Fractal Writing Contest #6, and winners of the previous one.

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The Previous Contest

The previous Fractal Writing Contest, #5, is over. There were 17 contestants (or 18, one is ambiguous!), an all-new record for the contest! We had pictures, poems, haikus and a couple of short stories -- with most entries themed after morbid journeys and falling from grace into damnation! My personal favorite is @tibra's entry, "Incremental," a short story of conditioned beings damned in an existence with only one fixed purpose.

WINNER: @tibra, for "Incremental".

The contest post expired with a reward of ~4.5 SBD, so @tibra gets half of that, 2.3 SBD. The rest 2.2 SBDs, I'd like to offer as a prize to two runner-ups (for 1.1 SBD each):

2nd PLACE: @breshepard, for this popular poem.
3rd PLACE: @diebitch, for alliterating!.

Finally, an honorable mention goes, yet another time, to a regular contestant, @ronism, for a great picture (and callous music!). Congratulations to all participants and a big thank you to all upvoters. I was very happy and excited to see such a big participation, I wish there were more rewards available. As usual, if there are enough SBDs made by the new contest post, I will try to reward a 2nd- and 3rd- place winner, as well.

This week, the SIXTH installment of the Fractal Writing Contest will run.

The New Contest

Each post in this contest series will contain a fractal, a 2-dimensional representation of a complex mathematical formula. The participants have to post a comment with something inspired by the fractal, be it just a title, a haiku, a story, whatever.


  • You have to reply with a comment in the contest post.
  • The reply must be inspired by the fractal, but no explanation needed.
  • Any kind of content is acceptable: just a title, a haiku, a poem, a short story, a painting, a photo, a video, a doodle, whatever. The content must be yours, no links to other people's work accepted.
  • I will pick the best reply, when the post expires (1 week after posting it).
  • The winner gets half the SBD made in the post, minimum 1 SBD. The rest are split to the other winners: if there are enough SBDs made by the contest post, I will try to reward a 2nd- and 3rd- place winner, as well.
  • Upvotes and resteems are welcomed, but not necessary to participate.
  • I try to upvote all relevant entries.

Fractal for Contest #6:

right-click -> "open in new tab" for detailed view

by @nyarlathotep

A fractal made in JWildFire
(right-click -> "open in new tab" for detailed view)

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"A phoenix's meteor escape"

It was like a meteor falling to a planet and a blue colored phoenix (on the right upper corner) escaping for his life.


That's what it seemed like to me, too: something falling from space to a planet, or on a power shield around a town or installation. Thanks for participating.

Here is my before the deadline entry:

Free-fall to awakening ~ Free-fall into you!

I can see you standing there on the edge of sanity and reality at the periphery of your mind, wandering and hoping for another option than this deathlike existence comprised of mandatory actions and constant restraint that you have been complying to since the moment you were granted your first breath.

And there is a way out, and that way is in;
See the beauty beyond the gates of the socio-norm that has kept your mind caged in by indoctrination and acceptability, and allow yourself to break free from it, all you have to do is take a leap, and free-fall into the depths of yourself, exploring the magic that you are able to create once you open your heart and mind to the possibilities of excepting all that you are.

Break free, because there is so much more to life,

And there is so much more to you!


ehrm... about the deadline... Unfortunately, I had to end the contest some days earlier -- JUST JOKING!

A good story, very motivational and inspiring. We got to break the cage!


hahaha - in that case can you send me the next fractional image in advance? :D

Not very hard to do if you gain some momentum in the free-fall....


The sacred marbles held all knowledge of their species' genetic history. In this way it could be dropped into any planet's ocean and within several million years, intelligent life would appear.

One day a young one stole a marble and filled it with only himself.

His ancestors shook their heads and laughed behind their hands.

Pretending they didn’t see and didn’t know what his intentions were for that backwater planet.


That's another wonderful setting you have made up here. That's really creative, with a just few words to give ideas and inspiration for many stories. Thank you for a great entry.


Thank you so much! Your fractals are a constant source of inspiration!

When the Universe
Burps loud and obnoxiously
Sometimes it's beauty


lol, excellent and very different than all the rest! Thanks for your entry and a good laugh :)


Awesome. Thanks for creating the contest. 😎

The Mothership

They were strange, weren't they,
the race they escaped today.
They never really saw their fate
just self-destructed from hate

We come back to mothers arms,
pristine seas and green farms.
the vibrant colours beckon,
across the light second.

