@Dlike Writing Contest - 1 @dlike Pro Membership (worth 10,000 tokens) or 5000 Liquid Tokens for the Winner + 10 x 500 Token Runner-up prizes (BONUS: 5000 Sports Tokens if the winner has written a Sports based main post)

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I have always had a bit of a soft spot for @dlike. I think it has so much potential to be a very inclusive part of the Steem community because it's simple and easy to use and used properly, with opinion added or things you find interesting shared with the community, whether it be the wider community or niche communities, can be fun and engaging.

If developed, it could be used as a personal pinboard or a 'pocket' type of DApp. There was also a great Android App at one time which sadly no longer works.

Of course, with ease of use and encouraging free users brings its own set of problems. Account farms, shit-posts and no engagement are often the order of the day, a simple spamfest of random posts to garner the 0.04 free upvote from @dlike itself.

Enough of the negativity, let's see if we can up the standards a little and bring them some good publicity with a competition for a Pro Membership

Go here to see all the benefits of being a Pro user.

All you need to do is this....

1. Post one, and one only @dlike post a day for 3 days that must adhere to the @dlike guidelines and include 40 original words.

2. Post one super @dlike post. A real post of a minimum of 500 words that discusses at length and provides opinion or advice on whatever article you chose to share. I'll be looking at the layout and whether extra pictures and references are included. I want something that can really sell the benefits of @dlike.

If you are entering, please drop a comment below so I can check your profiles and posts to make sure you have adhered to the rules, speaking of which.....

Anyone who is currently on any form of Blacklist is excluded from entry. Anyone who tries to cheat, enters using multiple accounts or even if I detect the tiniest smell of a rat will also be excluded. My competition, my tokens, my rules and my decision is final!

I'm not holding out a lot of hope for this, but please, let's give it a shot and see if we can bring up @dlike 's quality level a little bit! Come on @sportstalk users, this is right up your street! Join in

Competition closes Friday 13th September at 2359 GMT/UTC so you will need to have started your 4 posts by next Tuesday at the latest!


Just saw your post after I posted mine about spammy Dlike. Glad you doing something but I honestly think Dlike need to do something to control the standards and limit the number of posts on the same article to one,

I absolutely agree and just answered your post mate!

500 words - that the total for all dlike posts today 😂

Hopefully you can encourage better content, for a short time at least!

Hahaha , Everyone is a cynic lol...

See how no one wants to go for it? I knew this wasn't going to be my greatest idea! I'm just going to make you a @dlike pro user instead! Will add gravitas and respectability to your Steem CV ...or not! ;-)

Excellent. Thanks for joining in and I look forward to seeing your entries mate :-)

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Good initiative for the dlike users

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That makes one of us, I do have a soft spot for @dlike (for musing too) as well. It has a great potential, and despite of its misuse from many users, it has progressed and changed to better to a great deal (you'd agree if you're with it from the beginning. Of course, it still needs many improvements to cope up spam and to raise the standards).

I don't know whether my dlike post would meet the standards you have in mind, but I'd definitely love to be a part of the competition.

Whatever will be the result of the competition, I'd love to see a comment about what should I improve if my posts are not up to the mark.

Have a nice day.

@nathen007, I am also very positive about dlike provided the abusers are reined in.

Any news, nathen007, about the result?

You are a self comment voting idiot already on many blacklists. You are definitely NOT in :-)

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