations conforms the intricacies of economical policy of these organizations. Since the implementation of several cryptocurrencies platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. It is intuited that the tasks regarding a scalable and flexible transaction between users as usually repetitive, lengthy and lacking any intrinsic interest. This isn't in any form to demean any platform, but that are lots of intricate schemes and criterion that stiffens the characteristics of a transparent transaction.
As an avid crypto enthusiast, I'm inclined to opine that most ventures tend to have an unpleasant feature that comes at the end of their transaction exchange thereby resulting any event into a flop. I'm really stoked with the prospect of activities that have deluge the marketplace in recent times due to ideas innovated by experts hereby creating an enhancing various techniques to propel the cryptocurrency market by storm.


The complexity of transactions between users using a centralized platform is stultifying the effects of flexibility and accountability that never varies.

Transfer of Funds:


Transactions between individuals is a major factor for exchange in any platform. However, the inability to secure a safe and transparent transaction has been a rising issue in the global market. It is noted that to maintain an efficient computing solution so as to annul this leverage, there must be a scalable centralized server studiously designed to suit a true decentralized transfer of funds.

Blockchain Technology


A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and public digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.

Blockchain technology offers a way for untrusted parties to reach consensus on a common digital history.

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Security Network

Liquidity Network Website has ensure data and system security via strict compliance with financial level standards. The platform facilitate the security of standalone and network computer system from even to and processes that can exploit or violate it's security by using a bank level data encryption.
Liquidity Network Website has special internal risk control mechanism in place that ensures integrity, confidentiality and availability of the platform at all times. This simply implies that the intrinsic requisite required for users is that they would never experience feature of the website or their assets incessantly crashing on being hacked. This platform also enhance some security mechanism in protecting the finance of the traders. One major setback with some crypto exchange is they have failed to retrofit new technology in some parts of their computer program, thus creating a residual problem in any user resources and assets. It is imperative for platforms to critically implement designs with encryption to prevent safety breaches and protect critical resources of traders. Liquidity Network have layered out an internal control as well as a strong firewall to ensure maximum security isolation. With this feature a review system is set in place that checks wallet operations simultaneously before approval.

What is Liquidity?

This is the state of owning things of value that can easily be exchanged for cash. Thinking retrospectively, individuals have to involve themselves formally befor any business transaction would happen, this is due to the fact that platforms that enables networking eludes them. Narrow down to recent time, after the inception of several platforms it is precedented that individuals or users in this aspect get stuck in a sticky wicket based on the fact that these platforms are built on a bulky, complex and public networking algorithm thereby reducing mass adoption and users in distraught suffice it to say.
I'm inclined to reason that if any user intends to carry out not just a scalable but also a private, confidential and transparent transaction that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain network designed should consider the Liquidity Network.


Provides uninterrupted accessibility to users through a dynamic offline data procedure that comes online when it is needed and goes offline when it is not at anywhere and anytime. Going offline limits the access of hacking activities as most of these acts are perpetrated through constant online data storage.

Blockchain Adoption and Adaptability:


To multiple economical section technology enables the application of blockchain as it enhances private key custody which is pivotal to all decentralized transactions. This also cuts across traditional internet environments by providing utmost security to data which is applicable to the storage of health records, bank account information, personal credit information and likewise vulnerable digital assets that are perpetually prone to looting, siphoning and hacking activities.

What is Liquidity Network Website?

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As explained earlier, liquidity network is an ecosystem built on the synergy of two key components.

  • The Liquidity Hub NO-CUST
  • The Revive

TheLiquidity Network WebsiteNo-cust Hub

No-cust is derived from "Non-custodial" which enables offchain non-custodial transaction that forgo the costs associated with on-chain transactions per second will only depend on internet latency and bandwidth.


Revive is an integral part of the liquidity that deals with the algorithmic solutions of the platform off chain situations. The activity that runs in this aspect is the algorithm tools ingeniously designed to enable different hubs to rebalance their payment channels off chain.

The Liquidity Network Website Application - Liquidity Exchange
One of the initial applications of the Liquidity Network technology is the Liquidity Network Website.
The Liquidity Network Website leverages the benefits of centralized computational power and the decentralized nature of blockchain in order to create an exchange that has the speed of a centralized exchange, and the security of a decentralized exchange. The Liquidity Network Website
Exchange never holds any funds while performing atomic swaps off-chain, making it scalable and secure.

Liquidity Network Website:

Since the rebalancing is done through off-chain transactions it does not add to the congestion of the given chain, and is therefore scalable and low cost.

Off-Chain Transaction Settlements

Off-chain transactions can be separated into two main categories. The 2-party transactions are between 2 users, while N-party transactions are between more than 2 users:


  • 2 party payment channels
  • N-party payment hubs

The following are different types of 2-party channels:

  • Unidirectional

A unidirectional channel is between two parties; one of which deposits collateral of some sort (e.g. ether). The deposit is a security that encapsulates the maximum amount that will travel through the off-chain channel. Funds can only travel in one direction in a unilateral channel.

  • Bi-directional

A bidirectional channel is one between two parties that both deposit collateral. This channel allows funds to be sent in both directions. The risk with bidirectional off-chain transactions is that an illicit node on that channel (one of the two parties) can invalidate the previous transaction and steal fund from other party.

  • Linked payments

Linked payment channels are used in the case where two peers are not directly connected. Every member deposits some collateral in this network. With linked payments topography, the following considerations are taken into account: route finding, channel maintenance, transaction security, and congestion balancing.

  • 2-party payment Hubs

A 2-party payment hub is an extension of the above types, which includes more than just two people participating in a direct transfer of funds.

Use Case

David is a businessman whose apathy on network cannot be overemphasized. Being a businessman with a dye in the wool view about the concepts of transaction, he finds it strenuous to get involve in activities of exchange for his valuables.
Michael is friend on the other part, is a keen crypto enthusiast who is always receptive to new ideas. The fulcrum of Michael business success is in relation to the fact that he is always avid to learn about new initiatives. While surfing the web, he stumbled on a platform where transactions and exchanges can be carried out seamlessly and efficiently. This platform provides an algorithmic tool for a scalable and secure transaction.
Michael told his friend David about the concept of the platform and how they tend to receive an achievable rebalance for their wallet. David being a subtle and canny businessman had his reservations but with a persistent suasion, he became soft and he is enjoying what is to be a secured exchange between him and other individuals around the globe without being skeptical.


With the advent of uprising cryptocurrency companies becoming a norm in the contemporary world today, it is certain there would be a lot of competition between different platforms. How stability can be transformed in some of these ventures are not often accentuated.
Basically, before a platform can succeed in the business they must first suss out the competition. Liquidity Network platform has apparently showed us that with platform creating a niche for themselves by involving thinkers rather than organizers. There is a greater steak of chance propelling the strategic growth of exchange around the globe.
On a end note, I would outline with absolute certitude that the future is not at a bleak with Liquidity Network Website platform.

Kindly watch my video for a better understanding and insight about the platform.


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