Free-Fall into Awakening

in contest •  8 months ago

This image was created by @nyarlathotep for the use in the Fractal Writing Contest #6, If you would like to participate in this wonderfully creative writing competition, please click on this link

Here is my entry for the Fractal writing contest #6 hosted by @nyarlathotep


Free-fall to awakening ~ Free-fall into you!

I can see you standing there on the edge of sanity and reality at the periphery of your mind, wandering and hoping for another option than this deathlike existence comprised of mandatory actions and constant restraint that you have been complying to since the moment you were granted your first breath.

And there is a way out, and that way is in;
See the beauty beyond the gates of the socio-norm that has kept your mind caged in by indoctrination and acceptability, and allow yourself to break free from it, all you have to do is take a leap, and free-fall into the depths of yourself, exploring the magic that you are able to create once you open your heart and mind to the possibilities of excepting all that you are.

Break free, because there is so much more to life,

And there is so much more to you!


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