The kaleidoscope of a
thousand sun chrome
We are home.


With your words, you have the talent to bring awesome images to mind; "kaleidoscope of 1000 sun chrome" is great phrase, very fitting to the fractal. Thanks!

Drifting through colours
Vibrating like lovers
We're flowing together
In ocean of knowledge

Growing much stronger
With each breathe we take
In search for an edge
Surrounded by waves

One with the universe
Whole and complete
Right here and right now
You finally see

All is open for those who dream
And power comes from within like a steam

Thanks for the beautiful and trippy fractal! Nice contest you have going on! Keep on rocking the world!


Thank you for your entry and kind words. You write great poems and choose very fitting pictures to compliment them. If you see in my posts anything you like or inspires you in any way, feel free to use it by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. I also have unpublished pictures if you are interested.


Thank you! I will look into it!

Golden elephants
Still happily flying - the
Mixer is waiting


Lol, yeah, I can see the elephants and the mixer too! Very imaginative!


Thanks - it came quite clear to me at first sight :-)


nice! Here is my entry. Hope this is what you expected when you indicated to put entry into your comments. Thanks for the opportunity.


Thanks - tbh I was thinking that the whole entry might be included in the comments of this post, so that they are all collected in the same place, for convenience. But there is no problem with posting just the link to a separate post, like you did. Great poem by the way, short and to-the-point!

Hello, this is my participation:
"Party galaxy"
I can see two galaxies merging, like dancing to each other. Supernovas follow them as they dance for them. Beautiful choreography of beautiful colors. Disorder? Not at all, they are jewels of an exact dance in the universe.


Thanks, beautiful words to describe the fractal: "Dancing Jewels of the Universe"!

Beautiful Chaos
Appreciate fractals, a beautiful chaos
Spiraling, repeating, captivating, simply infectious
In them, infinity abounds,
Not to be expressed, even in a million words.


An "ode to fractals!" - infinite and unvoiced, I like it! Thank you for your entry.


A bigger thanks for the opportunity.

"Deep Sleep".

A sleeping Owl that is dreaming, and its its dream becomes an explosion of colors.


Oh yeah, there is an owl there indeed, with eyes closed. Very perceptive of you! Thanks for your entry.

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If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Thanks for the selection, it was a fun contest!

You've been drawing some rather inspiring fractals. I'm actually transforming that short scene into part of a longer set of stories. Will put a link in this post sometime this week.


Excellent, I am eager to read more in that setting, many things to expand on!

Awesome! Thank you :) and thanks for hosting these contests!


Sure, it's fun -- I've read some amazing entries in the previous 5 contests, very creative and original. I am eagerly waiting for yours if you care to participate again this time!

Resteemed. More entrants means better. :)


Thank you, every bit of exposure is useful :) -- why don't you try to participate as well?


Too shy right now. :)

Vortex moving round but also sucking in
light light, Particles
floating around, like tiny universes
Flowery explosions
Universes and universes full of possibilities


Thanks, it captures the recursive nature of fractals quite well!

Millenial's evolution (fertilization)

This is my entry;

A droplet; child of a drip;
Liquid world gliding to a stop
Full with dust, fungus and tiny worlds
Building stars and flower bulbs
Amidst terraced spaces and mazes.

Lost but for the lust of life
Singing between the veins of every tier.
Fractals; fractured lenses viewing
A drip drop of water dropping
From a broken sky, from heaven.

Nature rebuilding after the war;
Fireflies fractured into light bulbs
And bright gases exploding like fireworks,
Like meteors crashing, clashing;
Like a war just beginning.

Pictures broken like frames, glasses
After a fight; a drop of tear holding germs,
Regrets, dust and fears; imploding,
Exploding, implying pain withholding relief.
Pictures perfect, beautiful rendition
Of broken pain and a new world.


I can see how the image reflects in your poem, very good entry, thank you.


I am glad. Thank you.


Congratulations, you are the 3rd place winner! Check out the other results and the new contest:

Spinning through the void avoided
nothingness of a kind. Loitered
across the vast emptiness where
many things filled the black. Stripped bare
of my sanity my mind thus
filled in the rough edges, I trust,
to populate my last moments
with divine geometry, intense.


Very interesting 8-liner,thanks for sending this and mentioning it in your post as well. If you like, i'd be happy to see your entry for the new contest